Thief of Constitutions

Ch8: I have gotten stronger by 100 times

Ryan checked the height from the beggar to his house. He cuts the exact measurement according to his estimation and inserts the threat into the paper glass. Ryan doesn make such tools daily, but he couldn think of any other way. He would lose nothing if it fails but if he succeeds he would gain a lot from it.

Ryan looked around and started to gather the waste materials in his house. It felt more like he was cleaning his house. After gathering all the waste materials, he threw the paper glass down such that it lands the closest to the beggar.

Ryan threw all the waste materials from above. A thin threat was tired from the glass on the ground to his window. People might be able to see it during the day but not at the night. Now, he just needed to wait for an evil moon member to come and say the code word aloud.

At midnight, he heard footsteps. He peeped through the window but today there was no moonlight. Ryan could only see the darkness in the sky and the surroundings. He held on to the glass to hear the code word. He had already taken care that the threat was stretched to the full extent.

”Some dared to throw garbage over here ”

”Lets not talk about that, there are people to deal with the garbage ”

”Honey, the leader is quiet nowadays. ”

”He is trying his best to break through, it will be fun after he breakthrough into the grandmaster realm ”

It was a couple. They sounded like one. Ryan could not see their faces but he felt like they were strong. After hearing the grandmasters realm, Ryan gulped his saliva and wondered if he should continue with the theft or not. He was in no position to mess with experts right now. But as it is said, the higher the risk, the better the returns.

Ryan noted the code word. He was indeed right about his conclusion. He had actually got the first line of code right. The first part of the plan had worked according to him.

Ryan was standing in a black coat with a cloth covering his face. It was evening and it was getting dark. He was scared that anyone would see him, he was fully covered and people didn come into this part of the town. He was still hesitating whether to step inside the evil moon base or not. Once he goes inside and steals something, he will become a formidable enemy for the evil moon gang. He was thinking, he didn notice and bumped into someone.

”Watch your front, blind ” someone said.

Ryan looked at them. He focused on their eyes. A bunch of statuses appeared before him.

Disciple of Upperman gym

Rating: 2.3

Disciple of Upperman gym

Rating: 3.5

Disciple of Upperman gym


They were here to kill him. Ryan apologized to them and walked toward the beggar. Ryan had already planned to not go back to the old broken house. He was going to take revenge now and today in a few hours after the robbery. He took a deep breath. He was highly tense. He looked at the puppet in front of him. Ryan was tense inside him. One wrong step and he will be killed before even he could give an explanation. He stepped forward and closer to the beggar.

”Die on the busy roads ”

The puppet got up and replied, ”you don like you are from this world ”

”Mind your own business, the road to hell ”

The puppet removed his scarf and showed his face,

”Are you sure you want to die in misery ”

Ryan replied, ”I shall accept my destiny ”

The puppet turned around and kept his palm on the small hill, the rocks slid and a route appeared before them. The puppet led the way and Ryan followed him. The cave led to an underground, there were stairs inside the hill. Ryan could not even imagine how the evil moon gang had built such a big space without getting into suspicion of anyone. After a few minutes of walking, he came across a door.

The puppet pushed the door, as the door opened. The puppet turned towards Ryan and crossed him, ignoring him like he was no one.

Ryan took a deep breath and stepped inside the secret base of the evil moon gang. He looked inside the door. There were chairs and tables around the place. It was actually a bar. Ryan saw a bartender. He looked around and saw the place if he ever made a secret base. He could want it to be as this place was. Ryan saw that every wall was covered with a door and something was written on every door.

Ryan didn dare to open any door over there and check the inside of the doors. Ryan was expecting a small room filled with treasures or something. But it turned into a place for the members to chill and talk. He went towards the bartender. The bartender was an old man wearing a proper suit. The proper dress code of a bartender. Ryan could tell just by looking at him, that this person seriously liked his job. Ryan got close and saw it was a puppet. He sighed.

”Greetings, how may I help you today? ” the puppet asked.

Puppet of evil moon gang


Ryan looked at the puppet, it looked different compared to the one outside. It was made just for handling the base. Before he could say anything, the puppet said another few words.

”The base leader has gone out to deal with a little trash above us. Don mind, he will be back in a minute ”

Ryan gulped his saliva. If he stayed in the broken house for a few more seconds, he might have been dead. He didn have time to waste. He needed to run as soon as possible. He looked around and found the treasure room. He was not afraid of the puppet and quickly walked into the room.

He saw many weapons over there. It was indeed a treasure room. Ryan moved his eyes to look at every weapon in the room. He quickly grabbed a knife and a crystal which he was interested in and could not look into it with his skill. the crystal was the only thing, his skill didn work on. It was time to find the exit of the base. The best way was to ask the puppet. He hid the knife and crystal. ”Where is the exit? ”

”Right then turn left ” the puppet instructed.

Ryan quickly walked as per the command of the puppet. He found himself in front of a black frame door but there was no door. The frame was made on a wall. He had never seen something like this.

Dimension gate

Seven-star treasure

Can teleport from one gate to another.

Ryan was stunned seeing the description. It was not an ordinary treasure. He had already seen the treasure room. The highest grade was a 4-star longsword but he was not able to lift it up and this dimension gate was a 7-star treasure. Ryan heard the sound when the entry door opened again. There was no doubt that it was the base leader. Ryan jumped into the wall and disappeared from the evil moon base.

The leader of the base, master Elvin entered the base with a frown on his face. He looked a little off for some reason. One of the doors connected to the door and Bron entered from the door. He walked towards master Elvin and said, ”when you were out someone came inside and stole a few treasures and ran off from the dimension gate. ”

Master Elvin was stunned to hear it, but he was calm as he knew Bron was an ordinary person. Master Elvin was polite to a person not even half his age. ”Why didn you stop him and why are you telling me now? ”

Bron replied, ”the thief had potential, it won be fun to kill him now. The stronger he gets the more fun it will be to kill him. ”


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