VRMMO – Breach



Outside the window, Alice could see the rain dropping on the shiny streets of the Neon District. For hours, she could sit there and watch how the raindrops fell on the glowing lights and reflected bright pink and blue colors. She particularly enjoyed the rainy days, because, during the rainy days there were fewer people entering the place she worked in.

She was a manager at the Playland Club.

Just like typical gaming clubs, these places contained a lot of noisy computers and even noisier people. People were coming here usually to have fun with their friends, meaning only a group of people were entering. It was rare to see someone alone unless they had been a regular customer since the first days of opening.


The said computers were even now buzzing in the background. Hundreds of people paid no mind to the rain and still came to play their favorite games or just watch the announcements from the gaming world on a gigantic screen with fellow gamers.

Having no idea why those people found those video games to be so fascinating, Alice could only sigh. After glancing at the crowd to see if everything was alright, the girl turned her attention back to the window.

Outside, everything seemed a lot calmer. Her golden eyes reflected the neon district at its finest. Thankfully, today it was calm… which couldn be said about other days. After all, the Neon District was known for its regular presence of police because of certain events. A high crime rate compared to other districts.

Even now, every TV channel is just talking about that,

[Yesterdays nineteen-hour siege of the pharmaceutical factory ended. Unfortunately, there are casualties among the civilian population. But it couldve been worse had the police not arrived quickly.]

Alice turned her head towards the display of her computer and listened to the news channel of her city. On the screen, there was combat footage of the battle that occurred yesterday, and the presenter was retelling that battles aftermath.

[From the information given by the State Police, we know that the factory was actually a place drug cartels could hide their shaggy substances. The police brigade that went to investigate was attacked by the cartel members. They were heavily armed and prepared to counter the police forces and escape.]

The screen then switched to other footage. It was a civilian that was recording the scene, and even though most of it was censored, in the footage Alice could still see how the person died due to the bullet being reflected by the wall.

Another clip appeared. It was another civilian that was recording everything live. Fortunately, this person was much luckier than the previous one. The reinforcements arrived and got the man out of the scene by force.

[A state of emergency was declared and more forces were pulled to the scene. The long confrontation turned into a stalemate, with the surroundings becoming rubble due to explosives. Thus, in cooperation with the Special Task Department of the State Police and the State Security Service of Axis, they stormed the building at the last hour of this siege. Three hundred operatives from both units neutralized every threat in an hour, taking the lives of more than one hundred criminals.]

Alice stopped the news channel and went to read the comments section. All the time, she was doing this out of habit, not because she was interested in what people were writing there.

[Anonymous User #1: ”My condolences to the families of the deceased and kudos to the police for their prompt action! ”]

[Anonymous User #2: ”Its reassuring to live under the protection of these military men! We finally feel safer after ten years! ”]

[Anonymous User #3: ”But how did they even sneak in with the weapons and drugs? ”]

[Anonymous User #4: ”Its about time they finally start doing their job! The Neon District has become a shithole in the past few years. I can believe that some people still voluntarily live there. ”]

The comment section soon became a debating place for conspiracy theories, as if this was staged. Some blamed foreigners, some blamed the government. Alice left the comment section at that moment.

This was just becoming more and more stupid. She wasn satisfied with life in this city. ”Fuh…When will I get out of this hellhole? ” She asked her reflection in the window.


The metallic door in front of the reception opened and closed soon after. Alice annoyedly looked at the door to see if another familiar gaming nerd was there, but no, she couldn recognize who even entered.

The person first cleaned the wet boots and took off the cap he was wearing. Then Alice could finally see the person. It was a WOAH! A man in his twenties. The dark brown hair seemed even darker while it was wet. The brown eyes and, mainly, the muscular body with a huge height! The man of her dreams was right in front of her. Could it be?!

No, Alice! You just saw him!

Her mind was panicking. The man took the coat he was wearing. Alice almost bit her lip from seeing the stretched shirt on the mans chest. Was he an athlete? The girl asked herself. Otherwise, she couldn comprehend how a man could have such an attractive body.

”Excuse me, lady. ”

While Alice was being allured by the mans attractive appearance, the said guy had already approached the stand and was staring down at the poor girl. She squealed in her mind, Oh my gawd, he is so tall!

”Welcome to the Playland. How can I help you today? ” Alice greeted the potential customer with a smile. Her cheeks still managed to flush despite her attempts to conceal her emotions.

”Im interested if I could have access to the computers for a few minutes. ”

Alice was a little disappointed after hearing this. Only a few minutes? She wanted him to stay for at least a few hours. Why was fate so cruel to her?

”Or I saw the banner outside, it says you have a massive discount for a monthly subscription. ”

Alices golden eyes sparked with hope, ”Yes! Do you want to purchase it? ”

”Yes, I do. ”

Instantly the girl dashed off somewhere and soon came back with something in her hands. Alice gave it to the man and instructed. This was an identification card for the Playland Club. Without it, nobody can enter and enter the facility.

First, they had to register,

”Alright, I should register you first. May I know your name? ”

”Simon Riley. ”

In a quiet tone, Alice muttered that his name was very cool. Simon chuckled at the girls antics. Obviously, Simon had to also pay for the subscription, but it wasn much, just a two-digit number.

”Alright, you are registered. Now, please follow me. ”

Alice left her reception corner. She showed him how he could use the card. Apparently, by just tapping on a doors sensor, it would automatically open. With a whoosh, the glass door opened and opened up a path for the two.

Alice proceeded to introduce this facility to Simon with great eagerness. This attracted the attention of other staff members who, for the first time, witnessed Alice so energetic. But seeing the person next to her, the reason was understood.

Playland Club was a monopoly, and this wasn the only facility in Playland. This was just the biggest branch in the Neon District. In the past few years, they have made several innovations and become one of the most profitable gaming clubs.

”We also offer our own mini restaurant where you can have a quick meal. ”

”Thats convenient. ”

With such short comments, Simon followed the girl around. It couldn be said that he was int

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