After the matter of his position was settled, Yuan Xi also began to contact Fu Yunzhou to inquire about work.


Originally, he thought that a day-long rejection would make Chen Yang give up, but Yuan Xi never thought that Chen Yang would start a battle.


This time, Chen Yang not only prepared drinks in his backpack, but also prepared a lot of foods and snacks.
While continuing to try to persuade Yuan Xi, he kept stuffing food into his mouth and his posture seemed to imply


Therefore, Yuan Xi finally made up his mind to go to Fu Yunzhou to inquire about the job, amid Chen Yang’s harassment.


Fu Yunzhou had already prepared for his position, and at first he thought about putting Yuan Xi aside as his assistant.
It was just that Yuan Xi couldn’t be at ease because of his position and status, so Fu Yunzhou decided to look for other positions for him.


As for why Fu Yunzhou chose to hide his identity, he thought it would probably be fun.


Fu Yushen’s job was the young president of Xingyao Entertainment.
Xingyao already had stable procedures and development, so Fu Yushen’s work was not particularly complicated.


But in order to not be suspected, Fu Yunzhou naturally would not choose the position of the president.


The positions available in Xingyao were high, and there were many leisure positions.
What Fu Yunzhou needed was to choose one of those idle positions and temporarily take a name.


Yuan Xi was a little flustered when he found out that his new job was at Xingyao Entertainment.


If he remembered correctly, the male protagonist was the president of Xingyao Entertainment.
The heroine was also a star at Xingyao, and the annoying spirit surrounding her now was also a star there.


So at the beginning, knowing that the job was for Xingyao Entertainment, Yuan Xi’s heart became entangled.


The benefits and wages that Fu Yunzhou mentioned were all very good, and the work content was simple for Yuan Xi, and it was very easy to get started.
But the problem was that it was Xingyao Entertainment!


Xingyao Entertainment was the place for the male protagonist, and the female protagonist was there.
Yuan Xi originally wanted to stay away from them.
If he agrees, wouldn’t he run directly in front of their eyes?


Fu Yunzhou didn’t know the tangled thoughts in Yuan Xi’s heart.
After he finished texting Yuan Xi, his phone no longer got notifications.
He couldn’t help but wonder if the benefits were not enough?


On one hand, he would be running under the noses of the protagonists, and on the other hand, he could continue to endure Chen Yang’s harassment.
Neither was a good choice for Yuan Xi.


After thanking him, Yuan Xi put away his phone and resumed his work.


Under Chen Yang’s harassment, Yuan Xi’s mind began to shake again.


After careful consideration … Actually, it was under the temptation of being free from Chen Yang’s harassment, Yuan Xi finally decided to agree to the job Fu Yunzhou found for him.


According to what Yun Zhou said, he would just be a small manager with no real power in Xingyao, and Fu Yushen was not there on weekdays, so he would never meet that kind of big man.


After various thoughts, Yuan Xi agreed to Fu Yunzhou’s work proposal.


Fu Yunzhou smiled happily as he watched the fish get caught in the net he had placed.


Early the next morning, after eating, Fu Yunzhou took Yuan Xi directly to his new workplace.


Fu Yunzhou greeted the people from Xingyao Entertainment early, so after Fu Yunzhou took office, he directly became an airborne nominal manager without real power in the company, Manager Yun Zhou.


After learning that he was an assistant, Yuan Xi deliberately found some more formal clothes.


It was just that Yuan Xi’s face was tender, and after wearing formal clothes, he looked like a child who stole adult clothing.
Fu Yunzhou couldn’t help but smirk a few times, but he didn’t express an opinion.


Because he knew he would arrive at Xingyao Entertainment soon, Yuan Xi was nervous.


Xingyao was the male protagonist’s industry, and the base camp of the female protagonist.
Now he, a little cannon fodder, was taking the initiative to enter the enemy’s territory.
It was like sending a little sheep to the big tiger.


Fu Yunzhou took Yuan Xi all the way to the top floor office without hindrance.


Xingyao Entertainment was a separate building and each floor had a different purpose.
After all, it was an entertainment company, so it had a training room, recording studio, and rooms for different instruments.


In order to avoid trouble, Fu Yunzhou deliberately chose the topmost position.


Except for Fu Yushen, the top floor was not visited by anyone, and if someone wanted to go to the top floor, they needed to pass various tests and identity checks.
So the top floor was a very safe place.


