O1. A Nameless Soul.

Hey!!! Its Nameless again!

Have you guys ever wondered what would happen to you after death? I have wondered about it occasionally whenever my life screw me up.

Well, I have found the answer, but not in a Good way.


I have been dropped on this island, what I am assuming is in hell waiting for Judgement? On Going Punishment? Not sure. Its been hazy since I have arrived here my memory is getting worse that I can even remember my Name or my parents or what I did when I was alive.

Thats why its Nameless!!

I have been keep making these records not sure how many times as there is nothing to calculate time only eternal Darkness and I have been walking around to find another person/Soul? Or anything beast monster but nothing is here I was not able to anything other than Stones and Sand. No hunger no sleep no Conversation I am even slowly forgetting how to speak! All I can do to keep my sanity is to record these thoughts whenever I found a decent size stones.

But even that is not working since these stones also will disintegrate after some time. Sometimes I even want to give up become a thoughtless Soul. Whenever I had these thought, Im feeling a strong burning pain deep in my soul that I should never give up and a certain piece of memory comes up to restore my fighting spirit.

Its a guy my image was standing in the beach, crying and shouting something inaudible. He seems to be in Pain and is going insane due to it that he failed to notice the meteor that is coming down onto him. Or is he waiting for the meteor all I could hear and remember is the beastial roar just before he melts away. Even though I don remember much of the situation whenever I hear his scream, I was instilled with will power that I shouldn give up I should become what all fears and never fell to fear!

Yes I can give up! I have to hold my Sanity in this long wait game or I will lose out.


Just as our MC is Charging up his will power, the Bhoodh (Hindu name for demons who work in Hell) are getting ready to collect the next batch of Souls in the Land of fleeing Memory. It is a special island in hell reserved for those who did neither good nor bad and was standing witness to the wrongs done when alive yet never involved themselves.

Since there was nothing good or bad about them, they are kept in the Fleeting Memory Island where the dark miasma will slowly erase their memories and the past life grudges and attachments that they will lose the concept of self without any damage to the Soul.

Then they are sent to the cycle of reincarnation to be born again.

Nish, do you think we will be invited to lord Yamas Banquet this time?

Nar you seems to be losing your sanity by being in the fleeting island for the past 8 thousand years when have ever we lowly Bhoodhs are invited for the Lords Court

Yeah we will only be invited if something Crazy happens like that one time hell was breached like 3 thousand years ago

Nish kicked Nar who was flying by his side that he somersaulted a few times in the air before steady himself.

Nar you dumb Bhoodh don ever speak of that ever again if you want to be turned into chamber pot

Just between us, I heard that time Lord Yama was visiting his Harem when the mishap happened and we lost some thing precious that even Lord Shiva was reported. He was so enraged that he broke Lord Yamas Nose. Even though it was later healed they say it was never the same again and you could see his nose crocked when he gets angry

ohh, Nish you are awesome how do you know about it?

Ha ha ha, unlike me my brother is a smart Bhoodh he is working in the court directly under the great Chitraguptha (a Minister/right hand man of Yama who track the birth and death of Mortals and calculate their Karma once they entered hell)


Never speak of this again I heard Lord Yama has ma to de chamber pots of the stupid Bhoodhs who speaks of it and there seems to be many in his palace

It seems to be we have many stupid Bhoodhs, right?

yeah, you don say. Come on lets finish this faster and get back we might see whos the Guest invited for the Banquet if we are lucky

Okaey doakey

They have arrived the fleeting island and started fishing for the Souls using the Soul Nets. While they were collecting the souls our MC was again taken to the day he was dead while he was in his trace he was captured by Nar and was put in the Soul Net. When he comes to himself, he found himself with many smaller souls bound in a transparent Net carried over by something you might call as a bizarre creature, it has four hands and its head was nothing but a bulls skeleton head covered by some black gas and there was only blue fire lit up in the place where it should have eyes.

Nameless know somehow that he has to get out of this net or he will really die as in as a person.

While he was thinking of various scenarios to get out of the net another creature looking the same joined them. They were talking about something excitedly but he wasn able to listen to the words, they were like when he tried to remember his name he was put into a daze.

After flying for who knows how much time they landed down and stated walking on a bridge paved with Black rectangular stones and there were columns on both sides raise into so high their top was not visible giving you the feeling that these pillars might have been holding the sky themselves.

Except for the light from the eyes of the two creatures the entire pathway was dead silent without any trace of light. The darkness here is so cold and fierce that it might eat him if he was not near these two that carried the souls to Somewhere.

When he was looking into the darkness he was feeling like he was slowly getting frozen, when he Felt that like it might be the end of him he felt a hot fire lit up deep inside his soul like molten lava it filled his soul makes him trigger the death moment where he was melted away. Just when he was about to lose the sense of reality the net that was holding him with other souls burned down and a crack of light appeared outside the column grabs him along with aa few other souls and disappeared.

It all happened so fast that the Nish and Nar doesn have any chance of defending or protecting the Souls.

In the Pathway of reincarnation only two Bhoodhs stood like they were frozen in time.

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