Together A Week From Tuesday

CHAPTER 7 :: I Don\'t Want This.


Today is to be the day am gonna celebrate my 5th birthday party and I feel nothing, it doesn really feel like am celebrating my birthday today,

I mean any other kid would have been all smiles, happy and jumping knowing fully well there would be a party and the gift, congratulatries, cards and all that,

But am not even feeling anything close to that, I just feel normal like its a normal occasion, but usually on my last birthday, I was so damn happy that I couldn get over myself even after the party,

What exactly made me happy, I can really tell, was it the presents, or was it the fact that I was gonna show off my new dress, or my huge cake, or was it the gift my parent were gonna give me cos on my last birthday they got me a very expensive doll and a huge doll house,

And speaking of dolls, looking at my room right now, its literally decorated with dolls and stuffed toys, you wanna know? I got it all from my last birthday precisely, even Mom didn spend a dime for me over dolls the whole year,

At first I was so happy that I was gonna have a whole mountain of dolls and teddies but as time went by, I was beginning to find it boring and annoying,

Today being another day of the year to celebrate my birthday, I only having one prayer in mind and that is not to get a house filled with dolls,

I sat on my dressing table looking at my reflection as the maids attend to me, I was already getting tired and about to complain,

Until I saw mom walking in, after she opened the door abruptly, maybe out of happiness, but I am wondering whats there to be so happy about that she even wanna bring down my door, its just a birthday party? nothing to be so enthusiastic about,

”Oh my darling, you
e looking so beautiful my princess, look at you! ”

She gave me a big kiss on my cheek while she hugged me from the side with her jaw on my shoulder,

seriously Mom?

I kept my thoughts to myself so as to not spoil the mood, since shes happy then am cool with it.

” Ok ok, Ill just let you get ready, but do well to come down by eight sharp while your Dad and I will welcome the guest, ok? ”

She gave me a one last kiss before she happily strolled out humming to herself,

I rolled my eyes to the heavens, while the maids continued to doll me up for the so so party.

They did my hair in a loose braid to one of my shoulder, retouched my make-up and lastly I wore my three inches shoes and stood up from the chair I sat on,

I walked to the windows that had a clearer view of the people coming in one by one to attend my party, standing before the windows, I was seeing different cars bringing in our guest,

I saw a Porsche drive in, a man, a handsome man I must say came out of the car, I looked at him closely, he was wearing all black, a black shirt with a latex jacket, a black pants and black boots.

He stood there for like 10 seconds, but then he looked up straight at me, gave me a wink then smiled before walking in,

Nothing of what happened registered in my head, it was only after he left did I realized what just happened, I thought about it for a while and decided to just shrug it off, maybe he was just trying to be nice,

I stood there for almost 15 minutes and was getting bored, I heard a knock on my door but did not acknowledge it, a maid walked in,

”Young miss, you presence is needed downstairs ”

I sighed, its time for the damn birthday party, I turned around to see the maid with her head bowed down, I let out a sharp breath and walked out,

As I reached the stairs, I took steady and slow steps down, I was already halfway down when the lousy hall quiet down after a gasp with their gaze focused on me, I smile that my lips could just tear, but what can I do, I had to be generous as the birthday girl,

I climbed down till the very last and walked up to Mom and Dad, they wished me happy birthday and I thanked them with a smile.

”Happy birthday dear ”

”Happy birthday my baby ”

”Thanks Mom, thanks Dad ”

”its time to receive your gift ”

Not long after Mom said that a servant came to stand before us with a box in his hands, he opened it, and there I saw a diamond necklace that sparkled, I was so happy that finally I got something different this time around,

”Wow! this is beautiful, thanks ”

”Anything for you Penny ”

With that people began approaching me with a smile and a box which I could already tell was my gift, they wished me and I thanked them collecting the box from them,

By the time the space around me was almost filled with different boxes, I asked Mom if I could open them and she readily agreed, I opened the first one to find a doll in it and I giggled and passed it to the servant standing beside me, I went to the next box and then the next and then the next.

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