Chapter 2

The river dam was not far away from the exit of the train station; it was around a ten-minute walk away. 

There were a few people sparsely spread around the riverbank.
There were a few couples who were getting intimate, and there was even a family who were enjoying the scenery under the shade where the sound of their conversations and laughter were blown away by the breeze from the riverbank.

Qiao Li chose a spot at random and placed the plastic bag on the ground.
She was about to sit down when she saw the boy from earlier looking at her from ten steps away.

Upon seeing her looking over, he seemed startled as he turned his face away uneasily.

Qiao Li did not think much about it.
She sat down and opened a beer and started drinking while gazing at the scenery on the river. 

As she finished a can of beer, someone sat down next to her.

It was the boy from just now.
His hands were holding…two bottles of beer.

The kind of bottles made from glass which clinked together when they collided.

But she recalled that he had bought a popsicle just now.

Qiao Li grinned at him and opened a new can after turning her head back.

From the corner of her eye, she saw that the boy was persistently trying to open the bottle of beer with his teeth.
It made her cheeks hurt just from watching.

She could only take out a keychain from her bag and then uttered to him, “Let me open the lid for you.”

Feng Yi’s face flushed again.

So embarrassing!

“Okay.” Just now, he had impulsively thrown the popsicle away and turned around and bought two bottles of beer.
A tall glass bottle of beer and a short can of beer, what a match.

Only after buying the beer, did he suddenly realise that he had a brain fart again.
He was going to throw the beer away and go back on the train, but the scene of the pervert in the train just now emerged in his mind. My goddess is so pretty.
What if she encounters a hooligan on the road? There has been news of women getting assaulted recently.

Feeling uneasy, he quickly chased after his goddess while clutching two bottles of beer, intending to send her home.

If they encountered more than two hooligans, he might not be able to win against them, but at least he could still use the beer bottles to hit their heads.

Then, his goddess sat down by the river dam.

The wind blew her hair up as she gazed at the scattered lights around the river and drank her beer.
The back of her figure appeared especially thin and desolate. 

Feng Yi took out his phone and sent a message to Qi Han.

[abcd Yi fg]: I won’t be coming to play games, I’ve got stuff to do.

By the looks of his goddess, it seemed that she wanted to get drunk.
Wouldn’t that be even more dangerous? He had to watch her reach home safely to feel at ease. 

After standing behind her for a while, he went to sit beside her, as if he was being controlled by ghosts and gods1.


Qiao Li opened the beer for Feng Yi.
He took it over and the two of them drank their beer in silence. 

She was a light drinker.
After drinking four cans, she would not lose the ability to think and act, but her reaction would be slow and her negative emotions would be blocked.

After she finished drinking, just as she was about to get up and leave, a bottle of beer was handed over to her, “Wanna drink?”

The beer in Feng Yi’s hand was half finished, but there was still one unopened bottle left.

He had kept peeking at Qiao Li.
Thus, he noticed that the sadness on her face had yet to dissipate after she had finished four cans of beer.
They said you could drown your sorrows with alcohol, and obviously, she hadn’t had enough to drown her sorrows.
Therefore, he generously handed her the bottle of beer. 

Although she looked nice with her brows slightly furrowed, she looked even better when she was smiling.

Qiao Li dazedly took the beer bottle, and grinned.

“Thank you.” She felt a lot better to have someone drinking with her.
“My name is Qiao Li.
Qiao Mu (wood)’s Qiao and Liu Li (coloured glaze)’s Li.”2

Qiao Li.

It sounds pleasant, Qiao sounds nice, Li sounds nice.
Together they sound better, and they sound even better with her as the owner of this name. 

Feng Yi recited her name in his heart and replied, “Feng Yi, Feng Mian (page cover)’s Feng, Nan Yi (difficulty)’s Yi.”3

“Did you just get off work too?” Qiao Li asked.

Feng Yi was still immersed in the joy of discovering the name of his goddess, so he responded in a daze, “Mhm.”

“You live nearby?”

He finally came back to his senses.
“Mhmm…Ah? No no, I don’t live nearby.”

Qiao Li gave him a puzzled look.
It was as if he was captured by the Lasso of Truth, so that he involuntarily explained it all.
“Didn’t you encounter a perverted man on the train? I…cough cough, I’ve got nothing to do so I thought I’d send you home.

Just as the words left his mouth, he realised that it did not sound right. 

Doesn’t this sound like I’m following her home? It sounds so perverted! Also, to Qiao Li, I’m a stranger and have absolutely no reason for wanting to protect her.
No matter how I try to explain it, I’ll still sound like a pervert!

There was a lot going on in his mind, but Qiao Li did not think too much.
Under the influence of alcohol, her nerves were soothed and so she went along with his train of thought, “Are you always this warm-hearted?”

She had just drank alcohol.
Her dark eyes were bright and her face was crimson.
Her mien that had been suppressed was fully released; every frown and smile on her face was indescribably gorgeous.

Feng Yi couldn’t handle it, his mouth was no longer his own.
“N-No, it’s because you’re my goddess.”

His words made Qiao Li stunned and she raised her brows slightly.
Her pretty eyes were staring at him softly and her face had the pampered and naive look of a little girl.

