Together A Week From Tuesday

CHAPTER 4 :: White Room


I could not exactly believe what the doctor was saying, my nephew a heart disease?, hows that even possible, the last time I checked, he looked healthy and strong,

Contrary to a sick person he was jovial and always happy, if I was not here in the hospital myself, I will never come to believe that Bob has a heart disease,

I will only come to find as a stupid joke, that wasn all not until I heard a boom shell, I felt a heavy load of weight on me as if weighing me down when the doctor said well need a three million for his surgery,

And with the look of things, we can afford to waste any more time or Bob was gonna loose his life,

But were was I going to find that sum of money, our income every month from the rice farm was ten thousand, and that could sustain us till the next month,

Although there was a lake at the end of the farm, but I don fish for sale, I only fish for consumption, but looking at the situation, I will have to start selling the fishes I draw from the river henceforth,

But I don think fishing can really help in the situation,

I notice that the doctors seat was empty and that was when I realized hes left, I could hear my wifes sobs, I could feel an incoming headache,

Like seriously, does she has to start crying in this dire situation instead of thinking of a solution, I wanted to rebuke her real bad bad but I decided against it, women were always the same,

I suddenly dashed out of the office and went to the ward Bob was admitted to, and there he was lying on the bed with a drip connected to his hand, he seems to be asleep or unconscious, I can really tell but I saw his eyes close and he looked peaceful,

I stepped in, strolled to his bedside and sat there looking at his face, I felt a prick in my heart seeing him in this condition, Bob has always been a happy boy,

Bob is the only child of my deceased elder brother, he drowned in a river and died, don ask me which river because I really don know and I couldn have his body to bury,

if you wanna ask me then how did I know he drowned in a river?, then Ill tell you, my elder brother Jack Bigger, well he really fit in the name cos he was a bulky man,

We used to work together on the farm alongside father, when one blessed afternoon he just came home, married, we were all happy for him, father was happy even the farmers weren left out,

We had a feast that night to celebrate and welcome his new wife Cecil, she was a beauty I must say and I think that was were Bob got his handsome features from, dark hair, dark eyes and all that stuff,

She was a tall slender lady, taller than my bulky brother Jack, we were all happy in our house, jack had to build his own house with the help of the other farmers inside the farm, yeah, we farmers live inside the farm as there is a enough space,

He lived happily with his wife and she got pregnant, everyone was happy as well as father, he was all smiles, Jack felt like a proud fulfilled man when his wife delivered a baby boy,

We celebrated to welcome the baby into our family, the baby grew up, everything was well, not untill he was three,

That day we heard a crashing sound coming from Jacks house, we quickly ran to see what was going on, only to be welcomed by Jack who was destroying things in the house with the three years old Bob sitting in a corner crying helplessly,

To cut the story short, my brother left a note In my fathers table, when we discovered the note during sundown, it was too late, Jack wrote in the note he would drown himself in a river, he didn identify the river,

We splitted the farmers to find Jack in any nearest river as possible but Jack was never found for days, father died out of shock and as for his wife, don even ask, as I have a feeling she was behind everything happening, never knew my brother married a witch.

”what do we do now? ”

I turned to find my wife already beside me, with her eyes red and swollen from crying, I let out a tired sigh,

” I really don know, am as confused as you are, we should just keep working hard think of a solution ”

I could feel Mary looking at me, I turned to look at her to hear her say,

”what if we can come up with the money, well let him die? ”

”I never said anything like letting him die, what I said is we should work harder and think of a solution ”

I gave her a hard look, she let out a sharp breath, we stood there for a while before I said we should leave and come back later, and she followed with our further disturbance,

I could feel my chest beating real hard, were was I gonna start from in raising that money,

so help me lord.

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