The World Below Surface 14 ☆ I Want To Survive


After lunch, Lu Yan washed the dishes.

He was always such a hard worker these days and so easy to bully.
It was no wonder that the others were easily confused.

Li Fang Zhi stood at the kitchen door, staring at his busy back, her eyes inquisitive.

The seconds ticked down to noon.

Suddenly, everyone felt an unexplained palpitation.

What was it?

What was going on?

At this moment, if they went out to check, they would inevitably be dumbfounded.
Except for the door to room 304, almost all the doors to the housing were neatly opened at that moment.
A pale, broken limb rubbed on the floor with a smooth creak as it moved neatly towards a particular door.

The door opened with a bang when the last limbs had fallen into the gap.

A terrifying aura spread.

If anyone could have observed it and looked down from above, they would have seen it rapidly extending towards the Orchid Jade Oceanarium in the city centre.
All the people passing by felt a palpitation along the way.

Master Lin sank and walked over to the window to look up, his face suddenly becoming even more gloomy.

“Shit, they've moved the plan up.”

A little bewildered, Lu Yan asked, “What plan has been brought forward?”

Li Fang Zhi couldn't stand the man's pretentious face any longer, so she stepped forward and punched him.
She had practised kung fu, and an ordinary man couldn't dodge her punches and kicks.
But Lu Yan stepped back with ease and smoothly came behind He Lou and put his hand on his neck as if he were brothers.

Of course, he wasn't that friendly.

Lu Yan gave up his original, somewhat stupid expression.
He moved his facial muscles and raised a smile with naked malice.
A nakedly malicious smile and then a sidelong glance at Li Fang Zhi: “I advise you to calm down.
Let's all sit down together and think of a solution.”

The force in his hand was powerful.
With the sudden attack, the unprepared He Lou was caught unawares and could not break free for a moment but could only feel in vain that his opponent's fingertips were almost poking through the flesh of his neck.

He was not strangling He Lou's neck, so he could not breathe, but his fingertips were so hard that they almost sank into his skin.
If the force was a little more potent and the nails a little sharper, Li Fang Zhi suspected that he could have poked several bloody holes in He Lou's neck.

“Let's all work together to find a way?” Even though He Lou's life was under control, he still did not change his face, “Where is everyone? Didn't you kill them all? Now you're finally not willing to go on in disguise?”

“Disguise?” Lu Yan repeated the word playfully and laughed a little, “Hahahahahahaha ……
I can certainly maintain the status quo if you guys are willing.” He seemed to find it uninteresting and let go of his hand, putting the person down on the ground.
He Lou straightened up, coughing half-heartedly, before looking straight at the crazy man in front of him.

“It's just a shame – why did you guys have to break it up in advance?” A genuine regret was revealed in his eyes.

Li Fang Zhi couldn't help but say, “You crazy, man!”

Even if they would kill to survive, they wouldn't be so unprincipled as to get an NPC killed on sight.
Compared to Lu Yan, Li Fang Zhi suddenly felt that people like herself could simply be described as kind.

“Call me crazy.
Are you guys normal people?” Lu Yan was a little surprised, “Don't forget that the first time you saw me, you were calculating how to take advantage of it and how to get rid of me if I didn't do as you were told.
“What? I've been obedient enough these past few days, haven't I? I've fed you well, fed you well, and obeyed you, but you still want to get rid of me, don't you?”

Li Fang Zhi still wanted to argue a few words but was stopped by He Lou's eyes.
He was not agitated or angry but said calmly, “I apologize for how we behaved before.
Now can you tell us why you wanted to kill them and why you are suddenly willing to cooperate?”

When he got serious, Lu Yan lost his bad taste in intimidating others.
Raised his eyes to glance upstairs with an indifferent expression, “Because I want to live too, do you understand?”

When he saw Lan Zhi Yu, he understood that the people who came this time would also bring the zombies.
Without understanding when those things would be awakened, he preferred to take the initiative into his own hands.

Afterwards, the men joined him.
When he knew they couldn't leave the flat, he decided to eliminate a group of “idiots” in advance.
Otherwise, how would he cope if they turned into zombies in the flat?

