The World Below Surface 7 ☆ The cause of Lan Zhi Yu's death


“Let's take a trip to the marine park.” He Lou said.

Huang Mao was surprised: “The mission isn't ……” No sooner had the words left his mouth than he was nudged gently by Feng Chu Chu, glancing covertly at Lu Yan and not speaking.

It could not be revealed to Lu Yan that they were on a mission.

Li Fang Zhi understood what He Lou meant.

Judging from the fact that they could go out to the upstairs neighbour, perhaps the focus of this mission was on “being by Lu Yan's side” rather than being limited to the flat.
Of course, he couldn't just go out and try it out.
Before leaving the flat, Huang Mao called another group member and threatened him to step out first.

Lu Yan looked at the group of people standing at the door of the flat and repeatedly said, “Brother Lou, Brother Huang, you can't do this ……”

“What's wrong?” He asked them as he took the lead and walked out the door, standing in the sunlight confused.

Huang Mao kicked the man out.

The next second, the man raised his hand to his neck and screamed violently.
His shadow twisted in the sunlight, and wisps of blood rose before finally returning calm.

And the man was already dead.

They hadn't gone out in the morning to be on the safe side, and everyone's clothes had been repurchased by asking Lu Yan.
Now it seemed that what the mission requirements said about going to the flat where they were with Lu Yan referred to the entire apartment building.

But not a step more.

“This, this is ……
what's wrong with him? What's wrong with you guys?” Lu Yan didn't know what was happening and had a horrified look on his face, not daring to look at the corpse more than once.

The others were calm, and Yellow Hair said, “It's okay.
He's just allergic to the sun.
He faints in the sun, so please bring him back.”

Was it really all right?

The man on the ground had lost the rise and fall of his chest and was bleeding from his seven orifices.
No one looked like he was fine.
Lu Yan opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

“Really, he's just unconscious.” Yellow hair said with a smile, “If you let him sunbathe again, he might die.”

At this, Lu Yan looked at the “man” on the ground with difficulty but finally bent down and intended to pick him up and walk him into the flat.

When he reached out and grabbed the man's arm, his hand suddenly moved and tried to catch him, and it felt cold to the touch.
Lu Yan didn't care, dragging the corpse towards the flat, the ticket slightly warm in his coat pocket.
The hand clutched his wrist in a death grip before gradually releasing it.

The group regrouped, and He Lou looked down and said something to Huang Mao before turning his head to look at Lu Yan.

“So it looks like we can't go, so we'll have to bother you.” He Lou's tone was gentle, “By the way, do you have a camera at home?”

“Yes.” Lu Yan still needed to figure out the situation.

“For the sake of our common goal, please bring your camera with you and record the entire process?”

Lu Yan opened his mouth, but his gaze was hesitant.
The others saw a chance, and immediately you spoke up with one word.

“That is, we have no choice.
We really can't go, so please go for a while.”

“Isn't everyone's goal to survive? We'll all die here if we don't figure out his secret.”

They spoke in a low voice to avoid other people hearing them.
Lu Yan did not know how to retort, so he had to agree to come down.

The group re-entered the lift with the corpse, and it was good that everyone was now on their lunch break as Feng Chu Chu dragged the body with him.
When they reached the third floor, he and Huang Mao did not follow the others out of the lift but continued upwards.

To prevent a fraudulent corpse, He Lou told them to leave the corpse at the 404 entrance.

Even if the body hadn't changed and the occupants wanted to call the police, they would only suspect the already strange 404 occupants, not them.
They didn't want to experience being forcibly taken away by the police.

I wonder if it was an illusion.
Still, the lift was extraordinarily cold after Lu Yan, and the others went out.

Not the cold air of the air conditioner, but the sticky, cold air from all sides, almost to the bone.

It's only the first day.
It won't be ……

Huang Mao's legs were shaking, and he tried to cheer himself up, trying not to let the horrific images he had seen come to mind, but he still couldn't help thinking about it more.

The short distance of one floor high also seemed extraordinarily long.

With a ding, the lift stopped, and the car doors opened.

“Come on, be careful.”

The two men, one resting on their shoulders and the other lifting their feet, dragged the man to the door of room 404, where they dared not look much further.
They immediately retook the lift and ran back after spreading the body flat on the room door.

So they didn't see that the corpse suddenly moved spontaneously towards one of the room doors, and soon it was sucked in like a thin sheet of paper.

“Well?” He Lou asked.

Yellow hair showed an OK.

He Lou nodded his head.

Lu Yan was already running with the camera to the Oceanarium.
He always seemed to be like that, silly and not knowing how to say no.

Right now, He Lou was using his computer to surf the internet.

He reminisced about the station's era and then searched carefully for actresses of recent years.

For some reason, the shadows still haunted him.
He did not believe escaping from the station would free him from the curse.

