Thief of Constitutions

Ch11: The lucky cat and Ryan

Ryan and Max took a break after running for hours. They were tired of running and were in the center of the city. Max sat in a corner, it was a blind spot of the city. It was empty besides a building and inside a narrow passage at its dead end. Max was still in a quiet state from his last kill. Ryan was going towards him with a bottle of water in his hand.

He had a frown on his face, the amount was no longer enough for him to survive in the center of the city. Ryan had thought to live for a few months before attempting a robbery but things have turned upside down now. He didn have enough money to rent a room in the urban area. He had to rob a rich person and this time it was for the sole purpose of money.

He passed the water bottle to Max. He now considers Max as his friend. Ryan was clear as he knew in the future he had to deal with the righteous people one way or the other. They are going to be a headache but he was going to be safe under the cover of strong righteous people. It was just a guess, that there would be righteous martial masters or even grandmasters. Ryan would be safe if he joins them, he could even train with them.

”You are the same as Me, you will have to kill people, ” Max asked as he looked into Ryans eyes. There was confusion and disgust in Maxs eyes. It was clear that he killed someone for the first time.

”You take its commands and I make my call, thats the difference ”

”Id rather die but won take commands from the constitution. ”

There was complete silence, Max didn say a word. He still needed time to time to reclaim himself from the last trauma. He took a sip of water. ”This is the first time I killed someone, I used to only fight for people and help them out. ”

Max told the truth, that the righteous constitution indeed killed a criminal. The head gym would only do more crimes and loot money from the poor people. Ryan understood why he got the righteous constitution; it was because he always took the rich and corrupted peoples money. He had never robbed one single poor man. He used to give headaches to the rich and rob the rich and corrupt people, thats what the righteous constitution does.

Ryan brought two blankets and passed one to Max. Ryan had been with Max only a few hours but their bonding was like brothers. This feeling was because of the constitution. The more Ryan got to know about the righteous constitution, the scarier the righteous constitution became.

Ryan knew that the righteous constitution had killed the head gym due to crimes and to stop his future crimes. If it was true then he was soon going to kill innocent people with the potential to be future criminals. It was not right. Ryan didn have a choice to make. Even if he somehow controlled himself, Max would jump and kill the innocent person.

Ryan looked at Max, he was in deep sleep. Ryan closed his eyes, his life had turned from rich to disastrously poor. From the richest man on earth, he had become a beggar on the streets.

There is nothing sure in the journey of life. Ryan had a thousand troubles in his mind. He could afford food for a month maybe but then what? He also thought about the evil moon gang, who knows what they were planning now? Ryan wanted to check his status but there was no mirror. He turned to Max, he was asleep. He will check Maxs status tomorrow and go to sleep.

Ryan could sleep, but he couldn after all that has happened today. he knew that if Max wouldn kill the head instructor. He might have been the one who killed the head instructor, even though he could face the pressure and killing intent from his constitution. It was the righteous constitution but it was the actual evil itself. Next time, he might be the one doing the dirty work. Ryan went a little far off Max and started punching the air and stretching again.

It was not the problem that they killed a greedy pig but the problem was it was not their choice, they were forced to. If Max wanted to kill the head gym instructor and killed him it would have been a different thing. It was acceptable but not to kill under the force of some power. he didn want to become anyones slave.

He needed to get stronger and sharper. If he doesn control his constitution, it will control him. Ryan continued practicing in no light till he could go on. Ryan could only blame himself if he killed an innocent person or even a potential criminal.

At the same time, below Ryans broken house in the evil moon gang base. Base leader Elvin was still awake with many members there in the middle of the night. There were three martial masters without counting Elvin. Master Elvin was the one who called everyone for a sudden meeting. Everyone was serious as master Elvin wasn a simple person who called a meeting for any reason. They were all waiting for one last member. The big old door opened and master Benz entered the bar in the base. Now, there were 5 martial masters in the meeting.

”The young master had been missing for a few hours, ” Master Elvin said directly to everyone.

Everyone looked at Master Elvin with an awful look. No one cared about the young master. But they were worried about the leader of the evil moon gang. Everyone in the organization knew that the leaders only family was his son. The evil moon leader only cared about his son. He had left him in master Elvins care as he had gone to break through the martial grandmaster realm.

Cape city had only three grandmasters in the city. When the evil moon leader would break through he could make his faction legal and not just an underworld organization. There will be a huge transfer of power to the evil moon gang.

The members were worried if his son was missing, the leader would go on a killing spree. Being the members of the evil moon gang they knew how unreasonable the leader was. He would cut the city into pieces and burn it one by one. But before that, they were going to face the leaders wrath. There was a 99.99% chance that the leader would kill them in anger. They could only gulp their saliva in fear.

”Master Benz, you are the closest to the young master. Did you see any difference in behavior.? ” Master Elvin asked.

”I only follow the young master from his shadows. But I did see a change in the behavior of the young master. First of all, he treated the tenant nicely and even spoke to him properly. Next, the young master observed the market, ate food, and even paid the bill. He didn bully or hit the weak once. It felt like there was a different person in his body ”

”I also show him to be very agile and a potential candidate to become a shadow spy. He has lost his memory. Before running away I saw him entering the base with my own eyes ” Master Benz explained.

Bron added, ”See I told you, it was the young master who robbed the knife ”

Everyone looked at Bron, he understood it was not the right time to defend himself.

”So, you guys are telling me. A young 15-year-old who has no idea about us entered the base and robbed us without getting in a scratch. Do you think anyone would believe it? Is this what I am going to tell the leader? ” Master Elvin shouted at master Benz and at everyone present there.


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