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Inside, equipment for treating patients was lined up.


The doctor sitting in front of a monitor looked up at him.


“Patient Lee Jaehun?”




“I heard you injured your arm, can I have a look?”


Lee Jae-hun nodded, took off his coat, pulled up his shirt, and held out his arm, which was wrapped in bandages.


As if the hemostasis had worked properly, no more blood flowed.


Maybe it's because he saw the wound treated better then he thought; the doctor widened his eyes for a moment in surprise, then returned to his calm face to find the little scissors.
He asked as he placed it on Lee Jaehun's bandage.


“I will cut the bandages.
Is that okay?”


“it's okay.”


“Then excuse me for a moment.”


Snip, snip


Well-maintained scissors quickly cut through tightly wrapped bandages, and Lee Jaehun lazily blinked at the sound he had heard so much in his previous life.


A reflexive drowsiness poured in.


But the sleepiness disappeared at the doctor's voice.


“… The wound is bigger than I thought.”


“Is that so.”


He had nothing else to say, so he just kept his mouth shut.


Was it because he failed to consider the regenerative ability of his previous life compared to now, or if not that, was he just unable to make a cool judgment at the time because of the panic?


What should have been a small cut, he dared to make a big cut.


'I was out of my mind.'


Lee Jaehun shook his head inwardly.


At the time he held the knife, he couldn’t help but panic.


The wound was made to confirm his regenerative ability, but he had identified himself with his previous life's body, and did not hesitate to inflict a large wound.


If he had any sanity, he would have prepared in the possibility of incapacitating himself.


However, there were no treatment tools in Lee Jaehun's house except for the small first-aid kit.


In particular, there were no threads or needles for clothing that could be used to sew up open wounds.
This was the reason why he had stopped by the hospital to treat the wound.


He saw the doctor's brow furrow and quickly straighten.


As if looking at the wound offended him, Lee Jaehun turned away.


The doctor asked as he removed the gauze from his arm.


“Did you take medicine? Painkillers or…


“I came without eating, just in case.”


“It must be quite painful.”




Only then did Lee Jaehun realize that he had reacted wrongly.


“… Yes, it hurts.”


If it was Lee Jaehun of the past, he would not have reacted so calmly to such a wound.


That's probably not how most people would react.
There was a long wound on his arm and blood was flowing, but he was so indifferent.


Isn't it a reaction that can't be shown unless you're used to the wound.


Lee Jaehun checked the doctor's reaction, wondering if he had misunderstood.


“May I ask how you got hurt?”




Oops, misunderstood.


Lee Jaehun didn't know what the heck he was misunderstanding, but judging from the doctor's embarrassed gaze, it seems that he was misunderstanding something bizarre.


‘I don't know what it is, but I don't think it’s right.’


Lee Jaehun took out an excuse he had thought of beforehand at his house.


“I was injured while cooking.”


Of course, it was an excuse that wouldn't work.


But that too had circumstances.


You can't say, 'Sir, I came to the hospital because I couldn't regenerate after testing to see if I could regenerate like I did before,' so it was difficult to come up with a convincing excuse.


Ten out of ten doctors who saw this wound would see it as a knife wound.


It wasn't even a very shallow wound, so it was clear that the wound was deliberately inflicted with will.
But in this case, who had that will was another issue.


If someone else did it, it's a crime, and if I did it, it's self-harm.


It was an unpleasant result to be dragged into the Underworld in two days.


However, I thought that if I told the story truthfully, the doctor would also take care of it.


In any case, it would be quite a headache if it was related to a wound like this, so from the point of view of a busy doctor, if the patient just passed it on, he would take care of it.


However, the doctor in front of him seemed to have a stronger sense of duty than Lee Jaehun thought.


“It can’t be.
This is obviously someone who gave strength and cut it.”


“… Huh.”


“If the police are needed, I will contact them on your behalf.”


It was deplorable.
That there are people like this in this day and age.


Lee Jaehun opened his mouth slightly, half dumbfounded.


Putting aside his previous life, even in the current world, it was rare for a doctor to care about each patient's situation like this.


On a whim, Lee Jaehun had chosen such a rare doctor and made an appointment.


For some reason, he shook his head.


“All right.
I did it, so please treat me.”




The doctor silently nodded his head.


Perhaps he had roughly predicted this answer.
Lee Jaehun sighed once more without bothering to hide it.


“It looks like it will take quite a few stitches.
Would it be all right if I gave you anesthesia?”


“All right… No, I see.”


He made another mistake.


'What kind of crazy person would not ask to be anaesthetized after being stitched up several times?'


Lee Jaehun, who was a madman and almost became a modern-day Guan-wu4, clicked his tongue inwardly for no reason.


