Thief of Constitutions

Ch6: Constitutions are scary

Ryan looked down from his window, the expert disguised as a beggar was sitting at the same place. He was deeply interested and for some reason. Ryan felt like there was a good opportunity over here. It was just his institution but it was never wrong. He used to find the wealth of the rich in big palaces where you needed a map to get out or be lost inside. Ryan quietly stared at the expert without moving his eyes for a second.

Ryan knew he could miss the chance if he moved his eyeballs even for a second. There was no movement from the expert for hours, people would think as if a statue was made to wear clothes. Ryan stayed in the fixed position for hours. It was already midnight. He was hardly able to see the figure in the moonlight. He had somehow kept himself awake, it was all due to his interest and excitement.

Suddenly, Ryan saw a silhouette in front of the expert. The figure had just appeared from the air. The beggar didn move an inch or show a response. A few seconds later, the beggar stood up, another second later. The beggar showed his head. Ryans eyes were shining to get a glimpse of the expert. He saw a bald head and something popped in the air.

Puppet of the Evil moon gang

Rating: 1000

The beggar was actually a nonliving thing!. It was a puppet. Ryan observed what they were doing. A puppet with a rating of 1000 was just a puppet, it was like an atom bomb on the road. A puppet with a rating of 1000 is just ridiculous. He could only imagine the strength of the curator of the puppet. Ryan thanked God that he didn use the wooden sword on the puppet. As he was observing the puppet and the man.

He saw the puppet enter the small plateau which was below his house. It was actually the basement of his house. Ryans suspicion was right. There was something below his house. As per what it was, he will only understand it after entering the place. Ryan recalled and understood why the beggar had said that he had transmigrated. It was a code phrase to enter the place. Ryan had guessed it right. That was why the puppet got up and said the next line.

There was such a secret place under his house. The evil moon gang had literally got an advanced puppet to protect the place. They had even used code words to protect the things inside the hill. There was no doubt that valuable items were hidden inside the hill. Ryan saw them enter the small hill and disappear. The puppet had also gone inside the hill. The puppet or the beggar was covering and guarding the gate of the place. This mind had already made a number of plans to enter the evil moon base.

He still needed to gather information before trying to attempt a theft. It was not an easy job. He didn even know if there were guards inside or not. Soon, he saw the puppet coming out from the base and sitting down on the road. It was going back to its state. There was a person inside the evil moon base. It was not a good sign for Ryan. he had to be extra careful while attempting a theft.

Ryan couldn help but look down while thinking about the figure. There was a secret organizations base below his house. At this time his body was not supporting him, He understood that he was still a human being, he needed to sleep. Soon, before he could realize he fell on his wooden plank.

But it was forced…

Ryan opened his eyes, He found himself on the same rooftop of the earth where he had last met Leone. There wasn a doubt who had brought him over here. He didn get up but rather sat keeping his legs open. Ryan was no longer worried because it was not in his hand. The party in front of him could kill him whenever Leone wants.

”Show yourself, Leone ”

”What do you want now? ” Ryan asked

Ryan knew this was a dream. He saw Leone come out from the dark. This time it wasn the regular black suit. Leone was showing his face in a brown t-shirt. He was a martial artist. Ryan quietly observed him. He stared into Leones eyes to check whether his ability was working or not. Leone had an ice-cold look. Ryan had to admit Leone was handsome with a villains charm and personality. Ryans ability was working on Leone but it was going to take some time. He had to stare for quite a time.

Leone speaks, ”You should have already seen your background and family of your new body. To get on the track of power, you need to know your constitution. The constitution for transmigrates is the things in which they have the most proficiency. You should have guessed yours till now. The better and harder the theft is, the stronger you get. ”

”Why are you telling this? ”

Just as Ryan asked, a screen popped in front of him.


founder of the Leone family

Members: 7

Rating: 9,700

Constitution: Strategic Alpha of the worlds

Leone replied, ”You can work with me, you will get stranger faster than you can think and even get powerful rewards for your deeds. With us working together, it will only be a matter of time till your name bounces in the world. In the end, its just a bit of ego which is stopping you from earning a good partner. ”

Ryan had to admit it was a good speech to woo him. If he hadn seen his status, Ryan might have thought about it. He had already seen through his status. It was not working with him but working under him. Leone was actually offering Ryan to become his slave.

Ryan was not going to fall for it. Ryan looked at the rating, it was 9,700. Ryan still didn know how strong a person would be with a 1 rating. He had to fight someone to know how strong it was. Ryan had seen through Leones strength. There were 7 people under him. This guy should be considered an expert in the world.

Ryan smiled and replied, ”I refuse ”

In a big skyscraper, Leone was sitting with his eyes closed, Leone opened his eyes and the dream was shattered.

Ryan had rejected him, he didn feel good about it. He had transmigrated one person to a new world, it does not work for free. He had lost a lot from transmigrating Ryan. The reason why he did it was that Ryan was the best thief Leone had seen in his life. Ryan could rob amazing treasures only if Ryan worked with him. He needed to get Ryan into his team and make his work for him. Leone could only think why Ryan didn want to work with him.

Someone entered the room, Leone moved his eyes to acknowledge the person. She looked young and a part of the Leone family. Roseline says, ”Looks like we are not getting a thief in the team, he will just be in the family. Why does he not want to join? ”

Leone replied, ”don ask me, I am thinking of the same. I have already lost a major realm for his well-being ”

Roseline: ”you are a martial master from a grandmaster now, so He should at least have two martial masters in his family. Then why doesn he want to work for you, it is the fastest way to grow ”

Leone; ”I am not sure, but I think he wants a peaceful life ”

Roseline: ”you took a person who wanted a peaceful life? What about old age? Only martial arts can beat their human limitations and live longer. ”

There was no answer on Leones face. It was he who had lost a lot to get Ryan on his team. He took a deep breath and said, ”Lets kidnap him, find out all the families of the cape city with more than two martial masters. ”

Roseline: ”There are not many families with 2 martial masters in cape city. It will be like a hundred to two. ”


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