The World Below Surface 18 ☆ What is ……
under the bed?


Almost as soon as they had a clear view, the two reacted, with one heading upstairs and the other darting downstairs to flee.

Lu Yan, who was running downstairs, was regretful.
He'd just stepped onto the third-floor stairwell when he noticed a child jumping downwards in the darkness.

He came to a dead standstill and even took a small step back.

Running upwards, He Lou was also regretting it.
Outside the window, a small light flickered, and he heard the “thump, thump, thump” of a jump, clearly approaching him.

He was quicker on his feet.

He had walked for a long time during the ghostly fight and thought his strength had disappeared.
Still, in the face of the zombies chasing him, his body's potential exploded in a life-and-death situation.
He increased his speed again, just enough to avoid the sharp claws almost poking his back.

What to do? What to do?

He couldn't run upward for long.
He would always get to the top of the building, and when he did, where else could he go?

Once he reached the ground floor, it would be certain death if he stepped out of the flat before time was up.

Wait a minute?

Certain death?

A thought suddenly came to his mind.

Li Fang Zhi, who had turned into a zombie, also needed to follow the mission's rules, right?

But he was in no state to do so.
With the bright white moonlight streaming in from another staircase opening, he rounded the corner, dashed into one of the flats, and slammed the door shut!

He didn't think the door could withstand the zombies, so he entered with a ragged breath, not knowing if it was due to the blood mist, but the lights in the room wouldn't turn on.
After a brief moment of confusion, he broke into one of the rooms.
He crawled beneath the bed, his heart pounding like a drum.

At least ……
delayed for a while to regain his strength a little.
Otherwise, he might not have been able to finish the job.

The zombie's body was too stiff to adjust when it first mutated.
He Lou silently recalled what Master Lin had said and only hoped that he would not lie to himself about this matter at least.

He heard the increasingly violent banging of the door outside, one after another, thunderous and with such force that the whole flat seemed to collapse.

Finally, the door was smashed.

One after another, the sound of footsteps came a little towards the room door.

He Lou almost held his breath.

Somehow, the sound suddenly stopped again.

What was going on?

It was dark in the middle of the night, not to mention that he was under the bed, with the sheets hanging down to the floor.
He couldn't see what was happening outside and had to rely on sound to identify it.

What was happening?

Should he take a look?

It shouldn't matter if he lifted the curtain to have a look, right? Just a glance.

No, no, no, no.

He Lou shrank a little further into the bed in case he got too close to the edge, and something went wrong.

And it was with this retreat that his arm seemed to touch something.
A stiff, cold touch that immediately made his sweat stand on end.

He slowly turned his head and came face to face with a pale, blue face.

That face, it was Feng Chu Chu's.

He smiled.


He Lou dashed out almost immediately.
Surprisingly, there was no Li Fang Zhi figure outside the room.
He hurried downstairs, hoping to catch up with Lu Yan.

Lu Yan couldn't be so heartless as to take him out with him now that he was the only one left.
He was still useful.

It was sad to say, but He Lou never thought that one day his position with the NPCs would be completely reversed, and how long he would live would depend on his own use.
But he had to admit that even if Lu Yan was scary, as long as he could see through his intentions, it was better to be with him than to face the ghosts directly.

Just as he ran outside, he bumped into a figure.
Lu Yan gently shouted at him, “Why are you running so fast?”

He had already sent Li Fang Zhi and that little kid away.
Why did he still look like he had seen a ghost?

The first time he hit a human body, He Lou stiffened for a moment.
Still, the body carried the body heat.
He immediately put his mind at ease and lowered his voice to quickly finish the story: “I just hid from Li Fang Zhi and went under the bed.
Li Fang Zhi was gone, but I saw Feng Chu Chu under the bed.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the sound of thump, thump, thump reappeared.

A miserable white head bounced out a little with a demented smile.
It was so white that the expression on its face could be seen vaguely in the darkness of the night by the moonlight.

If you didn't see that it was just a head, the jumping look would be no different from that of a ball.

As Feng Chu Chu's head leapt closer, it opened its mouth, filled with a few white, sharp teeth.
It quickly bit at the two of them…

Too late, Lu Yan stabbed a stick into its mouth, but in an instant, he had thrown the head, along with the iron rod, out of the window.

Fortunately, the place where they were standing was in the hallway, and the windows of each hallway were wide open.

The rule of not leaving the flat for a week had to be observed, even to the point of death.
The moment Feng Chuchu's head was thrown outside the flat, it suddenly let out a miserable scream, and the next second, a mist of blood emerged from it, as if it had been corrupted, and quickly disappeared.

“Where's Li Fang Zhi and the other one?”

Seeing that Feng Chu Chu's threat was gone, He Lou felt a lot more at ease and asked about the whereabouts of Li Fang Zhi.
Although he hadn't seen the imp chasing Lu Yan, he thought about it and knew why Li Fang Zhi's charm was gone.

It was probably the talisman that the thing in the lift had torn off for her.

Lu Yan breathed softly and pointed to the window, “Just now I found the talisman that the little ghost had torn off for her from the elevator, and I put it back on her.”

This was why He Lou suddenly heard the beating stop, and after Lu Yan had passed the talisman, he carried the corpse and threw it out the window.

“I threw it outside as well.”

The word also caused He Lou to fall silent.

Although his strategy was to find a way to get Li Fang Zhi out of the flat, Lu Yan really did it.
Remembering the days they had worked together, He Lou still couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness.

Just like that, no more ……

He shook his head, throwing out the excess emotion.

There was very little blood mist in the air any more.
Looking out the window, there were still quite a few citizens dementedly and epileptically hurrying towards the city centre.

Instead, He Lou grew uneasy.

Master Lin was obviously restless.
Did this mean that they hadn't succeeded in sealing it?

As a Heavenly Master, zombies should be of great use, right? Otherwise, he wouldn't have had to act like he valued those two zombies so much.
Could he have had no intention of going after Lan Zhi Yu?

Looking at the situation, it was close to success.

Will he still be able to hold out until it's time for the mission to be completed?

As soon as the time is up, he will automatically return to the world he is in and be able to gain a short period of safety.
As for what will happen to Lu Yan ……
who cares?

The worlds they do their missions will sometimes be the same.
If Lu Yan doesn't die, there's a good chance they'll meet up again.

It's tragic to even think about it.

There was no telling how much interest could be exchanged for the news of such an NPC anomaly.

But it would all need to wait for the return before it could be cashed in, and it was still unknown whether he would survive.

He Lou shot a veiled glance at Lu Yan, took a deep breath and asked, “Where should we go now?”

Lu Yan said with certainty, “The mezzanine in the middle of the third or fourth floor!”

He Lou's heart was clear.
The more the Daoist priest didn't let them go, the more it meant something was wrong.
He nodded his head and agreed.

Unbeknownst to him, Lu Yan was also unsure in his heart.

But it didn't matter.
Just let He Lou go in first and try.

It was almost dawn.


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