Even if he recalled his previous life, his existing personality was not going anywhere.


The doctor asked in his characteristic calm voice as he was partially anesthetized and the wound was stitched up with medical thread.


“You must have studied first aid.”


“… I studied on my own.”


“Yes, the average person puts gauze over the wound.
That’s why it doesn’t do well to stop the bleeding.”




The doctor continued, putting a thread around the edge of his wound.


“I don’t usually think of putting gauze all the way into the wound.”




“Just the thought of putting something into a wound is painful.
In fact, I’ve seen people fainting after trying to stop the bleeding like that.”


“Is that so.”


“Patients have good patience.”


Lee Jaehun's expression darkened considerably.
It was very natural to try to dig up information, and, apart from the doctor's skill, he must have really misunderstood something about him.


When the treatment was over, the doctor opened his mouth with a carefree smile.


“The thread is a melting thread, so there is no need to come back to the hospital.
For the time being, don't use your right arm, and even if you use it, don't let it shock you.
You can get a prescription at the counter.”


“Thank you.”


Lee Jaehun, who was largely silent, left the clinic without haste.


Until now, Lee Jaehun hadn't done anything illegal that would have hurt him, but he felt embarrassed because he didn't know how the doctor misunderstood him.


He stopped by the pharmacy to buy some medicine and drove the car with a much more comfortable appearance.


* * *


“… I feel tired.”


It was almost 8:00 PM when Lee Jaehun finished his drive and returned home.


Is it because he wandered around thinking about the location or place of the building that appeared in the novel, or is it the aftereffects of going quite far for a long time?


Perhaps it was because of his worries about the Underworld that he would be taken away to in two days, he was quite exhausted.


Lee Jaehun, who quickly changed his clothes and lay down on the bed, blinked his stiff eyes as he looked at the calendar in his cell phone.


'Tomorrow is the 28th.'


And the next day was March 1st, the starting date of the novel.


‘The timing is really too good.
If I’m going to recall my past life, let me know at least a month in advance.’


As soon as he remembered his previous life, tears naturally flowed at the prospect of being dragged away by the 19-year-old devastated survivors.


Lee Jaehun habitually stared at the ceiling with his cell phone down, he opened his mouth.


“… What will happen when I die?”


In his previous life, he had a body that could not die even if he wanted to die.


If you die before the set time, no matter how horribly broken the corpse is, it will come back to life.
Of course, no one liked that kind of resurrection, but now that he was reincarnated like this, he was curious.


Forget about resurrection, there was no way something like his past life would happen in this world where the limits of medical technology were clear.


However, he had a ridiculous incident that brought back memories from his previous life, and he was able to replicate his skills.


Nothing was consistent, and it gave Lee Jaehun a headache.


‘If I die, will I be resurrected like in my previous life? Or will I just die?’




He didn’t know.


'I'll know when the time comes.'


Lee Jaehun closed his eyes to clear his somewhat complicated mind.


It was decided that he would be dragged into the world anyway, and it was difficult for him to survive in it.


In the end, someday Lee Jaehun will have to die as well.


Wouldn't he know then? If he will be resurrected or just die?


‘It would be fortunate if I die, but if I come back to life….’


Lee Jaehun let out a sigh.


“I’ll be thrilled.”


He didn’t know what he would face, but he could be in a position where he could not die right away and come back to life.


If so, Lee Jaehun had to buy the main character's favor at least for the sake of minimum safety and survival.


Because only the main character found the right path.


'Of course, the relationship between me and the main character is the worst…’


He came to a quick conclusion.


If he could get what he wanted even by putting on a play that wasn't even funny, he would do it.


In any case, it was better to put aside his pride because he will attach himself to the protagonist.


If you have to live anyway, shouldn't you live a better life than the last time?





I decided to add a dash for the Lee Jae-hun of the novel and not for Lee Jaehun Our MC.
Just for those who might get confused.

  [note: The word used is actually 꼰대 which transliterates to Kkondae meaning a condescending older person.
This is a slang in korea used towards a person older than you(usually a man) who forces their outdated way of thinking onto another person.
Kinda like calling someone a Boomer.
An example would be if you had a male boss who kept giving you menial tasks because you’re a women.
That person would be called a kkondae.
I’m replacing kkondae with old-fashioned

  [Note: the actual phrase was 피식, which is the onomatopoeia for the sound you make when a laugh slips through your lips.
This was the only phrase i could think of that was similar.]

  여유가 없었다 means Modern-day Guan-wu.
Based on a historical figure prevalent in Korean and Chinese history.
However, I don’t know what this particular phrase is indicating.

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