For as long as I can remember, animals have eaten humans.

Only adults can say that animals used to be peaceful. As far as I know, not all animals used to eat human flesh and were classified as herbivores and carnivores.

But that changed years ago, and now those beasts do not rest day and night to devour and kill us.

In recent years I have sadly seen how my colleagues and friends are killed by these beasts. Despite living with these cursed beasts for years, we have yet to find a way to eradicate them completely.

Their ability to regenerate makes it very difficult to do any significant damage. Also, some of the damage caused by beasts is beyond human knowledge. Therefore, a single bite or blow can cause serious injury or even death.

We are called apostles and come from an ancient high bloodline that can use magic. Hence, we have been able to defend ourselves with magic all these years.

Magic can be divided into various elements, such as water, fire, air, plants, and earth, to name a few well-known ones, but there are many others, and some are derived from other elements.

Our job as apostles is to defend the Kingdom from the genocide caused by these beasts. We must do it until the day we die.

In the past there were many apostles, but because of the mission that has been given to us over the years, the number of apostles has been reduced so much that there are only 20 left in total.

The name of this country is called Eden. In this place we grew up and made friends, but just as we saw joy and happiness, we also saw periods of catastrophe like the one we are experiencing now.

With so few apostles left, we are doing everything in our power to face these extraordinary circumstances. So we are now at a critical juncture where even the Queen does not know what she can do.

This place is protected by islands with tokens, 12 in total, which together form a shield barrier to keep the monsters out.

This shield has protected us for many years because it only allows people with souls to enter and leave. Beasts, unlike us, do not have souls.

It guaranteed us more effective protection.

These islands have served as a shield for a long time. This is because we cannot find fish that have transformed into beasts. Besides, most of the beasts do not dare to cross the water because they do not have the intelligence to swim. This makes things easier for us and further guarantees the existence of their shields.

The island tokens are removable and can be relocated to another location to increase or decrease the presence of the shield, but we have not been able to test this for a long time because it takes time to activate and removing one leaves the kilometer ratio of that token completely unprotected.

According to many historians, this shield has not always existed, and there were no such shields or islands in the past. However, there have been events that have radically changed the animals and put us at a complete disadvantage. However, one of our predecessors, on the verge of death, used his last strength to magically create many islands, and the Shield was born. Without it, we might be dead at this very moment.

Unfortunately, we are on the verge of running out of food in the shield area. So we have to go out and look for food.

The beast situation has only provoked more problems because meat consumption has been virtually eliminated. We cannot feed ourselves with meat. This is because the meat we get from most animals is infected and only causes serious diseases.

We can only feed ourselves with vegetables and a few local fish, but unfortunately the cultivation of vegetables and the catching of fish has decreased so much that many areas that used to specialize in the former activity are now in crisis.

Many of the areas where vegetables were planted have somehow been destroyed up, as if someone had done this intentionally.

In the case of fish, the rate of occurrence has dropped considerably, as if someone outside the shield had something to do with it.

The situation has gotten so bad that if the apostles still alive do nothing, it will all be over!

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