br>It made me rather free from the feeling of being isolated in the North.
Of course, I still don’t like banquets.

While immersed in that thought, the atmosphere inside the carriage changed quite a bit.
Ian’s eyes felt sharper than before.
As I turned my gaze to the window, I saw a carriage following us from behind.
It was a carriage that didn’t exist before.

“Is someone following us?”

“I think so.
I’ll take care of it.”

Of course, I can’t get comfortable here.
But that carriage is a bit familiar…?

I looked carefully through the window and clicked my tongue.

“You don’t have to take care of it.”


“Just ignore them.
They won’t fall behind even if you try to stop them.”

While saying so, I kept my eyes on the carriage that followed us behind.

“…I understand.”

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“Good job for noticing that carriage.
I will tell my mother later.
The dogs followed us.”

“If it’s dogs…”

I smirked.
I guess Sir Shubart didn’t tell Ian about this.

“What do you think? Of course, it’s the Rudbihi family.
They’ve got the wrong opponent.”

The proud Rudbihi family, whom excommunicated my mother and me from the family and handed over all their sins to us as if it was not enough.
I knew they were constantly watching us even after being excommunicated.
Still, I didn’t know they were aware of me in the capital and moved.

No matter how much they excommunicated us, they know very well that they must lie flat on their backs even if we are almost kicked out of the capital.

Let’s see if they can drag me down in front of the banquet hall.
Even someone who knows my face well won’t be able to know me.

“Tell Sir Shubart to take care of his mouth.
Otherwise, they will try to take advantage of it.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Speed up.”

I ordered Ian to drive the carriage faster.
Thanks to this, the carriage shook violently, but fortunately, we didn’t happen to be overtaken by them.

“… I’m really tired.”

I was annoyed that I had to feel so tired before I even arrived.
Still, seeing that carriage turn around as soon as our carriage moved toward the main street was funny.

That’s right, they’re scared, but they had the guts to follow me.

I snorted and got off the carriage.
Erasing my boring expression, I smiled brightly and entered the banquet hall with the invitation.

As soon as I entered, I could smell strong the perfume.
Maybe it’s because flowers are hard to find in the winter or because clothes are thicker, so they all decorated themselves as colorful as peacocks with a strong scent.
At least dozens of perfumes mixed in and created a bizarre scent.

“I will call you if I need you, so observe carefully if there’s anything suspicious.”

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As usual, leaving Ian to observe the area, I quickly blended into the crowd.
It was not difficult to find the first prince in the banquet hall.
Unmarried young ladies were glancing there from time to time.
And at the end of their gaze, you could spot the prince.
It seemed so suspicious to approach him immediately, so I headed the other way.


A familiar voice called me friendly.
When I turned my head, I found Ellabrihi Hemel.
I didn’t expect the effect of a single pearl would be this great.

“Ah, Ella.”

“You’re here too.”

“Thankfully, I was able to receive an invitation.”

“Yes, I see.
Look! The invitation started to come to you from that day, right?”

I nodded shamefully.

“Blake, look at this.
What do you think?”

I tilted my head slightly, looking at what Ellabrihi said to look at.  Shioke mermaid pearl was placed on top of her voluminous hair, gently twisted and styled one by one.
It is also attached to the flower-shaped jewelry pin I mentioned before, highlighting her light-yellow hair.

“I felt it at the party last time, but Ella really has good sense.”

Ellabrihi’s face brightened at once.

“Do you really think so?”

“The colors look perfect on you.
It makes your face look brighter.
Of course, you would have been pretty too if it wasn’t for the Shioke pearl, but you look so pretty today.”

“It wouldn’t hurt to tell you how many ties they asked me about the pearl that decorated my hair.
How many times do you think? I’ve heard it over ten times.
But, above all.”


Ellabrihi slightly covered her mouth with a fan and moved her body closer. 

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