Thief of Constitutions

Ch9: Max killed the branch head

constitution was convincing his body to kill the head instructor. At the same time, the head instructor dashed toward Ryan to attack. Ryan was about to dodge but suddenly felt a quick breeze beside him.

The next second everyone saw the head instructors head rolling down on the arena and the head instructors body was falling on the arena ground. There was another person around the dead body. It was Max, who had lost control of his constitution and had done the deed.

Max was glowing with a yellow light around his body, it was faint and it was disappearing. It was his true power. Max had used the real martial warrior power. Ryan noted the fact that Max was stronger than him and still he was the first one to get under control of his constitution and kill the head instructor.

”Aaaaaaaaaa ”


The crowd started shouting and running away. They had never seen a man getting killed in front of their eyes. Even for Ryan, it was his first time seeing a man getting killed in front of his eyes. Everyone was running, there was havoc in the arena.

Cops would be called sooner or later. Ryan looked at Max, Max was shocked and stared at the dead body. Ryan quickly wakes up Max and runs away with him in a random direction. They quickly moved out with the crowd and no one saw them running and disappeared from there.

In a few minutes, the arena was empty with just a dead body on the side. Three men appeared around the arena. One of them complained. ”Someone has already done half the work for us ” ”there is no one, we can do our work and sleep quickly. ”

Another replied, ”We should start doing it, a word has already spread that someone had killed the branch head. ”

One of the men took out a sword and slashed a tall building, the tall building was cut into two pieces and fell to the floor making a wide noise. The other two followed the same and started destroying the gym. There were shouts of fear coming from the slum, everyone was scared of noises coming from outside as if a war had started.

It was a matter of time before the gym had turned into ruins. After their work was completed. One of the men went and drew a quarter moon on the training grounds. It was the symbol of the evil moon gang. There were smiles on the face of the trio, as they were going to get good rewards for just a word of an hour.

”I can wait to get the rewards ” one of them was excited.

”Don be happy, the base is in a big mess, and the leader is boiling in anger. ”

”I just got a message saying master Elvin has lost sight of the young master ”

The faces of the other two men fell at the same time.

They freaked out, ”Master Elvin! ” with awestruck faces they looked at each other.


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