Chapter Chapter 5: Gu Qingning, the More Terrifying Madwoman


Seeing her approach, Zhou Yao reflexively wanted to reach for the bedside bell.


However, someone was faster than her.


Gu Qingning grabbed the back of her collar and yanked her off the bed.




Her buttocks hit the ground, and Zhou Yao cried out in pain.


Beside her, Fang Yiyi and the other person were scared speechless.


In the next moment, those deep and bottomless ink pupils turned towards them.


“Stay quiet, understood?”


Fang Yiyi and the other person tensed up, nodding repeatedly.


Gu Qingning curled her lips, her gaze shifted, landing on Fang Yiyi.
“Who instructed you? Tell me everything clearly, or I will make your fate even more miserable than hers.”


Fang Yiyi wore a troubled expression and glanced at Zhou Yao from the corner of her eye.
Cold sweat was forming in her palms.


Summoning her courage, she said, “It's, it's Gu Wanwan.”


If she didn't tell the truth, Gu Qingning would definitely not spare her.
Life was more important than receiving money.


“Gu Wanwan ordered us to target you at every turn, and during this joint outing organized by the two schools, she wanted to get rid of you and make sure you could never go back.”


Listening to her spill everything, Zhou Yao's face turned ashen.
She glared at Fang Yiyi, filled with frustration.


How could she be so foolish? In doing so, they had undoubtedly offended Gu Wanwan.
With the power of the Gu family, they would probably be unable to establish themselves in City A.


Gu Qingning raised an eyebrow, and her gaze turned cold in an instant.


So, it was her.


Not only did she bully her within the Gu family, but she also continued to do so outside.


Zhou Yao couldn't help but wonder how many guts Gu Qingning had consumed.


“Gu Qingning, now that you know everything, you…”


Before Zhou Yao could finish shouting, a slap landed forcefully on her face.




The dull sound of the slap not only stunned Zhou Yao but also terrified Fang Yiyi and the other person.


Before they could react, another slap followed.




Blood traces appeared at the corner of Zhou Yao's mouth, and her cheeks burned with pain.


She abruptly lifted her head and met Gu Qingning's icy gaze.
The curse she was about to utter got stuck in her throat.


Gu Qingning withdrew her hand and turned her eyes to Fang Yiyi and the other person, calmly saying, “Now it's your turn.”

“I-I was wrong.
I shouldn't have bullied you.
I'm sorry,” Zhao Xiaoxiu's eyes turned red, and she pleaded without dignity.


“Please, spare me.
I won't dare to do it again.”


Gu Qingning remained unmoved, coldly staring at the two of them.


When they were bullying her, they never thought about sparing her.


She took a step forward with long legs, and Fang Yiyi and the other person watched her approaching figure with terror-stricken souls.


Their legs went weak, and they knelt down on the ground.


Soon, low moans of pain echoed in the ward.


Fortunately, it was midnight, and the doors and windows were tightly locked, so no one noticed anything unusual inside.


After a while, Gu Qingning walked out of the ward, emanating a chilling aura.
Her presence was enough to make one's heart tremble.


She lifted her hand and adjusted her cap.
Without taking the elevator, she left through the stairs.


Inside, Zhou Yao and the others lay on the ground, their hair in disarray, their faces bruised.
The look in their eyes as they gazed at the door was filled with fear and dread.


A devil.
Gu Qingning was simply a devil.


“Zhou Yao, what should we do? Gu Qingning recorded everything.
Will we…” Zhao Xiaoxiu's voice trembled, her face filled with regret.


“Stop talking,” Zhou Yao said, her cheeks throbbing with pain as she spoke, “Don't let anything slip about Gu Wanwan's side.
Otherwise, we'll be in even more trouble.”


Compared to Gu Wanwan, Gu Qingning, that madwoman, was even more terrifying.



After coming and going, they arrived at the villa when the sky was getting light.


As the car entered the garage, a playful voice came from the side.


“Little children running around in the middle of the night, that's not right.”


Caught in the act, Gu Qingning wasn't embarrassed either.
She turned around, met his gaze with an open expression, and tugged her lip mischievously.
“Old man, why are you up so early?”


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