The only way to get rid of the curse was to find the source of the haunting or the formation of the curse.

Finally ……
after a long, extended search, he finally saw a familiar face.

Just because it was extraordinarily familiar, he shuddered a little when he saw the face, constantly feeling that the next moment she would turn into a dead and unconscious image, staring at herself with a grim face.

“Everyone, come and look.” He Lou said.

He moved his mouse and clicked on the actress' introduction.

“Lan Zhi Yu, born in 1964, died in 1985 ……”

He searched the introduction, which he didn't know to be accurate.
When he checked the other lacy news, there were conflicting stories about her death.
Some said it was due to domestic violence, martyrdom due to the death of her boyfriend, and that she died due to the repercussions of raising a demons.
But Lu Yan didn't seem to be lying to them.
Lan Zhi Yu wasn't too well known, and the most popular online story about her was

He Lou's gaze lingered on the option of “raising demons” for a moment longer.

Could it be because of raising demons?

On the other end, Lu Yan had already sent a small video.

“I'm here now.
The Oceanarium is empty today as there are fewer people.” He was standing in front of the Oceanarium gates, and his phone recorded the name of the Oceanarium.

That name ……
was clearly the Lan Zhi Yu Oceanarium.

He Lou's heart jumped up violently for a moment.

Lan Zhiyu was definitely not a common name, so why would this Oceanarium be called Lan Zhiyu? What did it have to do with the real actress Lan Zhi Yu?

Lan Zhi Yu, what was the reason for her death?

Lu Yan had a bag slung over his shoulder with some devices to hold the camera in place.
He checked it one last time and walked into the Oceanarium.

In the other room, He Lou and the others couldn't get out, so they had to look for clues on the internet for the time being.

He was a master hacker, and the networks were similar in both worlds.
After pondering for a while, he quickly broke into some secret websites and started looking for clues to Lan Zhiyu.

It was so old that some of the paper archives were long gone, so one could only hope that the case officer at the time had taken some video or photos.

“Have you found it?” Li Fang Yu asked quietly.

Around the time she was injured in the blood mist, until now, Li Fang Yu's face was pale, and she had become less talkative.
But everyone did not notice her abnormality and only thought she was in a somewhat lousy spirit, subconsciously tolerating her and being considerate of her.

At that, He Lou said gently, “Found it.”

“The cause of death was ……”

He saw some photos, and his pupils shrank.

This was definitely not a usual way to die.
At least, not by being drained all the blood out of her body like this.
The originally beautiful woman was only a layer of skin and bones, and her death was hideous and gruesome.

“Kind of like being drained by a vampire.” Huang Mao came up and commented after seeing the photos.

Of course, they didn't dare to look at the photos much, they were taken by who knows who, and although they were a bit blurry, looking at ……
they always seemed like they were staring into those eyes.

“I'll look for other incidents of hers and see if I can find any clues.” He Lou's hands flew over the keyboard.

He felt that he had to get to the bottom of this, or there was a good chance he wouldn't be able to escape the flat.

“There, found it.” He Lou created a new document and began consolidating that information, comparing it and then deleting the obviously fictitious gossip, finally piecing together some clues.

It turned out that Lan Zhi Yu was a lesser-known singer in the circle; although she was pretty, she could not act and only sing.
However, in terms of singing, her voice was not the most outstanding, and the most famous news about her at that time would have been that she had dated several boyfriends.

After all, not everyone can afford to have every boyfriend go missing.
In each case, it had nothing to do with her; she was either working in public or heading out of town for a busy day, and when she returned, her boyfriend was gone.

No one was seen alive, and no one was seen dead.

But he had vaguely noticed some patterns.
Every time her boyfriend disappeared, she got excellent resources, such as singing for a big film or event.

No wonder some people suspected her of raising demons or even that she was using her boyfriend to summon them.

The information also shows that Lan Zhi Yu likes to talk about scriptures and often goes to some famous Taoist mountains to find Taoist priests.
This provides even more evidence to support the claim that she was raising a demon.

Raising demons?

He Lou couldn't help but be a little suspicious.

He posted some posts in several anonymous internet areas and then continued to search for information.

After about two hours, the tantalizing aroma of rice came from every house, and the door of room 304 clicked open.

Lu Yan stood at the door with the dishes and changed his shoes, smiling at them: “I'm back from the Oceanarium.
By the way, where is Brother Lou? I'll give him the video.”

“Brother Lou is in his room.
You go and cook.
I'll take it to him.” Huang Mao said naturally.

Lu Yan froze, true to his word, and carried the dishes to the kitchen to prepare for cooking.

He had also repurchased many household items, which relieved them.

There was a soft, bang-bang-bang sound of chopping vegetables from the kitchen.

Take your time to watch the video!

You'll find some surprises inside.


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