Together A Week From Tuesday

CHAPTER 2 :: A Heart Disease?!


Gun shots could be heard in the dark lonely street, the people living in the street ran in to their houses and shut the doors and windows.

Hanstern was a place know as the haven for every underworld activities, be it prostitution, drug dealing, and other crime.

Leroy Willis is an underworld boss, who was known to be fearless and was feared by everyone in the underworld,

when he was younger, he fought and killed in the shadow, he was capable of killing a person without the person knowing who was responsible

he was a professional when it comes to assassinating people.

Leroys parent died in a train accident when he was only sixteen years and because of this he became a street child, living in the street and begging,

while wondering on a lonely street, thoughtless of were he was going,

a limousine parked by the side of the street, a man came out of the drivers seat and walked up to him,

”excuse me, my boss wants to see you ”

” huh? ”

”come with me to the car and see my boss ”

Leroy just followed without knowing where he was being taken to, they walked to the car and the back door opened and there he was a man whom he thought to be the boss, the boss gave him a smile and his gold teeth came to view, Leroy gave the driver a skeptical look, but the driver gestured for him to enter and he entered hesitantly, the driver entered and the car drove off.

The boss took Leroy to their underworld base and showed him around before showing him where the other boys were kept,

Leroy trained under the boss, and he was taught many skills on killing, stealing, fencing as well as well as martial art, defense skills e.t.c.

his first assignment was when he kill another underworld member for traitor and he did it without leaving a trace at the age of eighteen,

after many other activities he became known and popular, he did so many dirty jobs without leaving a trail behind.

At the age of twenty Leroy defeated and killed an underworld boss and that was when he gained the title of an underworld boss, he became the youngest boss in the underworld.

In the quiet street where series of gun shot could be heard, Leroy sat in car, he sighted his boys coming, dragging along a man who seem battered and bruised, there seem to be a bullet in his leg,

Leroy came out of the car and walked up to the bruised man and grabbed his jaw,

”so its you they sent after me? huh? ”

the man shook his head furiously and said with every strength he could muster up,

”I swear it wasn me, I don know what you are talking about, pls let me go ”

the man knelt shaking in fear

”it wasn you? then who, we can only find out when we get to the base, and when I figure out who sent you, I will not hesitate to finish them all, in for a penny, in for a pounds, take him ”

”NO!!, pls am innocent, pls don kill me pls begging you, pls!! ”

the man shouted and begged for his life but it all fell on deaf ears as they dragged him to a black van and threw him into the van and drove off.

In the middle of nowhere, a large fenced compound, extraordinarily wide, different buildings could be found and in the heart of the compound stood a stately mansion built for Leroy himself although he own a villa in the urban area, he still preferred to live in the territory.

Inside the territory, so many activities could be seen carried out, in an open area large number of boys who could be 15, 16, 17 and at most 18, were training, these were the boys Leroy pick up to train and teach for his criminal activities,

these boys just like Leroy once upon a time, were street boys who were poor and had no shelter.

A place in the territory, was called the torture chamber, a place we
e traitors or spies were tortured to spill what they know, and every day if one enters this chamber one would hear screams from different angles.

Like now in the torture chamber, screams could be heard from different rooms, but Leroy entered the one where the man was being tortured.

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