Thief of Constitutions

Ch12: The best will be to find a mentor for us

Master Elvin shouted, ”A 15-year-old boy just robbed our base with no prior experience. ”

”Are we such big fools that we can ever find a kid, wait why can we find him, Benz? ” Master Elvin asked with curiosity.

”Thats because he used the dimension gate and we have no idea where he went, ” Master Benz said.

There was a shock on many of their faces as many couldn use the dimension gate and the rest didn know what the dimension gate was. They all knew where the conversation was heading. As master Benz told more about Ryan, the harder it became to accept the truth. A mere little boy had infiltrated the evil moon gang base by throwing trash at the entrance.

He got to the code phase by using a threat and paper cups and infiltrated the base. Even fools wouldn dare to do such a foolish act.

Everyone was quiet and listen to the stories of Ryan with interest. they never had heard about such robbery. many wouldn believe that the young master was so smart and talented.

Bron speaks, ”We don have to find him. We will get to know of Ryan just by waiting in the base ”

Everyone looked at Bron. Bron was just a martial master but he had some secrets which gave him the authority compared to Master Elvin. Bron would go on and argue and even curse master Elvin in the base. Other people could not even think about doing it.

Bron was also the favorite of the leader, he enjoyed the status of the disciple of the leader and a lot of resources compared to other members. Bron was also one of the most ruthless, brutal, and mysterious members of the evil moon gang. He was of the second generation whereas master Elvin was of 1st generation.

Bron added, ”If he has done such great things in just a few days, he will be in the limelight in a month or two. We just need to keep our eyes open and we will find him ”

”One more thing, Ryan was one who killed the head instructor of the Uppermans gym ”

”Looks like I got competition for the next leadership position, ” Bron said in front of all the members of the evil moon gang. Bron walked away into a room saying it.

Master Elvin sighted, ”Get all our men to find Ryan ”

The meeting was dispersed. It was a completely different situation than anyone expected. Bron was actually trying to get them under his control. But no one dared to say a thing to him. They knew how favorite Bron was with the leader. Even master Elvin had to think twice before saying anything to Bron. Bron already had a soft power which he was turning into real power.

The night was turning into the morning, there was no one on the streets except for two homeless sleeping on them. Ryan felt a drop of water on his face. He thought it was about to rain. A second later, he was licked. Ryan got up and saw it was a cat. He was licked by a cat. The cat didn run away seeing that Ryan had woken up.

Rather it got closer and started rubbing its body on Ryan. Ryan frowned, it was surely not a good start to the day to wake up and look at a cat. And this cat was clingy! Max was still sleeping peacefully, he gestured for the cat to go and trouble Max but it didn care

. Ryan even pushed it but the cat didn go. For some reason, the cat wanted to get closer to only Ryan. Ryan checked its gender. It was a girl.

Ryan wished he could tell the cat his preference and stay away from it, he thought as he looked at her. She was cute and had soft skin. A statue appeared in front of him.

Elina Randonen

Rating: 1370

Constitution: perfect shape-shifting genius

3 star Luck of the heavens and the world

A girl!!

The cat was a human, she was a girl who had a shape-shifting constitution. Ryan could not believe his eyes. He thought it to be an innocent cat but she was a human with malicious intent in her eyes; she wanted to lick Ryan. Ryan wanted to throw the cat away, so he checked her status properly. She has two constitutions.

Ryan never thought that one person could have two constitutions. This was unfair to commoners and even to constitution holders. But why is she ruffling her fur on my legs? Ryan was a little angry as she didn listen to him. She could have just scratched Maxs face a little and they could have become good friends.

Ryan could even pet her. Ryan had seen her luck being with her as a win-win situation for everyone. Ryan had a plan in his mind to teach the girl a lesson. He smiled at the cat and started petting her. A few later, she was in his lap.

Ryan got up and took the cat in his hands. The cat accompanied him happily as if she wanted it. Ryan purposely petted her to keep her distracted. Ryan had already seen the local shops yesterday, he know a little about the surroundings. Ryan didn plan anything evil, he was just going to trouble the cat a little. Ryan walked inside a pet shop and didn let the cat check the shop as he put his hands to cover her eyes.

He walked to the reception, he had put an innocent smile on his face.

”My cat is facing some heat for a few days, it would be great if she could enjoy her know what I mean? ”

The cat opened her eyes wide open and tried to run away from Ryan but she couldn escape.

The receptionist replied, ”We are more than happy to help, we don have any females at once so the males were getting crazy. They will be happy to see her ”

Ryan was looking at the cat in his hand the whole time, he didn give a little attention to the receptionist. The cat was fidgeting in Ryans hands. She even started growling and meowing to let her go. Soon, she used her true strength and jumped away from Ryans hands. Ryan followed her without giving her a chance to disappear from his sight.

Ryan left the shop without looking at the receptionist. But the receptionist was not happy with the sudden change of mind. The male cats might seriously be in pain.

The cat ran into a deserted place to run away from Ryan. She looked behind multiple times and saw Ryan following. She tried her best and made use of narrow passages hidden behind and run below the cars to disappear from Ryans vision. After a while, she had completely gotten rid of the young boy. She went to turn back into her human form.

She entered an old factory building where no one used to come. The next second, she saw the young boys face in front of her. She was tense as clothes were there. Something hit her head and she lost consciousness. The face of the young boy was the last thing she saw.

Elina opened her eyes, she was in her bed. She was inside her room, her house. She was a little perplexed as she remembered being followed by your boy, who would probably be 15 or 16 years old. ”Was it a dream? ” She asked herself. She felt good as if it was only a dream, otherwise, young guys of his age might have eaten me up till now.

She was a young teacher who had just gotten a job in one of the best institutes in Cape city. She knew what teenagers do at that age. It was completely disgusting to her. Thank god it was just a dream she said to herself. Elina was about to get up when she realized that she was not wearing anything. She was awestruck because she never sleeps naked. She looked around and saw her clothes were kept on a table with a note.

”See you again, Ms. Randonsen ”


She collapsed in front of a young boy. Ellina was red and her head was blank, she could not give one reason why the young man in his teenage years wouldn have touched her. She didn even know anything about him, not only that she was the one who had gone to him and rubbed her body on his legs.

She didn know why but her constitution told her to do so. She wondered why a shape-shifter was dependent on another person.

She was in a completely embarrassing situation now. Elina was a teacher of such a reputed institute and she was totally caught off guard by a 15-year-old. It was such a shameful thing. She just hoped that she would never meet him again. She just needed to call this her past and forget it.

but it was not easy. she wished she could do it!


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