There was silence throughout the barn. Midnight was snoring quietly, but not so quiet… ”Why are you trespass…? ” Pepper woke from her sleep. ”Hm? ” Who? Pepper looked at Midnight. Midnight snorted and kicked her paw. ”Get out, ” she murmured quietly. ”Midnight. Midnight, ” Pepper whispered loudly. Midnight groaned loudly and stretched. ”Wake up, ” Pepper growled. ”Well you don like me waking you up, what is it, ” Midnight yawned. ”You were talking in your sleep, ” said Pepper. ”To who, ” asked Midnight. ”To who? Well, I don know, ” Pepper hissed quietly, ”I don know who you were talking to because it was not my dream! ” ”Okay. Well Im sorry, ” said Midnight mewed. Midnight yawned and curled. Pepper looked around making sure there were no intruding cats. There were none to be seen. Silly Midnight, it was all just a dream. Pepper, being calm and at ease, gave Midnight a gentle pat on the head and curled next to her. Don worry, sister, Pepper thought, I will protect you.

The next morning…

”Is she alive, ” Ivy whispered

”I don know, ” replied Midnight

”Ill try to wake her up. ”

Here comes the pain, Pepper thought to herself. ”PEPPER! PEPPER! PEPPER! PEPPER! ” Or not. ”NO IVY! GO WAKE UP MOM AND DAD, ” Pepper hissed. ”No! Mom and dad are already awake, ” Ivy shouted. Ivy leapt onto Pepper and started bouncing. Pepper yelled. ”NO! GET OFF! ” ”Wake. Up. Wake. Up, ” Ivy continued to shout. Pepper finally gave in and deeply sighed. ”Wake up, Pepper, ” said Honey in a calming voice. ”Fi– ”

Before Pepper could mew a word, Midnight pounced on top of Pepper and pawed at her muzzle.

”Gah! ”

”Wake up sis, ” Midnight meowed. ”Midnight, ” Pepper growled loudly, ”clearly…you cannot see, I AM AWAKE! ” ”Sorry Pepper. ” Midnight jumped off of Pepper and ran to the door, waiting for her sister to get to her paws. ”And if another one of you furballs- ” Pepper began growling. ”Pepper, ” Honey hissed. Pepper growled deeply as she finally got to her paws. Midnight dashed outside. Butterflies were fluttering, birds were flapping, and breakfast was running everywhere! Midnight twitched her ear trying to listen for the scattering of the rats in the fields. Today was going to be a beautiful day. But suddenly, she heard voices

”Look how cute our sisters are, ” exclaimed a she kit. ”Oh no look…tsk tsk tsk, ” teased a tom kit, ”This one has no life. ”

”I know right, ” mew another she kit. Where are they coming from?

”Hahahahahaha!!! ”

Who said that, wondered Midnight. Midnight looked around. No other cats were to be seen. No one but her, Ivy, and her sister were in the fields. Midnight shook it off. She decided to blame it on the little sleep she had last night. Seems reasonable, right? Midnight looked out beyond the fence. What lies beyond them? Midnight slithered under the gate and walked towards the great green field. ”Midnight! Get back here, ” Pepper shouted. Midnight rolled her eyes. She turned around to come back but wait…its those voices again.

”Ignore her, ” said the she kit

”You don need her to see, ” said the other she kit

”Yeah, you have us, ” said the tom kit

”Kittypet, ” Firesoul scoffed.

”How rude, ” growled a she kit.

Midnight twitched her ear in confusion.

