“Marcus, why are you like this?”

Lady Robley’s face was red with rage as she inquired.

Britia caught on to the situation from Marcus’s mumbled response. 

The Duchess had taken it upon herself to get him to meet various people.
Britia was there as a potential niece-in-law.

“How old did you say that woman was? 27?” 

Marcus grimaced, trying to estimate Britia’s age.

“I’ll be 25 in the fall.
Right now, I’m 24,” 

Britia informed him of her age.

“27 or 25, what’s the difference? She’s still unmarried and desperate,” he retorted, glancing at his aunt.

“And where is the woman my aunt called a beauty and a virtuous lady?” he asked, crossing his arms.

“Why are you trying to introduce a woman like this to me?” he asked, beating his chest with his right hand.

“Do you even know how old I am, Aunt? I just turned 26!”

Britia’s jaw muscles twitched.

 He was 26 and Marcus was treating her like she was old.

“Marcus, you embarrass me,”

 Lady Robely said, trying to keep her voice down.

“I was looking forward to today as my aunt told me to dress up nicely, but if this is how you’re going to treat me, it’s difficult for me.”

Marcus seemed oblivious and continued to blather on.

“Can’t you keep your mouth shut?”

Britia knew Marcus well. 

He was the Duchess’s older half-brother’s son from his second marriage, and he had been spoiled as a child.

 She knew it wouldn’t be easy.

“Why? Did I say something wrong? She’s just an unmarried woman who messed up her chance to get married.”

Lady Robley had the urge to hit him with her fan.

“Marcus-nim is right.”

 Lady Robley raised her head, looking up at Britia at her words.

 Britia smiled brightly, even after hearing his rude comments.

She’s the only woman who can handle a guy like him!

Lady Robley was proud of her excellent judgement.

“I don’t think I’m destined to get married if I don’t meet someone at this age,” she added, with a glint in her eye.

Britia closed her eyes gently, her hands clasped together as if she were praying.

“Therefore, recently I’ve been thinking about living my life serving the goddess instead of getting married,” 

Britia said, contemplating her future.

“Britia, why would you do such a thing?” Lady Robley exclaimed in shock.

 Britia smiled wryly at her.

‘If I have to marry a man like him, isn’t it more fulfilling to enter a monastery and serve the goddess for the rest of my life?’

“The monastery will be overflowing with old noblewomen like you who use excuses such as not being able to marry,” he sneered.

 Britia found his remarks suspicious, wondering what he thought of the convent.

Britia gradually realized that this conversation was a waste of time.

 Meanwhile, Sig’s large tail, which covered his face, was probably stiffening.

There was no time for this.

“Yes, since my younger brother is involved with the monastery, I must ask him for advice.
Thank you,” 

she said, trying to end the conversation and escape.

 But Marcus lifted his chin and snorted.

“Using your younger brother?”

“If you ever need help, Marcus-nim, please don’t hesitate to ask.
I’ll tell my brother everything you said,” she said.

“Shouldn’t I tell my older brother? He’s a fairly high-ranking knight in the Valenderg Order,” he said hesitantly.

“You have a strong support system to rely on when you enter the monastery,” Britia said, laughing and snorting again.

 Then he realized something was off and changed his expression.

“What does that mean? Why would I enter the monastery?”

Britia smiled faintly at his question.

‘ Did he only ask now because he didn’t know?’

“It doesn’t mean I can’t get married, does it?”

“Of course not.
If you start trying now, you have a chance,” she replied.

He realized his mistake and scowled in anger.

“You rely on your beauty too much.
Don’t you realize it’s not that impressive?” he said.

‘What nonsense was this?’

Britia furrowed her eyebrows.

“You’re quite common for someone who’s supposed to be a beauty.”

“I see,” Britia replied vaguely.

 Marcus thought he was being ignored and became agitated.

“People like you!”

At that moment, a large shadow covered Britia.


It was Sig who approached her, standing like a statue.

“Hic, Turas!”

Marcus saw him and gasped.

Sig stared intently at the man who recognized him.

Somewhere, he looked familiar, but where had he seen him before?


It seemed like he was one of the men talking about Britia at the club on the day of the Lockhart Mansion party.

“Where are you going? Marcus!”

Lady Robley shouted after her nephew as he hurriedly ran away, but he didn’t even look back and disappeared somewhere.


Silence fell between the three.

 Lady Robley closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, Britia.
I’ll apologize on behalf of him.”

