Feng Yi felt as if the world was collapsing. 

What else was more embarrassing than coming instantly? 

At this moment, his self-esteem was crushed.
He even started to doubt his sexual ability. 

His face showed an expression of dejection and despair as he secretly peeked at Qiao Li. 

Oh no, she won’t like me anymore. 

He wished that Qiao Li was drunk, the type where she was drunk to the point of blacking out; that way, she would forget all of this. 

Qiao Li’s reaction was delayed due to her drunkenness.
She looked at the thick, white semen on her hand in a daze.
Her five fingers opened and closed, forming a few strands of thin strings. 

Feng Yi’s face flushed red.
He swiftly sprung up from the bed and pulled out a few tissues from the tissue box on the bedside cabinet.
He knelt in front of Qiao Li and held her hand, cautiously wiping it clean.

His hands were shaking, yet his movements were gentle.
He was so embarrassed that his flushed face was close to dripping blood.
After wiping Qiao Li’s fingers and the back of her hand until they were clean, he lowered his head, not daring to look at her.

While he was pondering over whether he should run away instantly, Qiao Li took the two pieces of tissue paper from his hands and reached out to wipe off the sticky white liquid between his legs.

He froze, even the movement of his breathing slowed down.

The tissue that touched the end of his thighs felt very soft.
She was very gentle, but it made him feel itchy, causing him to tighten his inner thigh muscles uncontrollably.

When she wiped, his thigh muscles contracted and relaxed, it looked super cute.

After wiping the end of his thighs, he let out a breath of air. 

Qiao Li heard it and chuckled.
She turned her head sideways to look at him and locked eyes for a second before looking down between his legs with a questioning look.

Feng Yi’s thoughts were instantly dragged back to the humiliating scene just now, before slipping back and recalling the sensation of her fingertip gently scratching his tip.

His breathing stopped for a moment as a feeling of numbness climbed up his tailbone.
He felt his penis start to engorge. 

He was like a nymphomaniac who was in heat at any time and any place, why did he get hard so easily?

He murmured “don’t get hard, don’t get hard”, but his junior just had to oppose him and stood up rapidly.

Qiao Li looked at him in surprise.

All of a sudden, he subconsciously reached out and pressed his hand between his legs.


He did not hold back his strength causing him to gasp in pain.
Once he took his hand away, his cock bounced up again.

It was Qiao Li’s first time seeing such a silly yet cute man.
She was also infected with  fresh vigour.
Wrapping her arm around his shoulder, she rewarded him with a kiss.

Feng Yi was not expecting that.
He leaned back and the two of them rolled together.

He felt himself being pressed against her soft body which was light and supple.
The two plump and bouncy masses just happened to hit his chest.

Like a spark being thrown into a pile of dry firewood, he discarded all of his wild imagination in an instant, leaving only the most primitive impulse in his body.

Bolstering up his courage, he brazenly touched her silky skin and wandered around gently according to his instinct.

Seeing that Qiao Li did not resist, he slid down her back, feeling her surging curves.

This is her butt.

The mere flash of this thought made his breathing a bit heavier.

“Can I squeeze it?” When he opened his mouth, his voice was so hoarse that he couldn’t even recognise himself. 

Qiao Li answered him with her actions.
Her slender waist swung lightly, like a water snake rubbing against him, igniting a fire in his body.
Her well-rounded buttocks rubbed against his palm, slippery like jelly, making him feel that his hands were extremely rough. 

Her provocative and flirty attitude made Feng Yi’s hesitation disappear.
He turned over and pressed her beneath his body.
Both of his hands held and massaged her butt which felt immensely smooth.
A tyrannical thought emerged in his heart.
He wanted to knead and squeeze it ruthlessly but he was afraid that she might feel pain. 

Qiao Li was so amused by his sudden, strong move that she laughed.
His strength was great.
Originally, he was just going to touch and knead her butt, but instead he lifted her butt off the bed.

She didn’t know how to position her calves, so she simply swayed it in the air.
One of her legs then hung on his arm and another stepped on his chest. 

