02. All Hell Broke Out

As the bright spark captured the souls and was disappearing, Nish and Nar were frozen as this had never happened in the millenniums they were working in hell.

But Nish the smart Bhoodh he is immediately sounded the alarm using a trumpet horn that was hanging on his left side. The loud screeching sound from the horn awakened Nar from his stupor and he immediately used his soul whip to attack the streak of light with no use as it has already disappeared.

On the Path of Reincarnation, a mishap happened again after 3000 years, calling it a mishap is an understatement the hell was breached and few dozen souls were stolen. All hell broke up, literally every Bhoodh near the path of reincarnation was summoned to the Demon Hall for questioning.

Every available troop and fighting power were activated, Even the Demonic creatures which was usually bound up were released to find the breach in the hell. The security was tightened and the atmosphere in hell become so serious that you could feel as if the gravity itself has increased multi-fold.

But the tension in other parts is nowhere near the tension on the Path of reincarnation.

On the Path of reincarnation, all the lower demons were on the knees bowing down till their head is buried into the stone path. Both Nar and Nish were kneeling down looking half dead their soul fire was unsteady like they will go out in any movement, if they were hold up by the guards wearing the Shiny Black Armour they would have collapsed long ago. Their eyes were lingering on the foots of a Man, who was radiating so much aura it was impossible to look at him.

The Man was about 8 feet height just a head over other demons, he was draped in a black dress which gave the impression that it was not a dress but darkness itself was draped onto him. The Green stone on the Gold Crown on his head is as menacing as if they were not jewels but eyes that gives you the feeling they are looking directly at your soul. His kundalas(ear piece ornament) that was occasionally visible under his long hair is like a star in the dark sky inviolable. If you see him, you could feel one word Mighty.

Yes, you have guessed it right it was Lord Yama himself came with his personal guards to look into the attack on hell that didn happen for the last 3000 years.

He was operating a strange device which looks like it was embedded with the stars itself making many disoriented sounds which was impossible to understand. We can make a calculated guess that he was tuning the device, looking for something that was on display. Just as he was to turn off the device a short man who gives the feeling of gentle and kind just the opposite of what you would expect from a dweller of hell approached the group.

My Lord

Lord Yama, turned off the device which loses all the light and become a disc made of gold and disappeared.

Chitragupta have you found the details of the souls which was taken away

Yes, My Lord I have taken their pages from the book of recordings. They were all common souls with nothing standing out. Please!

He gave some scrolls to the guard standing near him, which was passed to Lord Yama.

He glanced into the scrolls where everything about the missing souls for their past 3 life time was recorded.

We are missing something; they won take the risk of attacking us just to steal some common souls

Yes, My Lord, I have ordered the Soul catchers in earth to investigate whether anything of note taken place at their time of death ut were you able to find anything my Lord

As he pointed at the fissure of space above them.

Its the radical fools who use Cube, they were here for a very short time and didn leave any track except for that space disturbance it would be hard to track them even with the galaxy disk

There was a rumour that they have attacked Hades prison and some millennium old souls escaped. Few other celestial realms have also been tightened their security these recent 10 millennium. My Lord, should we report to Lord Shiva on this?

Fool! Hes already too busy with the war thats been happening over the New Plane. If you want to rile up Lord Shiva, do it yourself!

For a second, you could notice the Fear in Lord Yamas eyes but it was soon returned back to a wave less ocean look.

My Lord, we should still do it. As you know we can hide it for long

Just as Chitragupta was about to continue speaking, he noticed the strange glint in Lord Yamas eyes. He knows what it means as hes been serving under him ever since the hell was established by Lord Shivas Doctrine.

Ha ha Chitragupta my friend no need to worry about it. Isn your father coming to visit us today. Lets stop it here and prepare to welcome him

He ordered the royal guards to take all those response for the path of reincarnation to the Judgement Hall to be punished according to the Law of Hell and walked faster towards his palace.

Behind him, Chitragupta was running after him calling him to stop his Plans of involving his Father in the Mess.

Many might not know but Chitragupta was the Seventeenth Son of Lord Brahma, the God of Creation in Hindu Mythology and one of the three Supreme Gods.

Lord Yama knows that to get out of this predicament he has to get the support of Lord Brahma who has a kind spot for his children.

As he was planning to entice Lord Brahma, a spark of light crossed the known universe and sunk into the Ocean of Chaos disappearing without a trace.

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