At the amusement park, Chen Yang had not given up on the idea of persuading Yuan Xi.
After knowing Yuan Xi worked at the amusement park every day, Chen Yang decided to visit every day.


There were many people wearing mascot costumes at the amusement park.
In addition to the baby bear there were other types of costumes.
Because he was not sure if Yuan Xi’s suit had changed day to day, Chen Yang never acted rashly, but hid in a corner and observed silently.


It wasn’t until lunch that he was able to confirm if Yuan Xi was still baby bear, and then he began to make his moves.


After confirming that baby bear was Yuan Xi, Chen Yang always stood by his side, talking about the benefits of becoming a star.
It seemed he was determined to get Yuan Xi, and his state of never giving up until he achieved his goal was commendable.


Yuan Xi was afraid of the other part, and because of his previous life he was resistant to the idea of becoming a star.
He also knew he couldn’t compete with those old hands in the entertainment industry, so he was unmoved in the face of Chen Yang’s reasons.


Chen, why do you keep looking for me? There are many more beautiful and capable people other than me.
Why are you pestering me to become a star?”


Yuan Xi was very puzzled, no matter how handsome he was, he didn’t have the personality of a star.
He lacks obedience in the face of the entertainment industry’s unspoken hierarchy.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lost resources or had to get a part time job.


Therefore, in the face of Chen Yang’s enthusiasm, in addition to being irritable, Yuan Xi was also puzzled.


Chen Yang sighed, and looked at Yuan Xi who was dressed as a baby bear and reluctantly said: “It’s not that you are so handsome, there are many beauties in the entertainment industry, the entertainment industry does not lack handsome men and women.
It’s not easy to get ahead, but you’re different in the way you look good.”


“Your appearance is relatively lacking in the entertainment industry, so if you agree, I can help you become successful.
What’s more, last time I saw your type of beauty, I did make him popular, but he kicked me away as soon as he got what he wanted.”


Thinking of the white eyed wolf, Chen Yang gnashed his teeth.


If it weren’t for the white eyed wolf, how could Chen Yang be so idle that he could come to the amusement park everyday? Everyone pointed at Huai and scolded Sang, rebuking him for being blind.


At that time, in his hands, there was only the white eyed wolf to worry about.
His other actors had all become the best actors, singers and dancers, and now either have their own studios or can rely on their abilities to get roles.
He was mostly just their agent in name.


This was quite the achievement for other agents, but Chen Yang was just a restless person who always liked to have something to do.


Without a new person for him to carry in his hand, he felt uncomfortable.
Chen Yang’s methods and eyes were very sharp, otherwise he wouldn’t bother.
Once he finds someone who meets his standards, that person would definitely become a good addition to the entertainment industry.


However, he capsized in the gutter when the white eyed wolf pierced his heart.


The other ace agents comforted him for a long time, but found it was useless.
After failing to comfort him, they finally persuaded him to come out and not give up.


In the end, the disgusted Chen Yang began to wander aimlessly or stay at home.


Until he found Yuan Xi.


Chen Yang’s interest in Yuan Xi was not initially that high.
In their later interactions he gradually found that Yuan Xi was interesting, so he acted like a child who found a new toy.
He felt stubborn, and in his heart he just wanted to sign Yuan Xi.


Yuan Xi didn’t know what Chen Yang was thinking.
After asking about Chen Yang’s purpose, Chen Yang’s reason made him a little speechless.


Seeing Yuan Xi still did not want to agree, Chen Yang smiled: “I’ve got a good eye and think you can be popular, your appearance is very recognizable, and that’s more than other people.
I’m famous for making people popular, you can look me up online.” Yuan Xi glanced at Chen Yang, feeling dubious about his words, neither believing nor disbelieving him.


Chen, I really gave no interest in being a starm and my personality is not suitable for the entertainment industry.
You should find someone else.” Yuan Xi refused very bluntly.


Even when Yuan Xi said it very clearly, Chen Yang continued to chatter.
“How do you know it’s not suitable if you haven’t done it? It’s good to be a star.
Many people envy stars and wish to become one.
For them, it can’t be done.”


When Fu Yuzhou arrived at the entrance of the amusement park, he saw a familiar figure.


The Fu group had developed in many directions, and Xingyao Entertainment is a company under them.
It is precisely because the Fu group is behind Xingyao Entertainment that their artists do not get bullied.


