Together A Week From Tuesday

CHAPTER 10 :: For A Five Years Old.


(matured content)

After my time with the man in the torture house, I went straight to my villa that was built in the heart of the territory, although it wasn that big it was good enough for me,

I had intended to go down to business but I currently have a party to attend hence the postponement,

I stood before the door and the guard station there opened it and I walked in, my living room was medium size and with a simple decor,

The maids vacuuming the house saw me and gave a respectful bow as they greeted me but I didn even acknowledged them and just climbed the stairs heading to my room for a quick shower,

Entering the room, I was welcomed by a figure on a night robe lying on my bed in a seductive position, I said an Oh in my head, good grief!, what the hell is she doing here,

Great! how could I possibly forget, meet my new girlfriend, Rose is the name, should I say girlfriend or s*x partner, which ever way you choose it, am quite a philanderer, as I change my women anytime I feel like it,

As if noticing my presence, she turned around to look at me,

”What are you doing here? ”

She stood up from the bed cat walking to me,

”I was waiting for you ”

She replied softly, she stood before me and wrapped her hands around my neck after which she gave me a light peck on my neck, I shivered a little as goosebumps crawled on my skin feeling a certain place on my body react,

Next she gave me a hot kiss, raising her right leg to wrap around my waist as she rocked my groin and let out a soft moan inside my mouth,

Feeling her body on me, I groaned as my body was feeling hot, my right hand held her head as I deepen the kiss, my left hand went to the toes of her right leg that was wrapped around me, from her toes my hand moved crawling on her leg with a soft touch that made her arch her back,

My hand continued moving up to her inner thigh with a feather like touch, finally my hand stopped close to her core, by now my member was already hard, I grabbed her thigh and rocked her harder and she moaned loudly,

I pulled from the kiss and trailed down to her neck kissing, sucking and biting, I dropped her leg and made her turn backing me and I grabbed her breast stroking it,

”God!! ”

she moaned loudly as I rocked her slowly from behind bitting on her earlobe, my hands on her breast moved down slowly till it reached the knot tying the robe together I quickly loosed it, my hand continued moving down till it reach her wet vulva opening, I stroke her there making her scream with a shiver,

I pushed her lightly and made her move close to the vanity table, as if knowing what I wanted she leaned on it with her hands resting on the table, her bum raised up facing me and I smile with satisfaction,

I took off my jacket first before peeling off my shirt, next I went to my pants and took off my belt, unzipping my pants and taking it off, what was left was my boxer brief and I took that one off too, next I was completely naked

I raised her robe and her dripping ass came to view, I knelt down facing her honey pot, without wasting much time, I took her whole in my mouth, sucking her juice hard as she gave out a soft moan, I kept licking while making a smooching sound from my mouth, I used my tongue to stroke on her clit to hear a loud moan from her,

I teased her with the tip of my member, my right hand touched her from the front while my left hand went to her breast massage it hard making her scream,

Without notice, I entered her dripping hole with one hard thrust and she screamed, I rammed her hard, moving backwards and forwards in a fast pace, she was moaning as I stroked her clit,

feeling she was about to climax I pulled out, leaning over her as I move close to her ear,

”Not yet baby ”

”please ”

She pleaded with a soft voice and I smirked, I made I turn to face me, carrying her from her bum and made her sit on the table, I spread her legs and stood in between her legs,

I kissed her, sucking her lower lip, I pried her moth open and she complied letting me in, after kissing her to my satisfaction, I went to her neck and next was her hard nipple, I sucked on her breast as she was moaning.

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