Chapter 1: The First B-Rank (1)

Three years ago, the first incident occurred in the middle of Seoul.

A fissure appeared in the clear sky.
Never-before-seen monsters from another world invaded through the rip.

That was the first fissure that appeared on Earth.

Fissures are tunnels between Earth and dungeons of another world.
The first fissure, which appeared in Seoul, would have resulted in great damage since they didn’t know anything about the existence of the other world, monsters, gates, or dungeons, but….

At that time, a young man awoke new, unseen powers.
With his awakened powers, he wiped out all of the invading monsters.

That young man was the world’s first awakened one, Shin Jiho. 

Of course, Shin Jiho became famous immediately.
It was to the point where anyone who was even the slightest bit connected to modern culture knew his name. 

Shin Jiho’s name, face, upbringing, family, school, friends….
A lot of information was spread around the world.

As a city with a population of about ten million, there were countless videos of Shin Jiho’s awakening.
Shin Jiho’s awakening videos earned hundreds of millions of views on MeTube1.

However, the subject of the rumors wasn’t able to feel his own fame for a very long time. 

Perhaps because of the great energy that he had used, Shin Jiho collapsed on the spot.
He was in a coma for two years.

Two years.

Some may say that time is short, others may say it’s long.
During that time, the period of great confusion had passed. 

Many people awakened their powers after Shin Jiho, and as society was starting to accept gates and awakened ones as the new normal…

Shin Jiho finally woke up. 

Though it wasn’t as much as when he had just awakened his powers, there was still a lot of attention on Shin Jiho.
The entire world focused on him as soon as he regained consciousness.

One year later, Shin Jiho had fallen out of public attention.

“Shin Jiho, behind you!”

Shin Jiho ducked instinctively at Lim Seung Joo’s sharp warning.
However, his judgment must have been wrong, as the attack that came flying from behind hit Jiho’s head. 


His head spun from the strong impact.
His vision turned white.
Jiho quickly drew up the mana in his body.
As he did that, his exhausted body temporarily regained its strength.

As he familiarly swallowed the blood in his throat, he clenched his gloved hand and brandished it.


Although the sound made was light, the effect was impressive.

The monster’s head was crushed with Jiho’s one punch.
Its blood and skin splattered everywhere from the impact.

Lim Seung Joo approached Jiho’s side and clicked his tongue at the messy sight. 

“Why did you not avoid it? What if it had poison?”

“This much is okay.”2

Even though Lim Seung Joo knows that Shin Jiho has no strength to avoid it, he always asks sarcastically like that.

Lim Seung Joo’s attitude was not the proper attitude that a vice-guildmaster should have for the guildmaster.
But Shin Jiho didn’t say much about it.

Rather, he couldn’t say anything.

Because it was a relief that Lim Seung Joo was in the guild in the first place.

“Next time, I will try to avoid it.”

Jiho smiled as he spoke.
However, Lim Seungjoo was, unfortunately, the type of person who could calmly spit on a smiling face3.
Although he didn’t actually spit because he didn’t want to get reported, he turned his gaze away to the scene with a scowl, showing his dislike. 

“You should go back in, Guildmaster.
I’ll clean up the scene.”

It meant, Stop bothering me and f*ck off. 

“Mm, okay.”

It would be uncomfortable anyways if the two stayed together.
The relationship between the guildmaster and vice-guildmaster of the same guild was awkward.

And on top of that, Lim Seung-Joo’s words were right.

Today’s task was to clean up a small-scale fissure that opened in a residential area.
Although there was an evacuation order, since it was a large neighborhood, a crowd was gathering quickly.

If Shin Jiho, whose face was well-known, stayed there, it would only get messier.

“Then I will head b…”

Shin Jiho stopped in the middle of his words and closed his mouth tightly.
He had a bad feeling.

His head spun and a familiar sense rose up.
He felt pain, as though a weight was crushing him and a sharp weapon was cutting him up inside. 

In the end, he couldn’t hold it in, and as he coughed, blood surged up.

Through his hazy consciousness, he could see Lim Seung Joo’s annoyed face.

Ah, again.

Is what Lim Seung Joo seemed to be saying.

Sorry to inconvenience you, a**hole.

Without being able to say what he was thinking, Shin Jiho slowly lost his consciousness.

Shin Jiho opened his eyes in a hospital ward.

It didn’t seem like he had been unconscious for long.
The ceiling was unfamiliar. 

If he had been unconscious for a long time, he would have been moved into his personal ward in Chungram Hospital, the hospital specialized in hunters, so this must be a hospital close to the scene.

“Are you awake, Song Jiho-ssi4?”

Song Jiho nodded his head half heartedly at the person’s words.
He just wanted to lie down and rest, but the medical staff moved around him busily after confirming that he was awake.

However, there was no cure nor medicine for chronically vomiting blood and passing out.
The medical staff and healers could only check his state before letting go.

Finally getting some time alone, Jiho checked the news on his hunter terminal.

C-Rank Fissure Appears in Bangbae 2-dong, Resolved in 40 Minutes… Deaths: 0

There wasn’t much else about today’s gate.
Thankfully, it seems like him fainting didn’t make it to the news.

His father or Joo Yiwon probably blocked the news for him.
Of course, there was probably also the fact that the public’s interest in Shin Jiho had decreased a lot.
There weren’t many headlines with his name on it these days.

Of course, the hunter community, which had a different informant, was probably mocking him again.

Shin Jiho, who had never gone on the Internet much, hadn’t known that hunters were talking about him on internet forums.
He had heard about it coincidentally from his guild members, and when he checked the site, his name was going up and down the rankings frequently, despite his low rank.

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