Under the full charm of his goddess whom he had fallen in love with at first sight, Feng Yi was so captivated that he wanted to bring all the treasures in the world to her. 

“Why? Because I’m good-looking?” She burst out laughing.

Feng Yi’s cheeks burned.
He felt dizzy and had the urge to run away. 

He dug at a tuft of grass and nodded in a daze.

Qiao Li chuckled and shook her head.
“They say that men care about a woman’s appearance and figure, but why did my boyfriend break up with me and find a woman whose looks and figure aren’t as good as mine?”

She took a sip of beer.
She was still smiling, but the confusion and sorrow could not be concealed.

The heat on Feng Yi’s face receded instantly.
his heartstrings felt like they were being tugged.
He only hated himself for not having experience in comforting others.
After a long while, he could only say, “Don’t be sad.”

Qiao Li turned around and looked at him.
His expression was serious and in his eyes there was pity and uncertainty4.
He really hoped that she wouldn’t be sad. 

Strangely, she actually felt comforted. 

She wanted to look at his eyes closely, so she bent forward. 

Feng Yi was taken aback.
Looking at her face close at hand, whatever pity and heartache he felt was thrown to the sky, leaving behind only a volcanic eruption-like feeling of shyness and heart palpitations.

It was too wonderful.
He felt that his chest was filled to the brim.
It felt soft and tingly and his heart was throbbing unbearably, the feeling of joy was about to overflow from his chest.

No wonder in English, liking someone would be described as having butterflies in your stomach.

Qiao Li sized him up closely.

He was young, inexperienced and nervous.
There was also a burning love which was unabashedly expressed with his eyes.

She crooked her finger and Feng Yi foolishly moved his head over.

It was really a strange yet wonderful experience and she did not mind deepening it.

She raised his chin and kissed him on the lips.

It was extremely soft, like cotton and jelly, even making him shake slightly.

It was just a brief touch, but for Feng Yi, it felt as long as one period of language class (45 min).

He felt like a golden bell descended from the sky and covered his head.
And Qiao Li was the person who rang this bell.
Just a slight tap could make his head buzz and feel dizzy, as though it was about to explode. 

Even when Qiao Li left, he had yet to come back to his senses.
Only when she had gone away did he suddenly wake up and stride over to catch up with her.

She was really drunk! How could she casually kiss others?! He should follow her closely and guard her in case she kissed another random person on the way.

Qiao Li had only realised that he had actually followed her the whole way when she reached the door of her house.
She turned around and looked at him in surprise.
He was a little embarrassed, so he tilted his head to the side, pretending to be looking at the street lights.

His tall, straight figure with his layered haircut and white T-shirt standing beneath the street lights seemed neat and carefree.

She remembered the way he had separated her from others on the train.
He had been wearing earbuds, his face expressionless.
Even if someone bumped against him, he wouldn’t lean towards her even the slightest bit.

Being dumped, getting drunk and kissing a stranger, the full set of dog blood5 was lacking the last thing—a one night stand.

Eating, sex and spending were experiences where satisfaction and pleasure could be gained easily and quickly.
The half-drunk Qiao Li chose to pursue low-level pleasure without hesitation. 

Thus, she shouted at Feng Yi who was pretending to be a passerby at the roadside.
“Wanna go upstairs and sit?”

Feng Yi was dumbfounded.

He thought what Qiao Li meant by “going upstairs and sit” was really just to go up and be a guest and she would pour him a drink, prepare some snacks, chat and exchange contact information. 

Just the thought of it made him want to faint from happiness and he almost walked over to Qiao Li homolaterally6

At the same time he looked down on himself.
Qiao Li was drunk and had no vigilance, wasn’t he taking advantage of her when she was vulnerable?

His head was running wild as he walked to Qiao Li’s side.
When he saw that she was standing to the side and did not lead him upstairs, Feng Yi felt as though he had been doused in cold water, extinguishing all his joy.

Qiao Li winked at him, “There’s a convenience store around the corner.”

“Huh?” Feng Yi did not understand. Is she asking me to buy snacks and drinks?

Qiao Li was amused by his puzzled and innocent expression, “What? Do you have a condom with you?” 


Even the collapse of the sky and the rupture of the ground felt like a trivial matter. 


Is she going to m-m-m-make l-l-love with m-m-m-me?!

His limited experience made him unable to expand his thoughts from the two words “make love”.
He could only stare at Qiao Li’s plump and tender red lips, unable to believe that the word “condom” had been uttered from her mouth.

He took half a step back in panic and bumped his waist against the handrail of the stairs.

Adolescent boys were full of energy, their intense fluctuations of emotions such as excitement, fear and joy would be inexplicably reflected in their lower body.

He was hard.

His heart was pounding wildly.
He could feel his disobedient junior raising its head and swelling up quickly.
It pushed up against his underwear, stretching his pants out in a visible tent.

Apart from the shame and shock, he also felt a rush of pleasure and excitement that he had never experienced before.

“Oh okay, I’ll go buy it.” He responded absent-mindedly before tugging his wide white T-shirt down and hurriedly running out of the neighbourhood in embarrassment.

Upon taking a huge step, he almost fell because he had forgotten that he was still hard.
After barely steadying himself, he pulled his white shirt and walked to the convenience store with a weird walking posture.

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