way from the railing, immediately struck down at the one that pierced his leg.


The spider's leg, which could not withstand the strength of the pipe, became fragments and scattered, he did not bother to remove the remaining fragments from his leg.


It would have bled much less if it just stuck there.


Lee Jaehun grabbed the arm of Chief Kang, who was faltering due to the influence of the underworld and the fear of the moment and started running again.


“This crazy.
You, fuck.”


“… Whoa, whoa, ah…


“Excellent run.
Run, just look at those bastards and run!”


He pushed Chief Kang forward and took over from behind.


The main character, who quickly sensed the series of events, was running ahead with the rest of the party, and Lee Jaehun liked the cold-hearted Jung In-ho's judgment.


It was not a situation where anyone could help anyway, so it was much more efficient to run away first.


Of course, not everyone's mind is the same as Jung In-ho, a psychopath, so if he had some spare time, he had to prepare for that too.


In a way, one might feel like they abandoned Lee Jaehun and Kang Min because they didn't want to die together.


Lee Jaehun looked at Kang Min, who ran desperately while shedding tears.


“Heh, heh, uhhh… .”




Well, actually, it wasn’t so wrong to abandon them.


* * *


The maddening spider legs disappeared like ghosts as they entered an empty office.


Technically, it was more correct to assume that the monsters that came out through the wall went inside the wall again.


And when a certain degree of safety was assured, Lee Jaehun sat down on his guest sofa and pulled out the splinter stuck in his leg.




It hurts.


'Fuck, it's so unfair.'


Everyone ran away together, but only Lee Jaehun sustained injuries.
it's a miracle, and he expected it to happen like this, but it doesn't make it any less unfair.


He opened his mouth as he glanced over at the distraught party.


“Does anyone have a sewing kit with them?”


“… what, what?”


“No way.”


Lee Jae-hun sighed and got up from the sofa.


It's a small company now, but around the past month, instructions were issued to keep at least one first-aid kit in each office.


To be honest, he didn't remember, it was none of his business to have a first-aid kit or not.
But it was described that way in the novel.


And, as he recalled, there was probably a first aid kit in this office as well.


In the novel, He roughly remembered it being said that ‘the composition was quite good because it was not long since it was installed’.


Limping around, Lee Jaehun soon found the first-aid kit and checked the configuration, one by one.


‘Disinfectants, painkillers, bandages… Oh, there's also gauze.'


Most of it was filled with pills, such as cold medicine and painkillers, but there were still bandages and gauze.


The company thought it would be quicker to just go to a nearby hospital than to consider using this, as the amount was not enough.


In fact, it was a waste to use a bandage or gauze.


As long as Lee Jaehun's existence itself is a variable, the content of the novel can be changed as much as possible, which means that he does not know what injuries he will suffer in the future.


If he sustained a large wound to the abdomen, he would barely be able to stop the bleeding with just this amount of bandages.


So, he wished that someone had a sewing kit.


If you put cotton or gauze inside and sew it on as it is, of course, there is a high risk of infection and it is not a very effective method, but still, there would be no need to waste the bandages this early.


Lee Jaehun briefly looked at the stapler on the desk, but after noticing the black eyes staring at him, he turned his eyes again.




You don't have to show off that you’re insane.


He inserted gauze into the puncture wound, wrapped it with minimal bandages, and applied pressure.


He decided that this level of treatment was necessary as he had already lost a lot of blood when running while straining his injured limbs.


Among those who watched Lee Jaehun's actions, Chief Kang opened his mouth.


“…you know, sir.”


“What is it?”


“Thank you…”




Lee Jaehun, who instantly thought “What are you talking about?” at such an unexpected statement, quickly remembered that ordinary people have shame.


These were chicks who had not yet lost their sense of duty as human beings.


Thinking that, Lee Jaehun nodded his head to look as natural as possible.


“It was nothing.”


Well, it was something to be thankful for.


'Because I prevented many people from dying.'


He recalled the death of Chief Kang in the novel.


He was the first person to die in the story, so he was able to recall quite clearly what his end was like.


In the novel, Chief Kang fell behind a railing that had been lowered due to the influence of the other side, and Office worker Kwon Yeon-hee, who was holding his hand, was startled and let go of that hand and ran away.


‘I don't think it was just because she was surprised.’


Afterward, Chief Kang fell over the railing and had his legs and arms completely broken, and his head was seriously injured and bleeding.


It was not properly explained in the novel, but I think the concussion did not come easily.


Then, without being able to resist the legs of the spider approaching him, he slowly became a skewer and died.


And, of course, the party's mental strength gets shattered and sinks.


“um, How do you feel about your injury…?




Lee Jaehun blinked slowly at Roh Yun-seok's cautious question.


'Am I not at a level to be concerned about yet?'


Judging by how kindly he even asked how he was doing, it seemed that he was still in good spirits.
You can't ask such questions if you're mentally exhausted.


Lee Jaehun couldn’t afford to take care of anyone because even he was having a hard time making ends meet.


After thinking for a moment, he answered.


“It hurts.”


Perhaps they were expecting him to say 'okay', but unfortunately they had to know.


No matter how much Lee Jaehun recalled his previous life, there was a limit to how much people he could cover for.


“I’m not blaming you guys, so open your ears and listen straight.”


“… … .”


“There were piercing wounds in my left shoulder and right calf.
Until just now, I ran without even knowing that I was injured because I was in danger of my life, but my mobility will decrease as time goes by.”


Lee Jaehun met the main character's eyes and continued talking.


“Do you undertstand?”


In a word, it meant ‘If I fall behind, just leave me and go’.


'I don't know about the other guys, but that bastard must have understood.'


In fact, eternal death did not mean much to Lee Jaehun.


Right now, he doesn't know if he will be resurrected like in his previous life, so he’s willing to cooperate like this, but if he can die for sure and a situation comes that requires his death, he wouldn’t really want to save his life.


So, in the same context, neither pain nor injury means anything to him, and the main character must have realized that through last weekend.


If the other party was distracted, Assistant Manager Jung In-ho, who is good at objective judgment, would lead them.


If they don't want to die, these guys will behave well.


Of course, unless it was absolutely necessary, Lee Jaehunn was going to try to some extent.


Didn't he sacrifice his shoulder for the minimum trust in the first place?


'This should be enough in order to cling to the main character.'




He closed the first aid kit and continued.


“I’m tired and on the verge of going crazy, so I’m going to take a break.
Everyone must have been surprised by the sudden energy in their muscles, but now they are loosening up.
I don't know what will come out of it, but if I can run fast, there's nothing wrong with that…




“Because I have limits too.”


It's because he got so used to it, but Lee Jaehun was also being influenced by the underworld.

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