Thief of Constitutions

Ch9: Max killed the branch head

Ryan fell on a concrete road. He looked around, he was in the market of slum. Ryan had a bizarre experience jumping into the dimension gate. Ryan felt relieved after coming out of the tigers den. For a second, he thought that he had gotten caught when he heard the sound of opening the door. Ryan was sure it was the leader of that base.

Ryan had to admit luck was with him in the robbery. everything he did was at the right time. If the leader was there in the base when he entered, he would have died there in the base. At the same time, he could rob something good inside the base. all he took was a 3-star knife and an unknown crystal which he knew nothing about.

The market had closed; only the closed shops were there with hardly any light. Ryan sighted
o wonder they chose this place for their exit. He quickly ran in a random direction. He had finally done his first robbery. He felt good and realized he had gotten stronger. Ryan was able to feel the confidence to kill Syren inside him.

He wanted to rest but he was full of energy. Ryan wanted to check his rating. He was sure it had increased. Ryans muscles were getting bulging and growing. Even his head had gotten more clear in terms of getting thoughts. Ryan found a piece of glass fallen on the road and quickly looked into his status.


Family: Leone

Rating: 23

I have gotten stronger by 100 times

He had a rating of 23. He is a martial disciple now. Ryan could not believe it but it was the truth. The more he stayed in the world, the more he understood the situation of the place and the superiority of the evil moon gang. The evil moon gang was not a force that could be ignored. Ryan could gulp his saliva and pray that the evil moon gang could never find him. He looked around thinking about where he should go and hide.

The evil moon gang can come behind him. Ryan remembered what was close to the market. It was the Upperman gym. An evil smile appeared on his face. It was time to take revenge. Ryan covered his face with a piece of cloth and ran in the direction of the Upperman gym.

Ryan was fasted and sharper than before. he sensed what real power was like. he wanted to challenge someone and check his strength. he could feel the vigor and energy inside him.

The Upperman gym was closed for strangers and students and teachers had long fallen asleep. There was no guard in the Upperman gym. The gates were closed but it didn matter to Ryan as he had planned to jump and enter the place. In terms of security, the Upperman gym was a total mess. There was nothing to rob or steal.

There were only students and teachers inside. An ordinary man could be beaten to death by the disciples before the teachers could reach him and save him from the students. It would have been meaningless to have security in such a place. Ryan was a master at sneaking in. Ryan knew nothing about the student quarters or teachers quarters in the gym. He searched for the biggest quarters in the gym of its architecture.

Ryan assumed that the biggest would be for the branch head and the second biggest would be taken by his son. Ryan sneaked into the second biggest quarter and he was right. It belonged to Syren. Syren was sleeping peacefully and having a good dream. Soon, after his good dream, he was about to face a sad reality.

Ryan had an evil smile on his face. he wondered how would he exact his revenge. Ryan looked around and took a hammer lying on the floor. He was wondering where to hit him so that Syren would make the most noise. ”Well, the best will be the nuts ” it will also be great trouble for him to make future generations. Plus, it will be painful. Therefore, the best option is to take revenge and the worse revenge is to give to an enemy.

Ryan flipped the hammer and swung it onto his nut and history was made…


Ryan gave another shot on Syrens balls to be on the safer side. Ryan took him and jumped out the window. Syren could not stay still; the pain was unbearable. Ryan threw him into the arena. He waited for the people to gather and form a crowd. Ryan had to say people living over here had light in their rooms.

He didn even have a proper house to live in. Everyone was waking up from the shouts of Syren. everyone switched on their lights and looked outside their windows. One by one the windows which were dark started to glow with light.

Soon a few disciples came near the arena but no one dared to step in after seeing Syren. They started calling for other disciples around the gym. Ryan was standing in the arena and Syren was shouting and crying holding his balls with both hands. The big lights of the arena were on. Everyone was able to see the masked man and Syren crying and holding his balls. They busted into laughter but still, no one dared to step into the arena.

The masked man had indirectly challenged the branch head by making a joke of his son.

A few minutes later, the head instructor of the gym, who was Syrens father, came out. The head instructor stepped inside the arena, there was no other choice but to make up for the lost reputation.

if he didn protect the gyms reputation it would be the end of his career. the branch head could not let anyone come and make fun of his gym. the masked man had turned it into a joke now. There was silence in the atmosphere.

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