”I suggest going back to your two-legs, ” grumbled Firesoul. ”Definitely rude, ” scoffed the tom kit. ”Get back here young kits right now, ” hissed a she cat. Midnight shrugged and padded back to the barn. Always next time. ”What did Leo say about leaving the barn, ” asked Pepper. Midnight sighed. ”The unknown is very dangerous. It is filled with deadly cats that want to eat your pelt. I know I know. Hes just being overdramatic, Pepper. ” ”Hes being careful, cautious. I follow those rules to protect our lives, ” said Pepper. ”Thats nonsense, ” Midnight hissed, ”You never follow the rules. ” ”She fights better than the both of us combined, ” Leo commented. ”LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT HIM, ” Jayfeather hissed. ”Ill show that cat, ” he growled. ”Ahem. Ok, ” Midnight mewed. ”Yes, ” Jayfeather exclaimed, ”I knew you would be on my side Midnight! ” ”How do you know my name, ” Midnight murmured. Who is she talking to? Pepper wondered. ”Come back, Jayfeather, shes not ready, ” meowed Leafpool.


” No. ”

”Ahem, Leafpool listen, I have my reasons. ”

”Can wait to hear them. ”

”You see- ”

Whispering voices echoed around Midnight. ”Weve been watching you, Midnight, ” said a toms voice. The voices began to get louder, and louder. Midnight crouched while she screamed in terror. Her ears layed flat against her head. How is she hearing all these voices? Midnight couldn bear it anymore. In seconds there was nothing but dark abyss.

”I told you it was too early, ” Firestar meowed. ”No you didn , ” Graystripe meowed back. Yellowfang hissed. ”Stop being such fools and be quiet! ” A she kit gasped. ”Shes waking up! ” ”Find us, Midnight, ” Bluestar whispered. Midnight woke up moaning. Her sister had been worried sick constantly giving her licks. ”MIDNIGHT! THANK GOODNESS! YOURE OKAY! ” Pepper purred loudly. ”I didn know you would take care of me, ” Midnight mewed weakly. ”Are you kidding me, ” Pepper meowed, giving her sister another lick. Stop licking me, Thought Midnight. ”You
e my sister, ” Pepper meowed, ”I love you! ”

”Yeah, well can ya tell that invisible cat to quit begging me to go into beyond the gates right now? Ive had cats talking to me all– ”

”I think you need to get some more sleep, ” Pepper meowed, ”You are acting tired, and I know you were up all night staring at that box with the two legs. ” Midnight sighed and closed her eyes. She was glad her sister was there for her. Midnight couldn even imagine how her days would be without her sister. As Midnight slept, she dreamed of cats, more than any kit could count.

”Find us. ”

That voice. Again. Why does it keep saying that? ”Where? Where do I find you, ” asked Midnight. Midnight shook herself awake. Pepper was sitting still infront of Athena. ”Hi, Athena, ” Midnight purred. Athena looked at Midnight and meowed. ”Come sit with your sister, Midnight. ” Midnights ears perked. At those words; Mango, Ivy, and Rocky dashed to join Pepper. ”Not you three, ” Athena meowed. Mango, Ivy and Rocky dropped their tails in disappointment. ”I guess no story, ” Rocky mewed, as they walked back outside. ”Whats happening, ” asked Midnight. ”Theyve been lying to us, Midnight, ” Pepper replied. ”Yes, ” Athena meowed, ”we found you two next to your mother on a cold leaf bare night. She… ” Pepper flicked her tail impatiently. ”She what? ” ”She was dead. ” Pepper and Midnights ears twitched. Why, thought Pepper. Peppers mind filled with curiosity and sadness. Did she have other litter mates? If so where were they? Who were they? Why was this kept a secret? Pepper looked towards the plains. Then at the barn. The answers could be beyond the gates. But the barn was her home. Pepper couldn decide. Should she risk her life to find her missing kin, or should she stay at the barn continuing to question herself? Meanwhile, Midnight was again slipping through the fence. ”Hey Pepper, ” Midnight teased, ”Im outside the fence again! ” But strangely, Pepper came up to Midnight purring. ”Lets go explore this unknown shall we? ” Midnight stared confused. What made her sister change her mind? Midnight shrugged and followed. She had been waiting days to finally go into this strange yet ”dangerous ” place.

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