Chen Yang was Xingyao Entertainment’s ace agent, so it was normal for Fu Yunzhou to recognize him.


Fu Yunzhou didn’t disturb Yuan Xi, but still stood closeby, listening to their conversation secretly.
After hearing that Chen Yang wanted to bring Yuan Xi into the entertainment industry, Fu Yunzhou began to think again.


Yuan Xi had no interest in the entertainment industry, so Fu Yunzhou naturally couldn’t send him there.


Although Fu Yunzhou doesn’t directly deal with the entertainment industry, he still knows a bit about it.
The entertainment industry is not a good place, and since Yuan Xi was not interested, he couldn’t push Yuan Xi into it.


Were Yuan Xi to change his mind later, he would naturally ensure Yuan Xi could not be bullied.


However, Chen Yang’s current situation of harassing Yuan Xi could work in his favour.


Fu Yunzhou twitched the corners of his mouth, thinking in his heart about how lower Xiao Yuan Xi’s guard.
Now that Chen Yang was already interested in the little guy, it’s best for him to stay interested.


Without disturbing Yuan Xi and Chen Yang, Fu Yunzhou quietly took a final look then drove away silently.


Yuan Xi, who was wearing his baby bear costume, sneezed, and Chen Yang’s chattering voice continued to ring in his ears.
For a moment, Yuan Xi felt like he should agree to Fu Yunzhou’s earlier job offer instead.


Chen Yang had no intention of leaving even as the sky began to turn dark.
Yuan Xi couldn’t help but ask, “Gege, it’s been an entire day.
Aren’t you thirsty?”


Chen Yang stoked his chin, then took out his backpack.
Inside, there were seven or eight bottles of water.


“It’s okay, I brought some water myself.
Are you thirsty? I can give you a bottle.”


With that Chen Yang took out a bottle of mineral water from his backpack and handed it to Yuan Xi.


Yuan Xi waved awkwardly: “No thank you.”


Yuan Xi, who wore baby bear’s head, rolled his eyes and began to think seriously.
After he went back, he would take Fu Yuzhou up on his job offer.


Chen Yang left after it got dark.
He didn’t actually stay with Yuan Xi until he got off work.


After Yuan Xi returned to the Fu residence, his whole person seemed to be lethargic.
Even though Chen Yang was no longer there, he still felt as if someone was whispering in his ear.
While eating, his whole person looked tired and listless.


Fu Yunzhou said that Yuan Xi’s porridge was better, so after he ate, Yuan Xi began to cook stomach nourishing porridge according to what other people say.


He doesn’t know how to cook much, and the simplest meals are the millet porridge and white rice porridge.
He didn’t quite understand something like the stomach nourishing porridge, so he could only rely on this list of ingredients he found on the internet.


When Fu Yunzhou entered, he smelt something sweet.


Many stomach nourishing porridges had red dates added.
Because Fu Yunzhou’s face looked pale, Yuan Xi chose to add red dates, which are known to nourish blood.
Red dates nourished blood and millet porridge nourished the stomach.
The two together were good for Fu Yunzhou’s health.


Upon seeing Fu Yunzhou, Yuan Xi put the stomach nourishing porridge in front of him.
Seeing the red dates in the bowl, Fu Yunzhou was silent.


Actually… he hates sweet food the most, so was it too late to say so?


“I won’t like it very much…”


“I can only make white and millet porridge, and I don’t know much about stomach nourishing porridge.
So I specifically looked it up.
This is the first time I’ve made it, Yun Zhou, please try it.
Let me know if it tastes okay.”


Yuan Xi didn’t hear Fu Yunzhou, and when he spoke, he excitedly brought the porridge to Fu Yunzhou’s mouth expectantly.


After a moment, Yuan Xi realized that Fu Yunzhou said something just now.


So Yuan Xi asked cautiously, “What was that you said?”


Fu Yunzhou glanced at the bowl in his hand, then at Yuan Xi, and silently lowered his head to drink the porridge.
“It’s nothing, I said I’m looking forward to it.”


Yuan Xi touched his nose, glanced at Fu Yunzhou, and said suspiciously, “Did I hear you wrong? I thought I heard you say you didn’t like something.”


The author has something to say:


Chen Yang: Good boy, come with me, sign the contract


Yuan Xi: I choose to refuse!



Male god: I really like it!


Yuan Xi’s puzzled face: But I clearly heard…


Male god: No, you heard nothing.

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