Home to the Seven Princes of Hell and designed by Mammon, Pandemonium resides in the center of Hell as the capital of Sin.

After the cataclysm that occurred 30000 years ago, God assigned each prince one of the Seven Deadly Sins as punishment for their actions.

Lucifer of Pride

Satan of Wrath

Beelzebub of Gluttony

Mammon of Greed

Asmodeus of Lust

Leviathan of Envy

Belphegor of Sloth

Twisting stairs and winding hallways constantly twist and turn, resembling the movement of a snake. There is only one word that can describe the madness and insanity of what this place is.

”Chaos ”

An old man, presumed to be a butler walks down a winding path, constantly twisting and turning as if it was trying to consume him. Upon reaching a door, he pauses before knocking on it.

”Knock Knock ”

The door ripples with every knock, slowly changing as it shuffles through dimensions and worlds.

”Your Highness, the food is ready. ”

Hearing no reply, the butler waits for a moment before opening the door and entering.

Inside the room is a complete mess with empty food containers, burnt books, and traces of residual mana.

The butler cleans the room and removes the residual mana like he usually does until he notices a letter on the table.

Dear servant,

It has come to my attention that there really is nothing to do here. Which is why I, the great Lucifer, have created a spell that can break the boundaries of space and escape the imprisonment of Hell. Today, I will resign my position as one of the Seven Princes of Hell. I have found the work assigned with this position to be tedious and unbefitting of my status. Finally, I wish for you to say goodbye to the others for me. I have left them all a note that details my method of escape and I have placed yours within the fireplace.

Sincerely, the King of Hell


”My lord, you do know that I did all the work, right? ”

–[Darkheart Imperial Academy]–

Past the academy gate led to a vast open area filled with trees, flowers, and wild animals. The weird thing about the place is that theres no sun in the sky, the only thing that remains is a massive blue moon. Legends state that the moon consumed the sun and turned blue, but as to the reason why it did that is unknown.

A massive fountain lies within the middle of the field, but the mysterious thing about it is the water that flows out of it. The fountain radiates life energy to everything in its surroundings. This energy not only helps the plants and animals, but also helps satiate hunger and increase lifespan.

Everyone looks around with astonishment, while zombies look at the fountain with feverish eyes. Even the proud nobles look around with curiosity and excitement.

A little child walks out the crowd and floats to the top of the fountain before greeting everyone staring with stunned eyes.

The look of disbelief in their eyes entertains him before he proceeds to give instructions.

”Hello, my name is Arc, and I will be your principal for the next 6 years. Before I welcome you all to Darkheart Academy, there will be three tests that you will have to do. We will test your Magic Aptitude, Knowledge of Arts, and Combat experience, please note that your results will influence our decision on where youll be placed. ”

As Arcs announcement progresses, Lights body slowly loses its resemblance and gradually turns into a small white blob. I didn hear anything about a test.

”Uh, sis. ”

”What is it, and what happened to you? ”

”I think Im screwed. ”

–[Dukes Study]–

Inside the Dukes study both Loren and Lisanna work on eliminating all unwanted spies, but suddenly Loren feels as if hes missing something, as if he forgot something really important.

”Hmmm, somethings not right. ” Loren voices out his concern.

Concerned about her husband, Lisanna asks with worry. ”Whats wrong? ”

”Nothing, I just feel like Im forgetting something important. ”

”Is it about them? ”

”No, theyve all left already. It seems they achieved their goals and have no reason to bother us anymore. ”

”Then is it about the kids? ”

”I forgot to tell them about the test. ”

Giving Loren a hug Lisanna proceeds to console him.

”It should be fine; weve been teaching Eris ever since she was five. Shes the little genius of our Dracula family. ”

”Hmmm, Now I feel like Im forgetting something else. ”

”Now that you mention it, I also feel like Im forgetting something. ”

They both pondered until they finally gave up.

”It shouldn be anything important. ”

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