he’s solving everything.

“Mmm… That’s a relief.
Are you going to leave right away?”

I asked in the hope that he would leave in a hurry.

“I don’t know.
It’s your birthday soon.
Do you have any presents you want?”

“Present… I’ve never thought about it.”

“Think about it from now on.
If possible, make it big.”

“Um, then I want wish something instead of receiving present.
I want to continue to enjoy this simple life.
But not too long, just for enough time.”

Sir Shubart smirked.

“Don’t talk like an old man.
Unlike me, you’re still young, and you should enjoy your life more.
You have a duty to do so.”

I stopped putting the food in my mouth and looked up at him.

“Of course, I know that the words duty and responsibility don’t go together.”

I didn’t mean to criticize him, but Sir Shubart seems to be the only one who feels naive.
He knew very well that the mother and daughter of this house don’t really get along well.  

“Um, but I know that Sir Shubart is only 18 years older than me.”

“Anyway, you are getting older.”

“I’ll think about it.”

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If possible, have some ambition.
Just like Lucellai.”

I laughed bitterly when he said just like Lucellai.

I couldn’t figure out how far I should go to learn my mother’s ambition to swallow up the Empire.

While thinking like that, I sensed that he would put food on my plate again and pull the dish more towards me.
No matter how delicious it was, more than three servings were impossible.

“Sir Shubart.”


“Is everything all right in the capital?”


Sir Shubart raised his eyebrows in wonder.

There’s nothing interesting here, so I wondered if there was any interesting news from the capital.”

“Well, it’s the same.
Come to think of it, the capital seems quiet these days.
I’ll see if there is any interesting news.
Capital is definitely more comfortable than being here, right? I’m sorry.”

Even though he did nothing wrong, Sir Shubart is always apologetic to me.

I shouldn’t have asked.
I just wanted to know if the second prince had already departed or not, but I guess I asked too much.

“That’s not true.
I rather like being here because it’s quiet.
I’m so tired of the same kind of love letters.”

He chuckled.

“We’ll be moving house next month.”

“Next month?”

It’ll be much better than here.
Of course, it’s still in the North too.”

He frowned while talking about it, then moistened his mouth with wine.
Sir Shubart was bitterly upset that he had sent us to the North.

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I already feel grateful that we survived here, but I guess it wasn’t the same for Sir Shubart.

“I guess you’ve solved some problems.”

“To a certain extent.
And several employees will arrive.
What do you think? This is good enough, isn’t it?”

“Sir Shubart has always been wonderful.”

At the end of my speech, Sir Shubart could not hide the corners of his mouth rising.
In addition, there is another mountain on my plate.

‘I’m going to suffer from indigestion today.’

* * *

‘…so bloated.’

I ate more than usual because of the begging for me to eat a little more, and it seems that my digestive system is clogged up

I didn’t want to take medicine because it made me feel stuffy, so I put on my shawl and went outside.
Although our house didn’t have a servant, I could use all the roads in the yard.

Originally, we had two houses, but the lights didn’t turn on one day, so we had to move away.

Before, an old man lived in this house, and he passed away not long ago.
So, there is only one place where the light is turned on in this area.
There were a few visitors, but the most frequent visitors were wild animals.

The weather here was so cold that every time I breathed, white steam came out.

How long did I walk? By the time my cheeks were tingling, I could hear the sound of a wagon in the distance.

I squinted at the wagon.
The closer it got, the closer I felt a big mountain approaching me.
The firewood that Sir Shubart said earlier seems to have arrived.

When the wagon was almost where I was, I doubted my eyes.
Sir Shubart’s remark that we would move to another place a month later felt like a lie as I saw the amount of firewood loaded in the wagon.
Unlike the previous delivery man, who was chubby and hairy, the delivery man now was a big man with a lot of muscles.

“Where should I put it?”

He asked me the location of the warehouse.
His voice was deep, suit with his appearance.

I pointed my finger at the warehouse.
He nodded and began to unload the firewood in the warehouse.
I only came in after looking at him a little longer.

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