After watching Fu Yunzhou put in his contact information, he nodded stupidly.


When Fu Yunzhou saw Yuan Xi’s mobile phone, he paused involuntarily.
There was a bit of displeasure in his expression.


Yuan Xi’s mobile phone was bought by “Yuan Xi” himself.
His original salary was not very high, and because he was an orphan, he liked to save money, and did not spend money like Yuan Xi.
Therefore, his requirements for mobile phones were not high, as long as it can be used.


The replacement of mobile phones was too fast.
Many people would often buy new models for fashion and face, but Yuan Xi is different.
As long as the mobile phone was not broken, he would not replace it.
So his phone looked very old, and the paint in different places had chipped off.


When Fu Yunzhou saw Yuan Xi’s phone, he couldn’t help feeling distressed for the little guy in front of him.


Everyday he got up early to go out and make money, but the mobile phone he used was not a good one.
Thinking of this, Fu Yunzhou couldn’t help looking at Yuan Xi, and said with distress: “Your phone has been used for a long time, I have a few old phones that I can give to you tomorrow.” Yuan Xi: ? ? ? What does he mean?


Fu Yunzhou didn’t say much, he just touched Yuan Xi’s head lovingly and took Yuan Xi’s confusion as surprise, and Yuan Xi didn’t know what to say.


Looking at Fu Yunzhou’s eyes, Yuan Xi was a little confused.
Although he didn’t understand, it didn’t seem like there was any danger.
And now he had his male god’s contact information.
The male god also said he would give him a phone that Fu Yunzhou had previously used.
Does this mean he had taken a major leap forward?


Fu Yunzhou had completely taken Yuan Xi’s silence as happiness, so after touching his hair, Fu Yunzhou flashed a smirk at him.


And tried hard to ignore the unfinished red dates, snow fungus and lotus seed porridge on the table.


When Yuan Xi recovered from seeing Fu Yunzhou smirk, he realized that the male god had long since disappeared.
There was only a bowl of porridge on the table.


After looking around for a while, he was sure the person had disappeared, so Yuan Xi reluctantly took the bowl and drank the remaining porridge: “It can’t be wasted, since the male god doesn’t want it, then I’ll drink it.”


The sweet taste was good even when it was cold.
When the snow fungus turned cold, it became crunchy.
The red dates themselves are sweet, and the lotus seeds also have a sweet taste.


After drinking it, Yuan Xi wiped his mouth, he didn’t understand why Fu Yunzhou didn’t like the taste.


After Fu Yunzhou went upstairs, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise.
Fu Yunzhou felt excited when he thought the little guy would lower his eyelids immediately, and that his every move would be known to Fu Yunzhou.


Although he didn’t know where the little guy in front of him came from, he had to say that when he was with Yuan Xi, it made Fu Yunzhou feel relaxed.


But what position is there for the little guy?


Put Yuan Xi on his side as his assistant? Seemed like a good idea.


When thinking about it, the corners of Fu Yunzhou’s mouth rose sharply.
As he was taking off his tie, Fu Yunzhou remembered something very important.
The identity he used in front of the little guy was Yun Zhou, not Fu Yunzhou, so the little guy didn’t know he was a part of the Fu family.


That meant he needed to hide his identity.


He couldn’t let the little guy discover his identity until he tricked Yuan Xi home.
Thinking of this, Fu Yunzhou also naturally remembered, the little guy seemed to have a crush on that guy Fu Yushen!


Fu Yunzhou grinded his teeth.
If that’s the case, it’s better for him and Fu Yushen to switch places.


When he thought of arranging another job for the little guy, he thought of a way to solve everything.
Replace that kid and find more work for him to prevent him from appearing in front of Yuan Xi and hooking Yuan Xi’s soul again!


So, Fu Yushen, who was drinking with friends, sneezed loudly.
At this time, Fu Yushen didn’t know that his good days were coming to an end, and he was about to be thrown into the company by his brother to live a life worse than death.


The author has something to say:


Fu Yunzhou: I want to trick my stupid little brother home and kick him.


Yuan Xi: The male god is so handsome!


Fu Yushen: What did I do wrong! !

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