Together A Week From Tuesday

CHAPTER 8 :: Whatever Redemption.

I kept on opening till I almost opened every box there, but nothing caught my interest because what I was seeing as per usual was stuffed toys, dolls and teddies, the smile on my face switched to a frown

I screamed just one word inside my head AGAIN?!. what was I really going to do with all this annoying things that are quite an eyesore to me already, I don know about the others but its really hurtful to my eyes.

The whole bunch that was used to decorate and make my room adorable according to Mom was still there in my room serving it wonderful duty of beautifying my room,

I still haven thought of what to do with it but now this? I could feel my head spinning,. maybe the once in my room, Ill just sell them and donate the money to charity fair or to orphanages or Ill give them out to poor kids,

And Ill not forget to tell Mom to get a room to dump this load of garbage before me and that will only mean one thing that is, apart from the diamond necklace from my parent, I really don have any valuable gift that would leave an impression, this is the worst birthday EVER!,

With that thought, I could feel my eyes wet and my vision getting blur due to the tears trying to fall out, what did I do wrong in my past life that karma is being so harsh on me,

Urghh!!, this is so frustrating and tiring, do I really have to deal with this now?

I knew everyone around must have known of my predicament as it was quite evidence on my face, my teary eyes speaks of raw displeasure, I heard my Mom ask with worry,

”Is there a problem Penny? ”

”Why is there only stuffed toys, dolls, and teddies? why can I find something else? ”

Not long did I relay my problems, a loud uproar of laughter resounded the whole hall, I felt embarrassed, angry and wronged, did they purposely gave me this to turn me to a laughing stock,

And the most hurtful part of it all was that my parent were laughing too, did they really find any of this funny, am trying to be serious and they are laughing at me along with everybody, I could not actually believe this absurdity before my eyes,

Mom was still on her laughing spree before she said to me,

”Oh dear child, this is what little girls like you get for a gift and besides, you should be appreciative of what people give you ”

APPRECIATIVE?!! I felt my ears itch with the word she just blurted right now, appreciative for this hell of a bullshit,

little girls like me?, as much as I know little girls love dolls, apart from me obviously, but what little girl will still bring herself to love dolls that she gets mountain of them annually, won she get tired and besides what will a girl do with so much dolls, gosh am sick!!, is this really reality or some kind of prank?

”I don want this things ”

My cheek were already soaked in my own tears as I couldn hold it any longer, this was worst birthday ever, if this was going to be my routine of getting heaps of dolls every year all in the name of birthday present, then Ill effortlessly end this tradition of birthday for myself, no sweat.

I was still in my own thought when a girl that could be of my age said,

”Hahaha! you really are stupid, what do you expect to get apart from dolls, were you expecting a car? or an expensive big handbag just like the one old grannies carry? but I thought you were Mamas girl and would want a whole mountain of dolls, it seems like everyone knows you and thats why they all brought you dolls, Mamas girl? ”

With those shit out of her mouth, the laughter that was almost dying down increased again, all hails tarbaby for her wonderful speech,

I saw my parent but this time they weren laughing, they must have found the situation embarrassing and awkward, seems theyve come back to their senses,

Or maybe not, maybe they felt embarrassed because of me! good then, Ill just leave for them,

I ran out with my years blinding my vision, I came out through the front door of our mansion, I felt the cold breeze, finally I could breathe some air,

I walked to the garden situated at the other side of the compound, the garden was filled with roses and strawberries which Mom plants by herself.

Not long did I get to enjoy my wonderful time, I heard footsteps approaching me from behind and I turned to see who was coming.

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