Chapter 5 .
A maid named Misha

Misha Strauss was the third daughter of a poor rural aristocrat.

She was not a male child, and was the youngest child.

She could not be the heir to her family, so she thought she would have to get into a political marriage, but her family's power was too weak and there were no good candidates for that as well.

Misha was the mistress of a crooked aristocrat more than two years his junior, the wife of the head of a minor merchant family, and the third wife of a wealthy family.

Was it because of Misha's outstanding good looks or because his father was too incompetent?

Perhaps both.

The only offers her father made to her were for the equivalent of sex slavery.

At first, Misha was willing to accept them.

She had never had any problems in the way of living off the taxes collected from the people of her territory.

She seriously thought that if she could get financial support from the territory just by offering herself to a random man, she should be the only one to put up with it.

However, that was only the determination of a child.

Her resolve was destroyed on the day Misha was to have a tea party with her fiancé.

When Misha arrived at the tea party, she was told that her fiancé was two years older than her, and she was expecting to see a handsome, good-looking guy.

However, it was a pig that showed up at the party.

Just by walking, he was an ugly man whose body trembled with fat and sweat.

When the pig scoundrel noticed Misha's appearance, he first looked at her face, then at her chest, belly, waist, crotch, and legs, as if he was licking her, and then smiled.

She wondered if I would be her partner for the rest of my life.

And this was not just for a little over ten years.

Misha, whose blood is mixed with that of a different race, retains her youth and beauty for at least a couple of decades.

She will spend hellish days until the guy in front of her gets tired of her—.

At the moment she thought of this, Misha was trying her best to escape from the place.

After escaping, Misha ignored her father's anger and looked for a place for her to be hired.

A noblewoman is at the mercy of the head of the family, and this is the result of such common practice.

 She would stand on her own.
She no longer wants to be her father's pawn.

Misha shrugged off her father's and her former fiancé's extortionate advances, and scrambled to find a job.

However, she was struggling to find a job.

She is not a good enough candidate for a menial job at a local store, and her father would take her back just as soon as he feels like it.

She needed a place where she could work safely without losing the nobility's influence, and where even the supremely pretty girls could work.

Such employment was difficult to find.

After a few months of searching seriously for a job, at last she found one job that she could not complain about.

The Baron Endenbergs were hiring maids.

The family was more influential than Misha's own family, and it was a short distance from Misha's parents' house, so the risk of being taken back was minimal.

The recruitment requirements called for a person of good education, which was also a good condition for Misha.

At the same time, her father was about to make a new marriage offer, and her ex-fiancé was making more and more offers to her.

If this didn't work out, her life would literally be over.

Perhaps her enthusiasm was felt, Misha passed the several hundred times more difficult interview process and became a maid.

Misha's first job as a maid was to work full-time for the Baron Endenberg's son.

She was the personal maid of a child who might become the heir to an aristocratic family.

It was one of the most honored positions among the servants, but Misha, born of noble birth, knew that it was not natural that she alone, a newcomer, should be assigned to this position.

Normally, she would be surrounded by a group of trusted and talented family members.

And as expected, the arrangement was unusual.

“You're my maid? Well, just get on with it.”

 (What a kid.)

That was the first impression she I had of Norwin von Endenberg, the third son of Baron Endenberg.

Even as a young child, he had died eyes.

He was not motivated to do anything, and he never wanted to engage in anything in the first place.

 He was a boy who looked listlessly at the sky and sighed.

 That was Norwin.

Although she did not know the details of why this was the case, it was easy to see that the head of the family and the wife did not treat Norwin as part of the family, and it was easy to understand that there were some unusual circumstances.

 Don't be silly, Misha thought.

She was looking for a job to escape from her family's political marriage, and now she was getting caught up in a mess at the job she had struggled so hard to find.

However, if she was kicked out of this place, the life that awaited her would be that of a sex slave to a pig.

Misha had no choice but to remain Norwin's exclusive servant.


'Young Master, it's time for breakfast.”



“Young master, I don't have any plans today, what  will you   do  ? “

“Oh, that.
I don't always have plans.”

“Oh, that.”


“Young master, if you're not busy, let's study.”

“No thanks.”

“I don't need it.”

When he worked, Norwin  was a child with no trouble at all.

For whatever reason, he never complained about the Endenberg family's request that Norwin not learn any skills.

He nods mechanically with eyes that have given up on everything and simply becomes an object.

He is a poor child who sometimes looks bored, but other than that, he has no facial expression on his face.

 Yes, he is pitiful.

Misha, who had been forced to suffer inconvenience due to her family's circumstances, felt sorry for Norwin, even if he was not as poor as Norwin.

A child of this age should have been given lavish unconditional love by his parents, and should be full of joy and smiles.

Why, then, would he be abandoned by everyone, and why would his heart be so broken that he could not even show sadness?

However, if she got involved in the problems of another family, even an aristocratic family stronger than her own, she would only find herself trapped.

If that were to happen, she would be in the worst possible situation, and she would be greeted not by the warmth of her parents' home, nor by this expressionless child, but by a fat, greasy pig monster.

 In the end, Misha spent the next six months in a state of helplessness.


The change came six months after Misha became the full-time worker.

One morning, as she was heading to her bedroom in the house to wake Norwin up, she heard a bizarre noise coming from the room she wanted to enter.


A child's screaming .

Thinking that poor Norwin had finally broken down, Misha rushed to the room— but the voices soon stopped.

 Fearfully knocking on the door, an unexpectedly calm voice came back from inside.

'Oh, don't worry about it, it's fine.'

A calm, too calm voice.

The voice she heard earlier was not an auditory illusion.

 If it were, Norwin would certainly have felt enough emotion to do so at least once.

But the voice she heard was frighteningly clear, and the tone of voice was different from normal.

Misha had heard in the past that when people suffer unbearable pain, they spawn a different personality within to protect the heart.

It is a defensive instinct to shield them and protect their true selves.

( Maybe Norwin is in that state now.)

 She want to help him somehow.

But considering my situation, it is beyond her power to make enemies of the Endenbergs.

(Then, at the very least, I should be there for him when no one is watching.)

Misha, who recently turned sixteen, was slowly starting to develop feelings for Norwin.


It was a few hours later that the problems occurred.

When Misha went to his room to check on him, she found Norwin lying on the floor.

Fortunately, he woke up immediately, but even right after he fell ill, Norwin was not upset at all.

He showed no weakness to anyone and kicked off saying he didn't need a doctor.
The only time he looked pained was when he told that his family was not worried about him anymore.

 Misha does not know the dark side of the Endenberg family.
The young Norwin looks pained, but his weakness is hidden behind a blank expression in an instant.

 –(-I have to protect him.)

Misha, unaware of the circumstances surrounding him, and without realizing that another presence had taken over Nolwyn's body, was prepared to do so.

—So when Norwin spoke to her, Misha was so glad that he did.

“Will you help me?”

 There was no way she could refuse his request.

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