Apart from Fu Yushen’s office, there was only one free space of Xingyao, which was used for meetings.
So after Fu Yunzhou took a fancy to the top floor, he naturally took his younger brother’s office.


Yuan Xi didn’t know this.
After he followed Fu Yunzhou through the door, he went straight to the elevator.
After he realized only him and Fu Yunzhou were in the elevator, he became a little stunned, because it was not as crowded as anticipated.


They arrived at the top floor very smoothly.
His desk was in Fu Yunzhou’s office.
The documents and supplies were neatly arranged, and it looked very nice at first glance.


“I have submitted your information to the personnel department, and I will ask them to send you a detailed map of the company.
Your work place is here, and I will send you a copy every day of my schedule.
Don’t worry too much about the important things.”


Fu Yunzhou walked to his desk, reached out and flipped through a few documents at random, and after glancing at the contents he frowned.


There was a lot of information on Fu Yushen’s desk, but not much has been dealt with.
The few documents that Fu Yunzhou flipped through were not very important, but they piled up half a meter high.


Taking a deep breath, he tried his best not to wear a grim expression.
At the same time, he also decided in his heart that he needed to continue to force that idiot to practice.


He couldn’t finish processing such little information.
The latest documents were from two days ago.
Could it be that he, the young president, was just playing here? !


Yuan Xi glanced at the prepared desk, walked over carefully, and put down his backpack.
Then he looked up and wanted to ask what his task was today, but he saw Fu Yunzhou’s expression was gloomy, as if he were going to explode at any time.


The cowardly little Yuan Xi couldn’t help but sit down immediately, and then he carefully observed Fu Yunzhou’s expression, for fear that he would do something wrong and make the other party explode.


After Fu Yunzhou returned to his senses, he saw Yuan Xi looking at him cautiously.


Fu Yunzhou twitched the corners of his mouth and found that smiling was a very difficult thing.
Right now, Fu Yunzhou only felt that he was angry.
For a moment, he wanted to go to headquarters and kill that stupid little brother.


“First, sort out these materials and arrange them in chronological order.
Then tell me when the earliest one was and if there is anything more important that needs to be dealt with urgently.”


Fu Yunzhou pointed to one of the two piles of materials on the table and glanced at Yuan Xi with the order.


Yuan Xi was stunned for a while, looking at the pile of documents on the table.
He glanced at Fu Yunzhou suspiciously: “Yun… Manager! Do you have to read all of these?”


Fu Yunzhou nodded, and at the same time tried to maintain his own face.
He began to smear his younger brother: “I just transferred over today.
I worked in the other offices before, and didn’t know much about the situation here, so I didn’t expect the last employee would leave so much unprocessed.” Yuan Xi nodded, got up quickly and put all the documents on his desk.
He began to organize them seriously.


Fu Yunzhou sat on the chair and began to process the other pile of documents.


After opening it, Fu Yunzhou glanced at the date.
Seven days ago.


He took a deep breath and told himself not to be angry, don’t get angry.


Yuan Xi was not slow while sorting the data, but he didn’t know how to classify in order of importance, so he could only sort and classify the data according to time and date.
He then decided to slowly look at the material inside.


The materials Yuan Xi looked at were basically all recent, so the earliest materials were from four days ago.
Even so, after all the information was sorted, it took a lot of work.


By noon, Fu Yunzhou had processed only half the documents.


After looking at the materials, Fu Yunzhou found that they were not particularly urgent, and wondered if it were because Fu Yushen often delayed so much that many materials were submitted half a month or even a month in advance.


There was a lot of information, but it wasn’t troublesome to process.


Now was not a festival like at the end of the year, so there were no large-scale events held during this period, and the materials submitted were all reported documents.
After measuring the value of the other party, he could make comments.
It didn’t seem difficult, but it was a little troublesome.


After processing the documents, Fu Yunzhou thought about how to adjust the situation here.


Although Xingyao Entertainment’s work was not too troublesome, Fu Yushen’s procrastination and playfulness were not a good thing.


So he had to find a way to cure his stupid little brother’s lack of intertia.


Fu Yushen, who was processing documents at the head office, sneed and reached out to touch his nose.
He looked at the documents in front of him with a bitter expression, surrounded by two capable elite women, watching him with a smile on their faces.


The author has something to say:


Fu Yushen: It’s so difficult for me


Fu Yunzhou: It’s so easy.

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