The secrets of the library

Secret of that books can unfold

I didn mean to break her heart but circumstances changed me to who I am now. As I stood by the window and was looking into the wilderness of the sky thinking about her thinking about us unknowingly my eyes were filled with the tears and rolled down my cheeks reaching my beard . As I was lost in my own beautiful thoughts I heard Mr Nicole Brown call me Mr Robert ..we have an appointment with Mr.Kim who is the CEO of KGOI , he has come and is waiting for you downstairs in the visitors cabin . Do you want me to call him here to your cabin or shall I arrange the meeting in one of our meeting rooms? ”when I heard him talk I quickly took out my white coloured hand kerchief and wiped my whole face which has helped to wipe my tears off after I was done wiping my face I turned around and looked straight towards Mr . Nicole and said ” Mr . Brown send him here immediately and get the files which i have asked you to go through with the Statics and numbers. You very well know how much i hate presenting incorrect data . I do not want to cheat my business partner or my business clients. Mr brown I hope I made myself clear. Now leave quickly and send him … Do I look like I got lots of free time to enjoy here , keep in mind Mr Nicole Brown that one second of my time is more valuable then your annual salary. Move now ! ” I said… Looking at my cold expression Mr Brown rushed immediately. I could hear him running down stairs, I grabbed my coat which i hung on the coat hanger and as I was about to wear it I saw a white mark on the coat near the sleeve of right hand side wrist which pissed me off as I do not like untidy clothes,to dust it off I took out my hand kerchief again and as was about to open it , i lost hold of it and the kerchief fell down ….it began to unfold as it was falling and revealed the beautiful embroidery with my favourite blue coloured . I realised it was a gift from her and she embroidered You are special on that kerchief looking at that I realised how immature i behaved… before my thoughts were pulled back to our collage library I got back to my sences once i heard some one knock at my door. A tall figure appeared at my door he slightly opened the door and said ”Mr Robert May I ”to that i signalled him with my right hand to come in. As he stepped inside the room was filled with his perfume which perfectly suites his medium built figure. He was wearing a Deep black coloured three piece blazer which complimented his body and neat shoes which impressed me because he was one of the rarest people whom I have met who dressed up themselves according to their position. As he walked closer to me he extended his right hand saying ”Hi Mr Titus Robert. How are you? ” to which i responded back with a slight smile extended my hand to his hand Shake ”I am doing great thank you for asking you may take your seat ” I said while pointing my finger towards the seat opposite to mine and looked at Mr brown straight to his eyes and signalled him to sit beside Mr.Kim. We started the meeting and I could sence that Mr Kim was happy with the presentation that we prepared and I was happy to think that he would accept the business proposal from us. After couple of minutes me and Mr brown were at the last slide of the presentation and we conclude post which I said ” any questions Mr Kim ? ” to which he was about to answer but he got distracted as his phone rung. He excused himself and pulled out his phone… tas he pulled out his phone it slipped and fell on the ground at the time I could get a glance of the screen and When I saw the caller ID and the photo I felt that whole world has gone upside down …it was her with a bright smile which once only belonged to me her big sparkling eyes, her Coco colour exotic skin with a small nose and wide smile , a part of her head being covered with few strands of hair which reached untill her chin ..Wow as soon as I saw that beautiful picture unknowingly a smile crept on my face but double the amount of sadness and jealous filled my heart. Soon those dark feelings have showed up on my face and turned it into an iceberg and eyes as they strolling on Mr.Kim to understand what is she talking to him how are they related my eyes turned into hawk waiting to hunt down its prey.

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