When Fu Yushen received the message from his elder brother, he was still drinking happily with his friends at the bar.


Things in the company had always been managed by Fu Yunzhou, and Fu Yushen was just a manager at the headquarters.
There was only one company under his management, Xingyao Entertainment, but although he was the president, the company did not want Fu Yushen to worry about it.


So when he saw Fu Yunzhou looking for him Fu Yushen’s expression was still happy, thinking that his elder brother wanted to help him.


After saying goodbye to a few friends, Fu Yushen hurried back to the main house.


Fu Yushen had his own villa.
The Fu family mainly consisted of the old house and the main house, and there were countless villas under the personal name of the Fu family.


Although Yuan Xi was brought to the main house by Fu Yushen, it was almost uninhabited, with all the elders of the Fu family living in the old house, and only coming to the main house when something happened or there was a party.


Fu Yunzhou had lived in the main house for a long time when Yuan Xi moved in, but he always went back to the old house for dinner.


Fu Yushen lived in his own villa, and rarely went back to the main or old house.
Unless there is something necessary, he just waited for the call in his own villa


This time, Fu Yunzhou suddenly called Fu Yushen.
The first reaction in Fu Yushen’s mind was surprise, and the second reaction was, thinking that maybe this Yuan Xi guy made his elder brother uncomfortable?


On the way, Fu Yushen also made a special call to the person who supervised Yuan Xi, wanting to know what happened to Yuan Xi during this time.


Fu Yushen’s impression of Yuan Xi was good at first, but after living in the main house for a long time, Yuan Xi’s heart began to have some thoughts it shouldn’t.
Fu Yushen could see these thoughts very clearly, so his impression of Yuan Xi had become bad since then.


However, after seeing the information passed on by his subordinates, Fu Yushen couldn’t help but frown.


Since Qi Yunrou looked for Yuan Xi last time, Yuan Xi had been very good, and had not continued to make trouble.


So why was his big brother calling him at this time?


In particular, he should still be working now, but his brother didn’t work at home.
To keep his workaholic brother from going to work, whatever it was must be a big deal!


Because he was thinking of all these things, when he got home, Fu Yushen’s heart was hanging high.


Fu Yunzhou was sitting on the sofa, and when Fu Yushen entered through the door, he saw his elder brother reading a newspaper.
He glanced down at his clothes to make sure they were neat and tidy, then walked to the sofa to sit down.


“Big brother.”


Fu Yushen sat down properly, looking at Fu Yunzhou with a nervous expression on his face.


Fu Yunzhou glanced at Fu Yushen and put down the newspaper in his hand: “Yushen, I think you should try and get in touch with the company’s affairs, so I decided to change positions with you starting tomorrow.
You will go to the head office, and I will go to Xingyao.”


Fu Yushen looked at Fu Yunzhou with horror, as if he had heard some astonishing news: “What? Brother, are you joking with me?”


Fu Yushen knows how much Fu Yunzhou likes to work.
He never thought that one day his workaholic elder brother would want to become Fu Yushen’s subordinate.


Fu Yushen stared at Fu Yunzhou for a while, then boldly reached out and touched Fu Yunzhou’s forehead: “Your temperature is normal, brother, are you feeling unwell? Tell me quickly and I will take you to the hospital.
No, I will talk to our parents and ask them to call Dr.
Edison over quickly.”


The more Fu Yushen said, the more he felt his thoughts were right, and then his tone became flustered.


“No, no, eldest brother, get up quickly and I’ll take you directly there.
You must tell me what’s wrong with you.
I, elder brother, hurry up, let me take you to the hospital,”


Fu Yunzhou looked at him and only thought about taking him to the hospital.He only felt a headache coming on.


“Yushen, calm down.
I’m fine, I’m really fine!”

After Fu Yunzhou held him back, he slapped the hand that took out his phone to call their parents.


“I’m really fine! I just think that Yushen, you are not that young, it’s time for you to get in touch with company affairs.”


Even when Fu Yunzhou said it very clearly, Fu Yushen still didn’t believe it.
He knew exactly how hard Fu Yunzhou was working, but now he suddenly said he wanted to change jobs, this must be an accident!


Fu Yushen’s expression showed he didn’t believe Fu Yunzhou’s words at all.
His expression made it clear that he was very suspicious of Fu Yunzhou and was just making excuses.


Fu Yunzhou rubbed his forehead helplessly.
For the first time, he had doubts about his younger brother’s IQ.
Could this idiot really be his younger brother?


