“There’s another place I want to show you.”

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This place is already cute, but there’s another one?

Valery seemed excited about something from the moment he came here.
He took me here and there as if he was opening a treasure chest he had cherished, and I guess he had something else to show me.

I didn’t hate his reaction.
It was rather fresh.
It wasn’t bad to be biased toward pleasant emotions without measuring back and forth.
So I followed his lead with ease.

He took me to the third floor, the tallest place in the building.
It is a triangular building that gets narrower as you go up, so when you reach the third floor, it is reduced to half the size of the first floor.

However, there was no room but an empty space surrounded by windows on all sides.
This place was decorated like an indoor garden.
The curtains were all thin and bright, and there was a tea table on one side and a huge sofa where several people could rest.

“…I like it here the most.”

“I thought so.”

Valerie’s expression became brighter.

“Can I sit on the sofa?”

“Of course.”

I sat on the sofa by the window and beckoned Valery to come.
Then he blushed slightly and came to sit next to me.
Even when he sits, he’s still so tall that my head is in line with his shoulders.

“Did the Empress read you a book here?”

Then Valery looked surprised.

“How did you know?”

“It’s just… I think the sun is coming in the best here.
The sofa is as soft as a bed.
Perhaps Your Highness used to sleep on Her Majesty’s lap and listen to fairy tales.”

Then he laughed pleasantly. 

“That’s right.
How about you?”


I asked stupidly, not knowing what he asked.

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“Blake, what was your childhood like? I think we’ve been talking about me for a while.”

“Ah, me.”

When I was with other people, I looked like I was really Blake Ariandel, so it didn’t matter much.
But this man saw me in the North, and his original personality was mixed up, so I felt like my conscience was stabbed a little.
The more we met, the more I felt like that.

“Since I was young, my father worried about me because I was weak.
He was also busy filling my mother’s vacancy.
Nevertheless, I received a lot of love and am always happy.”

Lies came out easily.

Valery leaned more towards me.
As if he’s going to listen in more detail and be more focused.

“My father gave me a different flower every day.
I like flowers because they’re colorful.”

“Do you like flowers? Even now?” Valery asked with delight.

He added the question why do I like it so much?

“Um, yes.
Because it’s pretty.
And fragrant.”

“I see.
That’s a relief.”


I tilted my head because I didn’t know what he was talking about.

After pulling the string next to the sofa, his aide brought the tea a little later.
Before going up the stairs, they spoke briefly, and Valery must be asking for this.
After drinking the warm tea, my body became slightly relaxed, which had always been tense.

“I was worried that I couldn’t say goodbye that day.”


I wondered why the story in the North suddenly popped up, but I decided to listen quietly.

“I was really worried about you after I came back.
There were many underdeveloped places throughout the North.
The bridge is also collapsing.
I’ve taken care of it, but I’m still worried.
It was fortunate that we met again in the capital.”

I glanced at him at his words.
Somehow, his look seemed to be asking for praise.
No wonder the bridge construction, which I thought would only finish in spring, was finished in the blink of an eye.
This man must have done it.

I turned my head to the excuse of drinking tea.

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“I told you to forget it.”

“You said I could remember that you saved me.”


“That’s right, I heard only what I liked.”

The shameless interception of the words made me laugh.

“Really, Your Highness is really weird.”“Is that so”

We talked for quite a while after that.
It was a trivial conversation with no clear topic, but strangely, time passed quickly.
Oddly enough, I felt comfortable and closed my eyes slightly without realizing it.


I opened my eyes again to the feeling that the air was calmer.
My blurred vision became clearer, and the sun was halfway missing from the window where the sunlight was shining in the center before, and I leaned on Valery’s shoulder.

…What, did I just sleep? Am I insane? Why am I sleeping here?

I raised my head and raised my back, hiding my startled heart as much as possible.

“Are you awake?” He asked softly and smiled.

“Ah, um.
I was… just thinking about something for a while.”

I know the excuse is really ridiculous, but Valery said, “I see.” Of course, there was a slightly mischievous smile on his lips.

Seeing the sun go down, it seemed that I had slept in that position for at least an hour or two.
It really didn’t make sense, no matter how much I thought about it.

“I-I have to go back now.
It will be a night if it’s any later.”

So I got up from my seat, blaming the time for nothing.

* * *

After the villa date with him, the appointment with Sir Shubart was delayed by 15 days.
I don’t know whether the road got blocked to me or something went wrong, but it wasn’t surprising because this frequently happened in the North.

Then I met Sir Shubart 15 days later.
As soon as he got here, I thought I would be praised for my excellent work, but Sir Shubart got angry.
Not to me, but to the coachman and Ian.
It was said that the order was just to block the carriageway, but what happened was the overturn of the carriage.

“…Simple accident”

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“I hired a simpleton.
Next time, I will be more careful.
How have you been?”

It seems that the coachman whom I hired that day misunderstood.
Ian just kept it because he was commanded to protect me unconditionally.
That’s why he didn’t make excuses even though he knew it wasn’t his mistake.
Isn’t he an idiot?

Anyway, meeting with the first prince was accomplished, but Sir Shubart didn’t tolerate the coachman’s mistake.
Perhaps the coachman will never be seen again.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m fine.
I wasn’t seriously injured.
Thanks to it, I made it to the Imperial Palace.”

“I shouldn’t have hurt you.”

Sir Shubart, who said so, looked really angry.
I stared at him like that and picked up my words again.

“It made me do more of what had been ordered.
Ah, and I think we will see each other again.
I was officially invited.”

“It’s faster than I thought.”

“But I didn’t do anything.
Wouldn’t it be more dangerous? Even if my face isn’t known…”

“Um, it’s okay so far.”

“… that’s a relief.”

It’s been a few days since I took off the bandage on my leg.
I also ate all the medicine that the imperial doctor made for me.
I will fall asleep more than usual if I eat it, so I will get better soon.

I picked up lemon juice and salted fish eggs with a fork.

“The Prince.”

“Are you talking about the second prince?”

“Yes, he almost died when he was young.
When he was just born.”

Sir Shubart paused his hand for a moment.
Then he skillfully cut the meat with a knife again.

“Really? Why?”

“I don’t know.
He almost died, but he didn’t know why he was in that situation.
It was what he said anyway.
I heard it the last time we met.”

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I spoke and casually put food in my mouth.

“Really? I didn’t know.”

“Is there anything Sir Shubart doesn’t know? That’s more fascinating to me.”

“I’m not a god, but I know everything.
Isn’t it enough?”

Sir Shubart said something that I didn’t know if it was a lie or not without showing a sign of surprise.
He looked at my half-empty bowl, then I shook my head.

“It tastes worse than the food Sir Shubart made.”

“Did you miss me?”

Sir Shubart seems to have liked my remark very much.
The corners of his mouth rose to the point where it was obvious.

“How’s mother?”

“Lu is always the same.
You will be able to meet her soon.”

“Is everything going well?”

“The catch-up is going well.
We shouldn’t be hasty.”

Sooner or later, I will have to get the Chartero family on my back.
But why haven’t I been contacted for the stolen key?

“I’ll tell you whenever I get any information.”

“Your job is enough.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing my mother again.”

“Lu will love to hear that.”

“I’m sure she will blame me for saying useless things.”

“It’s not like that inside.”

Sir Shubart tried to defend my mother.

I asked, holding back my laughter, “Ah, that, Sir Shubart.”

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