need your hypocritical sympathy! Disgusting!”

Before Jiang Che finished speaking, he was startled by the roar of the little boy on the ground.
The little boy seemed to be arguing with his father, but no one saw them.
The eerie scene was way too eerie.

“The son of a murder, the son of a murder! Kids without the teaching of their mothers really are trash!”

“My dad isn’t a murder!” Jiang Che only yelled this phrase, and then all fell silent.

There were voices constantly whispering in his ears, but he didn’t feel panicked.
Jiang Che looked around confused, and suddenly remembered that he had been drinking at the bar just now, and that he should be dreaming.

He lowered his head but the little boy kneeling on the ground suddenly looked at him with crimson eyes, and said, “If you kill someone, you will pay with your life!”

Jiang Che suddenly opened his eyes, he was dripping in sweat.

“Fuck.” He picked up the water on the table and took a sick, his beating heart calming down, “How can I have such a disgusting dream.”

After tidying up for a while, he returned home and couldn’t sleep for a while.
Because Jiang Che had just lost his virginity, he was extremely sore, and the red blood in his eyes was faintly accumulating around his pupils.
As soon as Jiang Jihai saw Jiang Che’s ghostly appearance, he quickly put down the water cup in his hand and pulled Jiang Che over, asking, “What’s the matter? You didn’t come back last night, what happened?”

Jiang Jihai is a man with very good genes.
He had Jiang Che when he was 25, now he is 55, but he still looked like he was in his 50s.

Jiang Che’s mother died of excessive bleeding when he was born.
Jiang Jihai brought up Jiang Che alone, Jiang Che always followed Jiang Jihai.
He was no in his 30s, but still had a 20 year old face.
Jiang Junchen often satisfied Jiang Che, not only was he rich and intelligent, but his face was also enviable.

“Yesterday I invited my colleagues for drinks, didn’t I tell you?” Jiang Che felt a bit guilty, but in front of Jiang Jihai, he couldn’t tell him that he was forced by a man yesterday.

“Haha, look at my memory.
I’m getting old and forgetful.” Jiang Jihai turned around and went into the kitchen, preparing to cook some hangover soup for Jiang Che.

“Dad,” Jiang Che stood in the living room and scratched his neck.
He really wanted to ask about the things in his dreams, but he didn’t have the courage to mention it.
Seeing Jiang Jihai’s face, he wasn’t able to say anything, “it’s fine, it’s fine, I’ll go take a shower first.”

He walked away quickly, his mind unclear.
When he bent down, he twisted his waist and lay on the bed for a week.
He raised his middle finger angrily and cursed the young man who raped him for a week, hoping that he would never have to do it ever again.


T/N: Sorry for not updating yesterday, been busy with school work, now that my exams are over I’ll try to update on Wednesday and Sunday!!! Also quite shocked by the dream – definitely did not expect that, could it be foreshadowing for the future?

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