“I’m really fine.
Tomorrow, you will go directly to headquarters to take over.
I’ve already told the secretary.
I’ll tell you more when I’ve had enough rest.” Fu Yunzhou didn’t give Fu Yushen a chance to refute.
Things were already decided.


Fu Yushen looked at Fu Yunzhou who didn’t look like he was lying, and finally begun to believe him a little in his heart.
Thinking that his freedom would soon be gone, he still wanted to fight for himself.


Fu Yunzhou ignored Fu Yushen’s expression, and when the other party was about to speak, he interrupted Fu Yushen’s words: “By the way, can Yuan Xi cook?”


Fu Yushem was still frowning, thinking about how he could get his freedom back.
When Fu Yunzhou started suddenly asking about Yuan Xi, he felt stunned.


Fu Yushen immediately replied: “No, Yuan Xi is an orphan, but he doesn’t know how to cook and eats takeaway.
I remember in the initial survey data, the survey results showed that Yuan Xi does not know how to cook.”


“Not at all? Not even porridge and noodles?” Fu Yunzhou confirmed.


“No.” Fu Yushen answered very happily this time, “All Yuan Xi’s meals are takeout, and the rest are instant noodles.
He wanted to please me before by cooking for me, but he failed.
The kitchen was almost blown up.”


When he said the last sentence, for some reason, Fu Yushen’s tone contained a bit of guilt.


After all, the reason Yuan Xi was accepted into the first place by the Fu family was because of Fu Yunzhou.
But now Fu Yushen said Yuan Xi liked him, but when it came to Yuan Xi, his heart was empty.


Fu Yunzhou raised the corner of his mouth, and looked at him as if he were staring at prey.


It seems very interesting.”


After listening to Fu Yushen’s answer, Fu Yunzhou felt very sure that the Yuan Xi in front of him was definitely not the same as the “Yuan Xi” who entered the Fu family at the beginning.
How they changed places was completely unknown.


However, Fu Yunzhou had a feeling that Yuan Xi’s change was good for him, and it could even be said that it was a good thing for the Fu family.


After Fu Yushen finished his answer, he realized that his elder brother seemed to be paying more attention to Yuan Xi.
Could it be… Did his older brother take a fancy to Yuan Xi?!


As this thought flashed through Fu Yushen’s mind, he immediately got goosebumps.


Thinking of what Qi Yunrou said and what Yuan Xi did in front of him, Fu Yushen had only one thought in mind: he must not let his older brother become interested in that guy!


“Brother, let me tell you, Yuan Xi is not a good person.
You have to be careful, don’t be deceived by him.” Fu Yushen advised Fu Yunzhou with a serious expression.


“Brother, you don’t know, Yuan Xi was very good when we brought him in at first, but after a long time he showed his true colours.
He’s greedy for money, lazy, without motivation, and he is also jealous! My relationship with Yunrou was stable, but this person always tries to obstruct us and often causes trouble.
Brother, you can’t be deceived by this person.”


Fu Yunzhou glanced at the stupid younger brother with contempt in his eyes.


He didn’t understand Yuan Xi at first, but he saw everything he needed to know in his eyes.
He could figure out the change in “Yuan Xi” and he could also see that any problems were not caused by “Yuan Xi”.
It’s just that the authorities were biased, not to mention that Qi Yunrou was beside Fu Yushen and warping his vision.


Regarding Qi Yunrou, Fu Yunzhou could see from the beginning that this woman’s mind was not pure.
It was just that Fu Yunzhou didn’t care because he found that the woman didn’t had other bad intentions, so he didn’t warn his stupid brother.


When it came to certain things, other people's perspectives were useless.
Only after Fu Yushen fell himself, would he really feel the pain.


Fu Yunzhou, who didn’t want to remind his stupid brother, picked up the newspaper in front of him and issued an expulsion order: “You don’t need to worry about this matter.
You are going to clean and pack up tomorrow, and I will take over your position.
I have already let our parents know.
Take this opportunity to relax.”


After Fu Yunzhou finished speaking, Fu Yushen’s expression instantly turned bitter.


At the same time, he also knew his older brother was definitely determined to make him suffer.


The author has something to say:


Fu Yushen: Ge, ge please, don’t be so cruel!


Fu Yunzhou: I’m doing this for your own good, why is it cruel?


Yuan Xi: Male god, I don’t want to see the male protagonist…


Fu Yunzhou: Okay, I’ll send him away now, how about mining in Africa?


Heart was hanging high: anxious or anticipatory of what will happen next

Heart was empty: doesn't feel anything for Yuan Xi

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