It made me get up earlier than usual and put on my thick coat.
It was still dark when I opened the curtains.
Sun rises late in winter.
In particular, the northern part of the Empire was the last place the sun rose.
It will take an hour or so before the sun rises, but I decided to hurry up a bit.

When I went down to the food warehouse, the place where he was yesterday was already empty.
The sup he was eating was also emptied and placed in the dishwasher.
Of course, the teacup is also there.
Fortunately, he’s a man who considered my words.  He seemed to have done me a favor.
He also took the herb bags and blanket that I had left behind.

‘With this, he’s going to be alright.’

“Well, that’s a relief.
If mother had seen him, he would have died.”

When I checked that there were no traces of him left outside, I heard the sound of a carriage from a distance.
The owner of the carriage was my mother.
My mother, who said it would take a few days, returned earlier than expected.
She came back with Sir Shubart, whom I saw a few days ago.
Being side by side, I felt like they were an elegant couple that matched very well.

“Why are you out here?”

My mother, wearing a black coat and red velvet dress, approached me.
It seems that she wondered why I was outside in the cold winter early in the morning as I hate the cold.

“Ah, I heard something from outside.”

I made a lie.

‘It doesn’t smell fishy, doesn’t it?’

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The atmosphere was quite cold.
Sir Shubart, who is quick to notice, took a little interest, but I was going to ask him quietly if I ever got caught.
Sir Shubart couldn’t refuse my request well.

“If there’s a sound, it shouldn’t come out here.”

“Ah… I didn’t think much about it.
It sounds like a small animal.”

Oops, I didn’t know that lying wouldn’t help it.
My heart was about to explode for fear of being caught.
But fortunately, mother headed straight to the front door.
Sir Shubart put down two large pieces of luggage and ordered the horseman to do something.


“I thought it would take a few more days.”

“You’re not happy to see me?”

“This is my most welcoming face right now.
Sir Shubart must have finished your work quickly.”

I raised the corners of my lips as I did back then.

“Yes, that’s a relief.

Sir Shubart followed my mother in and looked around.
Then, I suddenly saw his eyes stop on the way to the food warehouse.

“Wh-Where have you been?”

I hurried to talk to distract him.

“Umm, I’ve been to the place where we will move for a while.
I had something to check.”

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“Ah, I see.”

Sir Shubart’s gaze quickly fell on me.
It was as if he had just seen something with his sharp gaze, but soon a smile came to the corners of his eyes.

“Anyway, I have something to tell you.
It’s cold, so let’s go in.”

Sir Shubart led me to the front door, complaining that it was cold.
Once again, I saw his gaze go to the food warehouse, but I tried to open the front door, pretending not to know anything.

Usually, my mother and I hardly have conversations.
Still, when she returned from going out, the feelings of loneliness in the house disappeared.
In addition, Sir Shubart, who is a little more active than us, is here, so I felt a sense of harmony.
I thought I didn’t feel lonely, but I was actually a little lonely.
Only then did I realize that my mother and Sir Shubart brought more luggage than they had taken out.
I wonder why, but it seems they went shopping on their way here.
Come to think of it, when was the last time I went shopping freely?

“Carbella, come here.”

I was going to go up to the second floor after a short time, but my mother called me.

“Yes, mother.”

I approached my mother without complaining.
My mother was still drinking tea gracefully, and Sir Shuabrt was eagerly pulling something out of the large luggage and unfolding it.

“What is all this?”

“Try it on, Carbella.”

Sir Shubart called me in an excited tone and opened something up.

It was a long red dress.
Not the thick, clunky winter dress like what I’m wearing now, but the gorgeous dress that I would have worn at the social party when I was in the capital.
Without realizing it, it seems that I have become very accustomed to life in the North.
As soon as I saw the expensive-looking dress, I immediately thought that it would be able to afford a month’s food expenses.
In addition, I even felt that it was enough to buy all of the firewood for the winter.

“…is it mine?”

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