It felt stiff and her feet felt as though they were about to burn and melt from the heat of his chest. 

The sole of her foot fidgeted around and brushed against his nipples which were harder than his chest. 

A wave of limpness and numbness spread all over his body.
He panted heavily as his arms parted to press against her two legs.

The next second, he was dumbstruck.
Her legs were split by him and the mysterious and captivating area beneath her was facing him carelessly.

Even though the lighting was dim, he could still see it clearly.

Below the trimmed pubic hair, there was a small, tight slit of flesh.
The labia squeezed out from the slit like a half-opened flower bud, covered with transparent liquid.

Rather than beautiful, he preferred to describe it as seductive.

This was the most primitive sexual attraction in its rawest form.
With just one glance, he felt his nasal cavity starting to tingle and spread to his scalp in an instant.

He felt extremely parched.
The reflected light of the liquid on her labia was like a bejewelled nectar1 inviting him to come and taste it.

Previously when he watched AV where the male lead buried his face in between the female actress’ legs, it felt scripted and unnatural and strange to him, even with the mass of blurred mosaic.

But now, he could hardly control his desire to lower his head, hold her labia in his mouth and savour the taste.
He even wanted to ram his nose and tongue around her pussy like a little male dog.

His fingertips were trembling as he reached between her legs and lightly tapped on the labia.

Qiao Li let out a coquettish moan.
She swung her hips, moving her pussy away.
It pulled up a silver line which broke off in the blink of an eye.

Unreconciled, he chased after her and pressed on her labia.
It was so delicate that he feared that he would hurt her tender flesh.   

Qiao Li felt that her flower hole was sticky and a little uncomfortable, so she opened her legs and swayed her hips towards him, “Mmh…touch me ah…”

Feng Yi was unable to grasp the meaning of “touch”, so he chose to slide his finger lightly on her labia.
His finger, which was stained with sticky liquid, sunk into the middle of her labia, making Qiao Li pant from the itchiness.

He looked up at her.
Her eyes were out of focus and she was frowning, not looking at him.

His heartbeat was almost going out of control.
He resolutely swallowed his saliva, and summoned up his courage, sliding his finger into the slit of flesh.

“Itchy…” His ambiguous touches that left her wanting made Qiao Li want to kick him.

He cast another quick glance at her with a guilty conscience.
His finger was still resting in the middle of her slit.
Noticing that she did not resist, he quietly brought his head closer and plucked open the slit of flesh. 

The pink and delicate opening of her pussy was the size of a soybean, with sticky, transparent juices overflowing from within as it shakingly spat out dew.
It softly tightened up and shrunk as it gradually expanded according to its master’s movements.

The visual impact from being so close was too great.
Heat rose on his face and body, whereas his lower body was overly swollen and throbbing in pain.

He couldn’t stand it anymore.
His penis felt like it was about to explode.
He almost wanted to reach out and jerk off immediately.

Qiao Li did not see any movement from him after she had waited for quite a while.
Her eyes glanced down, only to see a hairy head. 

“Why haven’t you come in?”

Feng Yi was startled by her sudden voice and bounced up immediately.
“C-come in?”

Qiao Li’s foot stomped towards his lower abdomen.
She slipped and stepped on a patch of stiff yet lush pubic hair.

Feng Yi was almost unable to catch his breath, even his temples were pulsating, so he took a few deep breaths.

Finally they had reached this step.

Planning out the flow in his head, he inwardly vowed to persevere in not shooting and be a real man.

He was nervous and excited.
He crawled over to the bedside and tore open a condom.
He even subconsciously looked for a rubbish bin to throw the foil packet in.

Ultimately, the package was neatly placed on the bedside cabinet.
Recalling what he had learned from Baidu, he put the condom on as cautiously as though he was carrying out an experiment.

Then, he returned to the space between her legs and knelt down.
Trembling, he lifted the back of her knee and approached her lower body with his stiff penis.

Bejewelled nectar – A grout made of fine jade, an analogy of fine liquor or sweet berry juice.


In ancient China, a myth said if you drink it, you can become immortal.
**Definition taken from Tsuki Mochi.

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