Shi Yin was not too used to the daily life of college entrance examination candidates, so after the morning class, she began to feel a little sleepy.

     She didn’t have much memory of her previous life’s college entrance exam.
After all, she has been playing around since she was in college and taken her share of make-up exams.
Her college certification was all due to her teachers’ leniency.
After graduation, she traveled around the world.
The knowledge she learned during school might not be completely gone, but most of it only sounds familiar.
Thus, naturally she felt going to class was a very painful thing.

     Although she has the memories of the original body, none of it was in great detail.
Instead, those memories were like watching a movie.
Shi Yin would have to waste some time to retrieve them, let alone master them.

     As for relying on the system to cheat? In reality, after that time she agreed to bind with it, the system had stopped talking and only popped up from time to time when the progress increased.
Shi Yin also didn't know if there was a restriction she didn't know or if something caused that.
In short, Shi Yin was quite clear, the system probably won’t be much help in this regard.

     Even though getting a lower grade didn't matter, the original parents would at most think it was due to their divorce that affected her performance.
Yet, this was not conducive to her dismantling plan.

     No matter what, the male and female lead are a fated pair.
She doesn’t have the confidence to break them up before the college entrance examination, so it will be much more convenient if she can be admitted to the same university and live in the same dormitory.
After all, even the main protagontists will encounter emotional crises in a long distance relationship.
There’s no way she can guarantee their friendship won’t fade away.

     Fortunately, Shi Yin was not completely ungifted at academics.
She used to belong to the type who can pass tests as long as a quick cram was done before.
If she worked hard, it wasn’t difficult to get a high score on the exam.
If there’s a teacher to tutor for a period of time, the memory can integrate to actual function and there shouldn’t be any issues.

     Thinking of the countermeasures, Shi Yin's energy also improved a little as she went out to eat with the classmates who came to find her.

     The original body doesn’t eat in the canteen, but ordered meals from a relatively hygienic restaurant near the school.
Every day at this hour, she would head out to eat.
There are quite a few students who do this.
After all, there are discounts for group orders.
Moreover, most students don't like the canteen food and complain to their families.
This naturally allowed the restaurants outside the school to gain business.

     Because Shi Yin left relatively late, Xia Lan Shan has already disappeared.
Unlike Shi Yin, Xia Lan Shan always went by what saves money.
Therefore, she always power-walked after the morning classes.
After all, the earlier she enters the cafeteria to grab a seat, the bigger and fuller the scoops of the lunch ladies will be.

     Repetitive labor makes people feel an aversion, but not at the beginning, especially with Xia Lan Shan's righteous facial features.
If she asked the lunch lady to scoop up a little more at this time, they would usually not refuse.

     This kind of Xia Lan Shan was enough to make people feel distressed, but Shi Yin never thought of bringing Xia Lan Shan along with her.
Although Xia Lan Shan is not pedantically stubborn, but which girl has no self-esteem? Once or twice is fine, however, once it becomes more frequent, their relationship will not only grow closer but even be alienated.
Therefore, there is no need to pull her in.
Not to mention, she was only here to destroy the relationship.
It’s not like she truly needs to be friends with Xia Lan Shan, so why bother with that much?

     What if she actually grows feelings and can’t go through with the mission?

     The schoolwork in the afternoon continued to be heavy.
Even during the lunch break, few people actually slept.
Shi Yin was not affected by this and comfortably enjoyed the lunch break.
Afterwards, she waited for the teacher to come over to bring the exam as well as walk through the students for a review.

     However, during the last class, Shi Yin accidentally discovered that the PE class was actually a physical education class.

     Flipping through the memories in her mind, Shi Yin discovered it was because some college entrance examination candidates jumped off the building in the school that the school kept a physical education class once a week to let the students relax.
Yet, this PE class was not compulsory.
If some students want to stay in the classroom to review, they can come back early.

     Shi Yin followed the students downstairs and was guided to stretch and jog a lap.
After the PE teacher announced it was free time, she returned to the classroom.
Not many people did this like her, after all, their spirits were too tense and needed to relax a little.

     Shi Yin woke up the system and told it to report to her when Xia Lan Shan was about to arrive in the classroom.
Then she spread the math exam paper on the table and wrote the word, solution, on the big question before directly taking out her phone to look through this world’s entertainment culture that was different from her previous life.

     Xia Lan Shan still didn't know what drama scene was waiting for her.
After she exercised for a while, she returned to the classroom.
Because her family background was basically no secret from the teacher, the teacher would usually inform her of the homework in advance as Xia Lan Shan tends to complete them in her free periods at school.

     Although the teacher wouldn't say anything if she didn’t do it, the knowledge would be consolidated over and over again.
That way she wouldn't make mistakes during the college entrance examination.
Therefore, Xia Lan Shan didn't think it was a waste of time.

     However, as soon as she arrived in the classroom, she saw Shi Yin lying on the table with her shoulders trembling, as if she was crying.

     Xia Lan Shan subconsciously glanced at the surroundings.
She remembered Chi Ying didn't seem to be at the sports field.
Plus, he kept expressing resistance to Shi Yin.
Did he come to frighten Shi Yin?

     One can’t blame Xia Lan Shan for thinking this way.
It's because Chi Ying's reaction today was indeed a bit extreme.
Sometimes when Xia Lan Shan unconsciously glanced over, she could catch him staring at Shi Yin with a vicious gaze.

     This kind of fierce reaction made Xia Lan Shan subconsciously put the reason behind Shi Yin's parents' divorce behind him.

     However, it wasn’t good to maliciously speculate on others.
After all, Chi Ying's nature is not bad, it's just that there is something wrong with the way he treats people.
Thus, Xia Lan Shan didn't think much about it before hurrying over.

