04. Saint Lucas and the Contract

Hey! Nameless again!

After I absorbed the last soul, so he could live through me(yep, thats how he consoled himself) I felt the fire that kept me warm going into scorching heat it was like it was going on over ride mode to process the souls I have observed till now and I felt the pain, the same pain that I feel every time I thought of giving up, every time the memory of my death brings , a scorching pain thats enough to melt me down.

As the pain was increasing my senses were becoming rampant, and I felt like I am ballooning up and constantly getting refined by the fire.

When I came to myself, I am standing here looking like I am made of crystals and in this form, I could literally see the fire inside me, it was a small beautiful black flame constantly changing shape and once again it fills me with warmth, now that it returns to it original form I hope it won go rampant. OH my GOD DEVIL! It was super Painful!!

Now, Now I need to focus, there is some old man in a fancy dress, wearing dozens or ornaments like hes some mage from some ninja sage or something with the 6 spheres rotating behind him is standing before me. Ah! Did you notice the reference yes with the painful process I remember many pieces of memories from my past self but not enough to connect them or understand how I lived or what broken him to push him to death.

Just as I was contemplating the changes within me the old man finally spoke.

”Ha, it seems you are stable, well then Welcome to the Cube ” said the Oldman with a smirk, for unknown reasons it really triggers me.

He might have noticed it since he followed up, ”Don worry, its normal for a newly born Ethereal to be rampant and triggered easily, to be anything calm like you is a rare case I tell you! ”

”An Ethereal, and who are you? ” my voice came out for the first time in a really long time but seems more monotone that the old mans raspy voice.

”Ha, where are my manners! I am Lucas Evernight, a minor deity of six elements, but please call me Luke or Saint Lucas if official ” he said with a light bow with a hand on his chest.

”Hello, I am Nameless! ” I returned the bow, so as to not look like I don know manners.

”Nameless? An interesting choice of name! maybe you still don remember your past ha? I could help with it. ” He added and suddenly took out a crystal ball from who knows where and showed it up to me ”Common on Now, place your hand over the ball its a spirit crystal generally used for Judgement in Netherworlds but it could make you remember everything about your life ”.

Its a good offer which I would have picked immediately before but after receiving the fragments of memory I am strangely feeling unwilling to accept it. My conscious is telling me its better to leave my past in the past and start anew.

It looked like the screen was froze for a few seconds and finally Nameless responded back, ”Thanks for your offer, But I don need it ”.

”Huh, interesting, not wanting to bind by your past ha, yeah some choose to be free of the past, got it, okay ” for some reason the old man seems disappointed but not sure of what.

”Now lets talk about the future! ” he waved his hand and a set of table and chair were moulded out of the clouds in the room and it becomes more and more real until a set of beautifully crafted set of table and chain which looks like a masterpiece remained.

”Come lets talk over a cup of tea ” he motioned me to sit.

Only then do I notice the table now has a tea set and different types of snacks sitting on it.

We both took a seat and the tea was served. And the old man finally started the conversation again, ”I know you have many doubts and questions but you are really doing a good job of holding yourself, its not easy for new born Ethereal you see. ”

Nameless didn respond back but only raised an eyebrow. Seemingly understood the old man continued.

”Ethereal or simply known as great spirits are either born when a new world is born or when few souls are combined together to form a single supreme spirit, in first case it will raise naturally to become a deity. In Second case, when multiple souls are combined, they will all fight for supremacy over the new body and even if one reigned supreme and consumed other consciousness there will be after effects like habits and emotions from other soul. Very few could have a pure form like yourself. ”

”So I am just lucky to not be one consumed or be ridden with side effects? ”

”Yes and No, you certainly are lucky but its not all. You are able to keep yourself throughout the process due to the chaos fire burning in your soul, a very rare treasure, one of the origin fires. Even the Gods would scramble to find an origin fire unfortunately its a chaos fire, you need to be very careful the more you use it the more you will be consumed ”

”Anyway, you can learn more about it since time is what we have most ” he added and get some documents and gave it to me, ”to know more you need to sign the contracts, take your time. ”

[inner thoughts are now marked inside square brackets]

Nameless didn pick up the contract instead he returned with a question. ”So, what is this contract about and what happens if I don sign it. ”

”Well, the contract is for building trust. We are both strangers here and theres something we need from each other, a mutual help but we need a certain amount of trust first to talk about it. And this contract here will just do that. It will stop us from side-kick you and stop you from backstabbing us. ”

”For the second question if you don want to sign the contract after read it out. We will just reincarnate you through a random gate just like the ones in the Netherworld and you will re-born again as a Mortal in some place ”

”Come on, go ahead and read through the contract and we will discuss about it ” Said with a smile that makes him look like a predator.

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