m in a different world.

“I think this place makes me feel as comfortable as the sea we went back then.”

“That’s a relief.
I actually wanted to take you to a better place.”


“Strangely, I feel like you’re exhausted whenever I look at you.
So I wanted to take you to a place where you could rest.
We can go to a beautiful place again next time.”

“Looking exhausted? Me?”

I’ve always been hiding my emotions inside, but there’s no way I could have been caught.
It’s probably because of the mood.

In fact, even at the banquet, you didn’t look like you were having fun.
You seemed to be frustrated.”


“It was just my feeling.”

He saw it exactly.
I quickly turned my head towards the building before the conversation deepened.

“Then, is this villa also owned by the imperial family? I didn’t know there would be one in such a small place.
I thought this place was just a forest.”

Of course, it means that compared to the Imperial Palace.
Compared to the magnificent imperial palace, this place was a garden and space that could be easy for dozens of people to live in.

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“This is where I used to live.”

“Your Highness?”

As far as I know, Valery has never been outside of the imperial palace.
So did I know it was wrong? It wasn’t mentioned in the original.

It was said that I almost lost my life shortly after I was born.”


It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.
I’ve researched almost all the rumors about the imperial family, so it’s probably a fact that others don’t know either.
If it was when he was young, I was young too, so maybe that is why I missed it.

I nodded as if to superimpose the new fact.

“They couldn’t figure out the cause, so I stayed here with the Empress for a while.”

“It feels like a lie because Your Highness is healthy now.”

Then he smiled innocently.

“If I hadn’t woken up then, this place might have been my grave.”

Hearing his words, we walked a little further and came to a small castle-like building.
Perhaps, as he said, it was the place where he lived when he was just born.
What looked just like a small palace didn’t suit him, who had grown up now.

“Your Highness held up well.
Of course, Your Highness is healthy and must have woken up by any means.”

“Yes, I’m glad I held out well.
Because I met you.”

“You’re consistent.”

Valery burst into laughter.

I followed him to the inside of the fairly small castle.
Valery, who took me to a secret place I thought I couldn’t go because it was the place where the imperial family lived, showed me more places than that.
Obviously, all the spaces felt cozy and warm, but the safety devices installed everywhere were almost like fortresses.

“There are a lot of… safety devices.”

“It has protected my mother from someone.”

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That was obvious.
The one who attacks the Empress.

I gave a startled look.
My conscience is already worn out.

“Yes, this is probably where assassination attempts are frequent.”

“…I see.”

He spoke in a roundabout way.
I also nodded as if I were listening to an unfamiliar story.

“It’s a slip of the tongue.
I didn’t mean to tell you a scary story.”

“Um, it’s alright.
It’s like saying this place is safe.
Is this a baby room?”

Perhaps the caretaker forgot to close it.
A splendidly decorated baby room was seen through the half-open door.
The Empress wanted to remember this place, which was really well managed.
High and small cribs and all sorts of dolls don’t seem to have passed the time.

“Is this the room where Your Highness was?”

As I turned my head, he smiled as if saying yes.
He opened the door wide as if I could see more.
I gladly went inside and headed towards the bed.

“I can’t believe it.
The bed is this small.”

Now it was small enough only to fit one of Valery’s arms.

“I am a little surprised to see it now too.
I didn’t know it was this small.
Then, Blake, your bed could have been cuter than this.”


“It made me curious when I saw this.
You must have been adorable.”

This time I smiled instead of answering.

After the second date, I continued with a similar encounter with him about three more times.
What I felt every time, ironically, was comfort.

Every time I see his face, I think of my days spent in the prison without bars in the North with my mother.
The reason why I’ve lived like this since I was a child, whether it’s voluntary or unintentional, is probably because of his family.

It was really funny.

But as soon as that thought occurred to me, I made up my mind again.
Because it’s unimaginable for me to be dyed with his kindness. 

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