     As she got closer, Xia Lan Shan noticed she was indeed crying.
It wasn’t just her thinking too much, so she quickly nudged her: “What's wrong?”

     When Shi Yin looked up and realized it was Xia Lan Shan, she directly hugged her, sobbing uncontrollably.

     “What's wrong?” Xia Lan Shan found that no matter how many times this kind of situation happened, she couldn't handle it properly: “Someone bullied you?”

     Shi Yin didn't speak, but shook her head.
It appeared like she was saying no, but also like she was afraid to say it.

     Xia Lan Shan took it for granted that it was the latter, because when she looked up to confirm who was approaching, her feelings seemed more aggrieved than sad.
So she asked, “Did Chi Ying threaten you?”

     Chi Ying, who just entered from the back door of the classroom, felt he had overreacted in the morning and was about to bring something to apologize to Xia Lan Shan: “…

     He obviously didn't do anything, but Chi Ying, who was blamed by Shi Yin for some reason, couldn’t take it anymore.
Chi Ying said with a dark face: “Hey! Don't listen to her nonsense! You just believe whatever she says! Laozi didn't do anything!”

     With such a fierce attitude, it is self-evident which side people who don't know will lean towards.

     Xia Lan Shan furrowed her brows.
As she was about to speak, Shi Yin sobbed: “You guys, don't quarrel just because of me…”

     Shi Yin sniffed and said in a muffled voice, “Although Student Chi Ying looks very fierce, he didn't bully me this time…”

     “See, Laozi said I didn't do it!” Chi Ying said immediately, completely unaware that Shi Yin had added the preposition this time, which was almost a confession in disguise.
This implied Shi Yin being frightened in the morning was completely because of him.
It can be said he took the initiative to place the blame on himself.

     Since Xia Lan Shan wasn’t an insensitive person, these words will more or less leave an impression in her heart.

     Chi Ying's reckless appearance easily attracts people's attention, whether it be a quarrel or something.
Both of these will increase the two’s involvement, so Shi Yin sniffed and continued crying: “I wasn't bullied by him, it’s this that’s bullying me…”

     “Class Monitor, this question is too difficult, I don’t know how to do it… …”

     “Woo… it's too difficult…”

     The same scene, in the eyes of different people, produces different reactions.
Chi Ying felt that there was something wrong with Shi Yin.
If she can't do it, just do it.
What is she crying for? She even caused him to be almost wronged.
Just as he was about to ridicule her, he saw Xia Lan Shan had already begun to comfort her.

     Contrary to what Chi Ying thought, although Xia Lan Shan didn't think it was to that degree.
Yet, it was not unheard of in the class to cry because of a difficult problem.
Not to mention that Shi Yin was already depressed and at a psychologically fragile stage, any little point can make her explode.
Despite her feeling a little dumbfounded, Xia Lan Shan still quickly comforted her: “It's okay, it's okay, which question bullied you? I'll help you bully it back.”

     Xia Lan Shan didn't realize at all that her tone of coaxing Shi Yin was no different from that of coaxing a child.
In reality, Shi Yin, who lost control of her emotions because of this kind of thing, did touch Xia Lan Shan on another level.
After all, Shi Yin appeared quite child-like and didn't cry ugly, which is enough to make people who don't hate her feel 'cute', and won't have the thoughts of crying just because of this is too hypocritical.

     “Woo… … not this one, there are many, many more… … They are all bullying me…it's too difficult…”

     Chi Ying's face was full of black lines as he felt Shi Yin was too pretentious.
“There are many, many more.” Did she think she was a three-year-old child, yet there are people who actually liked this?

     Xia Lan Shan: “It's okay, don't cry, I'll teach you how to do it all, okay?”

     Shi Yin's crying instantly subsided: “Really? Will it disturb Class Monitor?” As she spoke, she looked up at her.
This angle made her look even more pitiful and innocent.
Her big, round almond eyes were red yet not swollen and her nose also glinting red, beautiful but not enviable  and rather pitiful.

     Xia Lan Shan immediately felt a throbbing sensation like an electric shock.
She only spoke after a moment of slowness: “It won’t, I was going to review it several times.”

     Shi Yin rubbed against her: “Class Monitor, you’re so kind.
I wish I could meet you sooner.”

     Chi Ying's eyes were red with jealousy.
You must know that he also thought about using tutoring to narrow the distance between the two and increase their time together.
However, he was rejected as soon as he proposed it, claiming she had no time.

     But now? When Shi Yin mentions, she has time, but she doesn't when it’s him? !

     The classmate sitting not far from Shi Yin's side was also dumbfounded.
She saw Shi Yin spread out the exam paper and started playing with her phone with her own eyes.
Then, suddenly she sprawled on the table and cried.
Puzzled, she was debating whether to go over or not when she saw Class Monitor headed over and decided not to.
After all, she wasn’t familiar with Shi Yin, but the following development made her realize that Shi Yin was simply a scheming girl who can even think of such a method!

     One has to know, Xia Lan Shan is the number one in the whole school, who even firmly occupies the top position in the unified examination against other schools.
Of course, no one has not thought about this idea, only everyone was too embarrassed to speak up.
Moreover, they don't know Xia Lan Shan’s specific situation, but they do know she is a poor student and is very busy every day, which made them even more embarrassed.
Furthermore, looking for tutoring from a classmate is more or less embarrassing.
Who knew Shi Yin would snatch the opportunity first!


solution (解): in China for complex math or/and word problems, people usually write the word, solution, before they start showing the process of getting to the answer.
Here's an example 

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