ue to his usual brash self and the questionable setting he made last night.


So it had to be through a language that would not have caused any real damage, rather than a stealthy act, that could inform him of his current condition.


And there is no word that can better describe a person's condition than swearing.


Whether Lee Jaehun's thoughts were right, the suspicion that had crept up in the main character's eyes subsided.


“Excuse me.”




What a nasty kid.


It seemed like he couldn't suppress all the doubts in his heart, but he expected this much.


In the first place, it is safe to say that the relationship between assistant manager Jung In-ho and him was the worst, so this is rather passable.


Originally, when people reach their emotional limits, they look for someone to shift responsibility to.


If it's a guy with whom he doesn't usually get along well, it's perfect, and the Underworld can drive people crazy enough.


Of course, he wouldn't have even thought of Lee Jaehun creating this situation.


Even in his own thoughts, Lee Jae-hun did not have that kind of ability, and for some reason, he was only suspicious of him, who seemed familiar with this situation.


Lee Jaehun blinked slowly as he saw the main character dragging an intern and a supervisor.


“At least, I brought these two because they seemed to be able to communicate, Boss.”


“… Kang Min-ah is the chief, and this is… was it Intern Roh Yun-Sok?”


There will probably be a lot of things like this in the future, he didn't intend to create a stumbling block from the beginning.


'It's still as per the novel.'


These two were taken by the main character in the novel to understand the situation.


A total of 5 people, including one employee from another department, who they met while going outside, wandered around the company in a group, and at this time, the main character was led by intern Roh Yun-sok, who usually enjoyed exercising.


Technically, the main character was not in charge until the park episode.


However, their original purpose was not to leave the company but to understand the situation, and above all, only four people successfully left the company.


Lee Jaehun spilled the title of manager Kang Min-ah.


‘If this is the case… .’


I'll make that nasty bastard rest his eyes for a while.



Thinking so, Lee Jaehun looked at Assistant Manager Jung In-ho, who was blocking his gaze toward Manager Kang Min-ah.


It was to prevent Lee Jaehun's usual old trashy behavior.


It was so natural that it made him annoyed.


Of course, he didn’t intend to waste his emotions with such annoyance, and it was good to keep the main character's good tendency when thinking about the future.


Because he possesses the mental power recognized by the novel.


Lee Jaehun nodded his head and opened his mouth as if confirming the actions of Assistant Manager Jung In-ho.


“Something seems to have happened, but you are the only ones who have taken care of yourselves.
I need to go outside and figure out what's going on, so follow me.”


“Oh, uh… Yes.”


“Intern Roh Yun-Sok.
I heard you used to exercise.”


The intern looked a little surprised at his question.


It must be because the General manager, who usually doesn't treat interns as human beings, knows his hobby.


“Yes Yes.
That's true, but…




Lee Jaehun could tell without looking that the main character frowned at his words.


In the novel, intern Roh Yun-sok took the lead on his way out of the company, and Lee Jaehun, the manager, pushed him, who seemed to be the strongest person, into the leading position.


Even making ridiculous threats, asking if he thought he could become a full-time employee if he didn’t listen.


However, they did not know what to do in the Underworld, nor did they understand the situation.


Obsessed with their positions in the real world, they put Roh Yun-sok at the forefront according to the words of the old man.

[Note: I mentioned this before, but if you see Old Trash, Old-Fashioned, Trashy, and such being used, I’m usually translating it from the word kkondae(꼰대).
Just wanted to mention this because it is used a lot to describe the MC.
ie) the Ultimate Kkondae, the Kkondae Manager, The Kkondae Boss, etc…]


Of course, it goes without saying that the value of manager Lee Jaehun fell further in the mind of the main character who saw the series of operations.


But come now, Lee Jaehun, who had no reason to do such a stupid thing, naturally continued his words.


“I'm in the front, you're in the back.”


“… Yes?”


“Why don't you understand what I'm saying at once? Be at the back when you move, Assistant Manager Jeong or Director Kang can decide the order on their own.”


Even if he didn’t want to curry favour with the main character, this was a necessary order.


Lee Jaehun knew how dangerous the world was when he recalled the memories of his previous life, but even those who did not know it felt threatened by the current situation.


Instinctively, he sensed the danger of this world.


'From the description of the main character, it seemed as if he would be eaten by a monster at any moment.'


Actually, it wasn't a false statement.


Having already been devoured by the underworld, and being in a position to be attacked by countless monsters in the future, he could feel the survival instinct to that extent, in this place that makes people more instinctive than anywhere else.


Thanks to this, even in this sudden situation, they listened to Lee Jaehun.


Once again, when panic arises, the fastest way to settle the situation was to issue an order.


Wouldn't they, who were threatened by the underworld, also realize the validity of this proposal?


After realizing that everyone else besides the four of them was unable to communicate, it seemed that they had made up their minds to some extent, and Lee Jaehun, who had been quietly watching them, opened the door to the department office.


He groaned softly.


“… Huh.”


The corridors of the building were twisted like a maze.


“what what what… That…


“… This is our company right…


“This… .”


The employees that had been absent-minded until now were agitated by the influence of the underworld.


Those who couldn't even come to their senses screamed or collapsed in their seats, and even those who were sane went white.


The distortion of the underworld was eating away at the mental strength of those who lived in a peaceful world.
Just by looking at it.


And Lee Jaehunn was affected as well, so he bit his lip and fixed his pipe.


The trauma of his previous life washed over his head like water.


Lee Jaehun did not bother to hide the fear that followed.


“… Boss, can we move?”


“… we should be.”


It was because he had to show the main character that he was also a victim of this situation.


Lee Jaehun stepped outside the office.


Crushed pieces of cement were stepped on by shoes and made a small noise, and the cave-like curved hallway was unusually large, it even made a humming sound.


Goosebumps rose from just one light step.


The sound pierced his ears like a centipede, but Lee Jaehun didn't bother screaming.




Anyway, yes.
Everything was as seen in the novel.


He slowly reflected on what he was afraid of.


If it was death, it was a gift to me, and if it was life in the eternal underworld, the probability of that was small.


As long as Lee Jaehun was by the main character’s side, the result was one of two things.


Either get eaten by the underworld and die or live and return to reality.


Wouldn't it be impossible to try to achieve more results than that? He didn't have a choice.


That's why there was no worst outcome for Lee Jaehun.


“Who has a pen?”


When he recalled his past life, there was nothing worse than that.


* * *


Jung In-ho was quietly staring at Lee Jaehun.


“… It should be at my desk.”


“Bring it, as many as you can.”


“I will.”


Dark eyes filled with doubt.

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