other hates winter because she feels the cold easily, but winter in the North make her feel pain rather than cold .
That’s why I have to stock up on a lot of firewood.

My mind was agitated again.
I don’t want to freeze to death.

“After using it for today, there’s really nothing to use for tomorrow.”

“Then do it tomorrow.”

My mother left those words behind, put on her flowing shawl again, and disappeared into her room.

“… ”

I feel colder at her cynical response.
I took off the fur gloves, which I had worn countless times.

What can I do if my mother tells me to do it tomorrow? If the delivery man doesn’t come by today, I really have to turn them over.

I was about to take off my coat, muttering to myself, when someone knocked on the door from outside.

“No one should be coming here.”

I walked up to the front door, raising my eyebrows.
This is why it’s hard to live in a house without a servant.

‘I can’t believe anyone can knock on the front door.’

It was something I had never thought of when I was in the capital.

“Who are-”

“Carbella! Uncle Shubard is here!”

“… ”

A loud voice was heard from outside.
When I heard a familiar voice, I felt a little relieved.

‘So that’s why Mother told me not to go out.’

I was still covered with fear at the thought of being in my mother’s palm.

Sir Shubard, who is now in his mid-thirties and approaching forties, often calls himself an uncle.

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“Are you going to brag about it?”

I opened the front door and greeted Sir Shubard.

He was looking at me with a bright smile in his black clothes.
Snowflakes stuck to his hat like old dust.

“Huh? Brag about what?”

“The villagers said you’re close with the villainess mother and daughter.
Come on in.”

I opened the door a little more so he could come in.

“I might sell my soul to be close like that.”

It seems that Sir Shubard was hit by a lot of snow when he came here.
That’s probably why his mind went crazy.

He almost died after barely saving our lives, but how can he say something like that as if he really wanted it?

“What if your soul price is so cheap?”

“The price will change from time to time.
Then won’t there be any possibility?”

“If I were you, I would never do that.”

“Carbella, don’t say such sad things.”

He took off his hat and turned inside with his clothes.
Light silver bangs were messed up.
Even though he had long hair that reached his waist, there was no tangling anywhere.

“What brings you here in this cold weather?”

I know how dangerous he is, so I’m not comfortable with his fussy personality or excessive kindness.

Still, I think he is much cooler than the male protagonist, the Emperor, whether I judge it from appearance or personality.
The personality of the Emperor I’m talking about… It’s not a standard of a standard, especially his attitude toward us.

I think Sir Shubard would look better with glasses, but he has very healthy eyes.
He is faster than anyone else, to the point of seeing something that ordinary eyes couldn’t catch up with.
Still, I don’t know why he can’t get away from my mother and me and keep doing something like this.

Risking his life, even taking charge of money laundering.

Other than that, he had a lot of work to do.
Perhaps he could have made a better living if it weren’t for my mother and me.

‘He’s still young, so he could get married normally.’

That was just my thought.

“Why aren’t you happy seeing me?”

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“It’s nice to see you.”

“Isn’t that a very unwelcoming expression?”

“This is the expression I make when I’m in the happiest mood.”

I only raised the corners of my lips.

He smiled big and hung his coat on the hanger by the front door.
At the same time, he didn’t forget to put his hand on my head and ruffled my hair roughly.

The expression that I lifted up collapsed automatically.

“You seem taller.”

“It has been two years since I stopped growing tall.”

“Really? Then why did you look taller?”

“Sir Shubard might have shrunk.”

“Pft- You’re really Lucellai’s daughter.”

He chuckled.

I straightened my messy hair and completely locked the front door.

“What about Lu?”

“I already told you not to call me like that.”

An elegant voice scolded him sharply.

Our eyes were focused on one place simultaneously.
At the sound of a guest, my mother came out to the living room again.


I could feel the change in his smiling eyes a little.
I decided to quietly leave them alone.

“Don’t even think about going out because it’s windy.”

As I was about to go up to the second floor, my mother warned me once more.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

She must have thought that I would go out and get the firewood if there was a chance.
But I didn’t have a plan like that.

Sir Shubart always looked around the living room as soon as he came here to see if anything was missing.
And it continues until he leaves.
It was actions he always did, just like breathing air.

As Sir Shubart is here, he will fill up the firewood.
He will also warn the delivery man who didn’t bring the firewood.
In the meantime, I would enjoy my laziness to the fullest. 

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