“No, Lady Robley.
I was a bit harsh too.”

Britia smiled and raised her head.

 Lady Robley’s face, which had been gloomy, brightened up at her words.

“I hope a good person will come to Marcus-nim’s life.”

Before Lady Robley could hold onto her awkward hope, Britia drew a line.

“You’ll do well, Britia, but I’ll tell you one thing out of concern.”

She looked at Sig for a moment, then covered her lips with a fan and approached Britia’s ear.

“If you marry a man who’s too famous, your life will be full of twists and turns.”

Then she sighed, as if she were very tired, and told her to look at herself.

“There are so many things to inherit, and it’s nice for the third child of a wealthy Count family to live comfortably.”

It was obvious who she was talking about.
Despite Britia’s line, she did not give up.

“Lady Robley, it sounds good to hear, but there are too many things to do, and I’m so tired!”

Lady Robley’s eyes flickered toward Sig.

“You’re not like that with Duke Turas….”

“And one more thing.
Don’t even mention the Marquis Slanford.
Oh, and he’s been asking around about you lately.”

Lady Robley lowered her voice.

“That man is very cunning.
It’s best not to even look at him.”

She nodded at Britia, as if telling her to remember, and then moved away from her.

 But then she quickly approached her again.

“One more thing.
Even though Marcus may say otherwise to others, he is warmer to his family than anyone else…”

** ** **

“The Bearmics?”

The next morning, Leon heard the story from the party and laughed when he heard the name.

“The third son of the Bearmic family said that?”

“Do you know about that household?”

“The third son may not know about the situation of his brother, but the second son of that family, he’s in our knight order.”

Leon laughed so much that he wiped tears from her eyes with his palm.

“That man said such things.
He’s supposed to be a great knight?”


Leon laughed again.

“That third son doesn’t know anything.”

Leon leaned on her chair, crossing her arms.

“Bearmics? Well, he’s like the dirt under my toenails.”

Britia knew that even though she had never seen the second son of that household, Leon was someone who would disrespect him greatly.

“So, Bearmics’ younger brother dared to say those things?”

Leon smirked and stretched his neck.

“When I meet him during our training, I’ve to tell his brother that her little brother owes my sis a favor.”

“His face looks really bad.”

“I’ll grind it for my sister as you wish.
But do we have to torment someone who hasn’t done anything wrong to me?”

Leon whispered to her like a devil ‘Just say it.
Your brother is the Knight of the Templer’


“What will you do?”

“That’s so, that guy will go home and yearn for his little brother.”


The face of Marcus, who had made rude comments the previous night, came to mind.

“Just a little?”

Leon chuckled at Britia’s hesitant response.

“Look at you, simulating an attack early in the morning.
How peaceful our breakfast table in Lockhart is!”

The Count of Lockhart, who had overheard their conversation while opening the arrived letter, exclaimed.

“You’re really our proud little brother.”

The Count pointed his paper knife at Leon.

“Lenny, spare 40% of Bearmics at your discretion.”

“Isn’t that almost killing them?”

“He dared to insult our Tia.
We have to do something.”

Crave jovially swung his knife and tore open the next letter.

As the letter contained serious content, the smile disappeared from his face.

“You refused Lady Robley, right?”

He asked Britia, seeing the worried look of the Countess of Rochart.

“I did refuse her.
But I’m not sure if she accepted my intention…”

Britia, who had never given up until the end, felt gloomy.

“I may have to enter a monastery.”

Britia blurted out as if in despair.

“If that happens, we’ll have to use the dowry we saved for your marriage when we have a daughter.”

As Crave read the serious letter, he joked, and the Countess jabbed his side.

“More importantly, Tia, we’ve received letters from our longtime friends.”

Crave looked away from the letter and looked at Britia.

 He had a mischievous smile on his face.

‘Is he going to make another silly joke?’

Britia thought it was nothing important and finished her meal, wiping her mouth.

“So? What did they say?”

“They asked if it was true that you’re engaged to Duke Turas.”

Britia’s eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected news.

“By the way, earlier I read a letter asking if it was true that you rejected Duke Turas.”


The couple who had run away from the rose bushes had spread rumors.

Britia had a hunch.

“Do you have any idea what kind of crazy night you had, Britia Lochart?”

Crave’s eyes questioned Britia as he looked down at two letters.

There was clearly something he wasn’t saying.


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