”Don be scared my Angel mother whispered to my ears while placing the little flower pins to my hair which was styled into a low bun and curly strands beautifully popped from the sides.

I smiled at her but it didn reach my eyes which seemed a little bit heavy due to the eyeshadow and mascara. Thank goodness, my eyebrows were still left in its silver-white colour and not dyed black.

Im scared, scared of being bad at this wife thing and scared of flopping the first night with my husband. I hate being bad at things but mothers calm demoure did wonders to make me feel calm while Elsa was busy getting dolled up by the make-up artists.

Mother insists she becomes my maid of honor and not Gabriel ,which earned me a friendly knock when I suggested it.

My hairdresser took Mothers place and began pinning up my voluminous hair again , arranging pearls and strings of white gold in it. Mom noticed Elsa fighting with her hairdo and quickly moved over to her.

”Elsa, let me help you. Youve already untangled a few strands. ” And she smiled at mother while snickering at me through the mirror, I rolled my eyes at her and tried to conceal my bruised hands from mother , I blame it on Gabriel for truly letting me fight till I bleed.

Elsa dropped her hands with a resigned look. Then her green eyes found mine again but this time more apologetic and a little bit more sincere . I smiled at her. Avoiding Moms tugging hands, she came to my side and peered up at me with those green beauties.

”I can wait to be a bride. ” I tried not to roll my eyes at her.

”You will make the most beautiful bride in the whole of Moonlight Pack ” I teased her. She hadn been promised to anyone yet insisting that she is in love with someone else and trust mother to side with her. For her weddings were about looking pretty and the chivalrous knight she would marry out of love . I envied her ignorance.

”Done, ” the hairdresser announced and stepped back.

”Thank you, ” I said. She nodded and quickly slipped out, giving us a moment.

The dress was absolutely stunning. I couldn stop admiring myself in the huge mirror, turning left and right with cheerful glee.

The pearls and silver embroidered thread work caught the light beautifully, and the skirt underneath the gown was a dream consisting of several layers of the finest fabrics Mother shook her head, tears blurring her eyes. I have never felt this close to my mother till today and I vow to cherish this moment.

Everywhere was smelling so nice and filled with chaos of activities but all these seemed so far away . The emotion of leaving my home was more overwhelming than the idea of settling down as a wife.

”Don cry, Mother, ” I warned her.

”Youll ruin your makeup. And if you start crying, I will cry too and then my makeup will be ruined as well. ” Even though mother needed no makeup, she is dashingly beautiful and mother never cries till today.

Mother nodded, blinking. ”You are right,Bella. ”

She dabbed her eyes with the corner of a tissue. Mother wasn the emotional type. She was like her brother the great warrior, uncle Alpha Seraph. Elsa just sat ,fanning herself with the quill and beaming up at us while Gabriel stood with a protective stance, I could see through his walls.

He is going to miss and I am going to miss him too. I hope he is allowed to come visit ,these are the things mother needed to tell but she didn .Maybe because she knows that Im strong enough to hold up my own.

The veil was brought in by two of my bridesmaid, tailing long with tiny little diamonds draped all over it .

e literally going to shine Ella ”

”Thank you Belsa ” and she glared at me. She hates to be called Belsa and insists on Elsa.

I smiled beaming at the veil with teary eyes when a knock sounded and father ,the only Alpha aside Uncle in the moonlight Oack poked in his head. He froze and slowly stepped inside. He took me in without saying a word. His presence filled the entire place, the room becoming too small. So much heavenly power in one place and oh , how will the wedding venue be!

Emotion swimming in his eyes, but he would never show it openly, hes too strong.He came toward me and touched two fingers to my cheeks.

”Angel, you
e the most beautiful bride Ive ever seen. ”

Mom raised her eyebrows in an exaggerated mock shock. Father laughed heartily and took her hand, kissing her knuckles.

”You were, of course, a breathtaking bride,My queen . ”father said with amused dancing eyes


”What about me? ” Elsa asked. ”Maybe I will be even more beautiful? ”

Father lifted a finger. ”I will keep you as my little angel forever. No marriage for you. ”

Elsa pouted and Father shook his head. ”We need to go to church now. ” He kissed my cheek then took Elsas arm. The three of them walked out. Mother turned once more and gave me a proud smile,eyes glistening.

Gabriel in the doorway , dressed in a blue royal robe. ”You look cool, ” I said, sounding snobbish.

I told him and felt a wave of wistfulness. He would be hundreds of miles from me once I moved into Raphaels, I will terribly miss him.

”And you look beautiful, ” he said quietly, his eyes taking me in head to toe,for the first time.

He pushed off the doorframe and moved toward me, his hands in his pockets.

”Itll be awfully boring without you. ”

”Ill tell Elsa , she needs to keep you on your toes and keep practicing . ”

”It won be the same. ” We both know that Elsa would rather drown than hold a sword.

”You will marry in a few years. And soon youll be even busier with wars and whatever you warrior do. You won even notice Im gone. ”

Gabriel sighed then glanced outside the window at the sun.

”We need to go too. The ceremony is supposed to start in thirty-five minutes. Itll take at least twenty minutes to reach the cathedral. ”

The cathedral was outskirt of Moonlight OACK, in the garden of Eden. I wanted the celebration to take place outside the gardens ,in front of the water fountains but the cathedral will do.

I nodded then checked my reflection once more in the mirror, my maids making sure that the girl is properly draped before I took his outstretched hand. With linked arms we walked out of the house and down towards the car.

People kept glancing my way, and I had to admit I enjoyed their attention. The dress had cost a small fortune. It was only fair, since as many people as possible would see me in it. This wedding was the biggest social event in Nirvana in years. Even the skies were sparkling clear with beautiful birds flying around and even the butterflies danced happily today is Indeed a beautiful day.

I made sure my unicorn pet,Lily became the ring bearer,she left with Elsa and mother ahead of our car.

Gabriel opened the door of the white sedan with the ”Bride ” label in flowers for me, and I slipped onto the backseat, trying to gather the skirt of my dress around me. Gabrile closed the door and got in the front beside the driver, my bodyguard.

We pulled away and my stomach burst with butterflies. In less than one hour Id be a wife,Raphaels wife. It still seemed impossible. Soon, the tall castles gave way to the open beautiful,fresh scenting field and trees.

Gabriel shifted in the front seat, pulling his gun and sword out at the same time.

”Whats wrong? ” I asked, sensing danger but he kept quiet, alert and we sped up.

”Something is definitely wrong ,even the sky is turning dark! ”

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