“So, since we all have the same goal, maybe we can work together for a while?” He Lou coughed a few more times, barely easing away the discomfort coming from his throat.

Hearing He Lou's words, Li Fang Zhi also quickly calmed down, “Indeed, I hope we can work together happily.”

Now the situation was stronger than the people.
Even if she and He Lou joined forces, they might be unable to finish each other off.
The two masters invited had no intention of intervening.
Besides, Lu Yan looked like someone who was mad and didn't want to die, their enemy was a ghost, a zombie, and there was no need to fight Lu Yan to death here.

Moreover, if Lu Yan wanted to kill them, he could have poisoned the meal long before.
Leaving the three of them behind meant he could cooperate adequately.

Lu Yan: “All right.”

The sky was a little darker, with dark clouds and a cold, wet wind rustling through.

“It doesn't look like we can wait until tomorrow.” Senior Brother Lin said indifferently, “Just for now, let's go up and look.”

He took a brass bell out of his sleeve and gently shook it.

There was no sound, but the few people present seemed to hear a long, long bell.

Another bell rang, and they leapt forward in a neat step.

“Let's go.” Saying this, the teenage old and sullen Master Lin took the lead and opened the door to his home.

The rest of the few people followed, yet they all couldn't help but be shocked for a moment once they saw the scene inside the building.

In the other three rooms, the doors were wide open, and a trail of blood trailed out from inside the doors, stretching from the stairway to the deep, almost invisible upper floors.
There was no need to think about it.
These homes must be in a bad way.

Perhaps the entire building's occupants had ……

The thought of this possibility made He Lou's heart skip a beat, and when he looked at Lu Yan again, he was calm and unruffled on the other side, as if nothing was on his mind.

Even if these are neighbours who have lived together for so long.

He Lou suddenly had a bit of cold teeth.
What about these neighbours if Lu Yan had killed them because he sensed their malice?

When they went together to ask questions, they could perceive that the neighbourhood of this building was quite good.
They must have usually treated Lu Yan very well.

Was he that cold-blooded?

The group stopped on the fourth floor.

The remaining three doors were open at the moment, except for one forbidden door.

He Lou looked at the forbidden 404 door and said in a deep voice, “Master, this is the place.”

Master Lin looked at the 404 room door and knitted his brows, “Are you sure this was the place?”

Lu Yan suddenly revealed a cynical smile and shook his head, “No, no, no, you all guessed wrong.”

“This building, 404, has always been unoccupied.
The person who chops the meat every night is Guan Yunlong of 405 ah ……”

Saying that, he reached out and took hold of the handle of room 404's door, pressed it downwards and pulled it open backwards.

Behind that door, there was a snow-white wall!

It was an aged wall with some cracks.

“The 404 harmonic has a very bad meaning.
Initially, the developer never intended for the 404 to be inhabited.
This room is all filled up.” Lu Yan laughed heartily.

He Lou's mind suddenly recalled a phrase that Huang Mao and Feng Chu Chu had each said.

“There is nothing to see, just ……
a white patch.”

Why is it still red when you look through the cat's eye?”

What I saw before in 404 was just the wall.

Whenever Lu Yan described it, he said, “he lives upstairs.” He never mentioned the door number because he took it for granted that there was something wrong with 404, so he ignored Guan Yunlong, who looked normal at 405.

It turned out that there was an oversight a long time ago.

He could have spotted it.

With another glance at Lu Yan, smiling extraordinarily happily, He Lou didn't even feel angry any more.

A chill rose up his spine.

“What exactly do you want to do?” He couldn't help but ask out loud.

“What do I want to do?” Lu Yan repeated the words with a bit of surprise and then said with a smile, “Didn't I tell you a long time ago? I'm going to live.”

When the outsiders came, the zombies were bound to be awakened, and he didn't want to die at the hands of the ghosts, let alone the outsiders.
Those things would be awakened anyway, so he chose to sacrifice the outsiders who were stupid and would get in the way of his plans first.

When the zombies were fed, they wouldn't be on him.

He could live a little longer and hold on until the end.

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