u-won hesitated for a while before adding one more sentence.

‘Payment of transportation expenses is required.’

When he finished, the paper slowly melted into the air.
By the way, what he wrote was in the language that popped up on the academy information window.

The response came quickly.

[Your request for an interview has been accepted.
Magic Combat Science professor Yoo Mina will conduct an interview with the prospective student.
After 1 hour, the student will be summoned to the professor’s preparation room.
In the meantime, please tidy yourself up and get ready.]

Yoo Mina? Was she Korean? Ban Yu-won wondered for a moment and shook his head.

Union Academy said it accepted students from many different dimensions, which he thought was no exception for the professors.

‘More importantly.’

Ban Yu-won, looking down at himself when he was told to tidy up his appearance, finally realized how dirty he was now.
He was coated in blood, sweat, and dirt.
His clothes, which were neat when he was dragged into the dungeon, were tattered.

Ban Yu-won pondered what to do about his clothes, took everything off, and hopped into the shower.
The shower room wasn’t very different from those on Earth, and the only difference was that the temperature and pressure were controlled through magic tools.


He let out a sigh as the hot water washed over him.
His joints and muscles were screaming at him.

As the concept of Life and Physique developed, his wounds disappeared.
From the moment he awakened his Magical Power, an evasive action called self-healing took place in his body, so he was getting better little by little.

‘If I return to Earth now, I think I could compete in the UFC.’

After absorbing the concept of the Blind Goblin Warrior, Ban Yu-won was aware that his physical abilities had changed by one level.
He had excellent basic physical capabilities, but he had also learned the basics of handling his body by adding swordsmanship.
If he activated his Magical Power, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he might be able to go to the Olympics.

…In other words, he was already on the level of good athletes from Earth.

‘What if I continue to collect language concepts in this way…?’

The Blind Goblin Den was, so to speak, the den of the weakest.
If he defeated those stronger than that, Ban Yu-won’s growth would increase.
If he continued getting strong like that, he would be able to stand proudly in front of the irresponsible academy officers who brought him here…

As he was thinking about that, he returned to his senses, raised a hand, and patted his cheek.

“Have I gone crazy?”

He went through such hardship even though he fell into the den of the weakest, but so what? He wanted to take down people much stronger than that? It seemed he really had gone crazy.
He didn’t know there was this savage instinct in him.

‘Let’s just go home.’

He needed no more power than this.
He would return to Earth to attend a first-class university and save his youth, then he would become a diplomat in the footsteps of his grandfather and father to further the glory of his family.
It would be boring, but he’d lead a peaceful and quiet life.
Yes, a very boring life…

‘Looks like I’m really out of my mind.’

After showering, he found a basket in front of the bathroom filled with a new set of underwear and a dark blue uniform.
They were clothes made for him, without a doubt, and they fit creepily well.

“The clothes…are pretty.”

It must be a school uniform.
It felt like he graduated from high school yesterday, so he grumbled that he had to wear another school uniform already, but the moment he put it on, the complaints fled.
There was no sense of constraint or stuffiness he normally felt wearing clothes, which was as comfortable as being naked.

Ban Yu-won, with the basic understanding of Magic he acquired in the dungeon, noticed that Magic also resided in this uniform.

[Are you ready for the interview?]


‘I’m not going to go to school, but can I get this school uniform as a gift? If not, how can I sneak out only the concept of language?’

Thinking about that, he responded to the message.


* * *


In a blink of an eye, Ban Yu-won was inside a large conference room with walls made of glass.

“Welcome, student Ban Yu-won.”

A young and beautiful woman welcomed him.
He looked at her name and thought she might be Korean, but she wasn’t even human, let alone Korean.
Her skin was green, and instead of hairs, petals grew from her head, and two red jewels took the place of her eyes.
However, I was surprised that she seemed so beautiful despite her odd appearance.

“You know that you caught the interest of all the professors during your exam, right? Oh my God, of all the special and general archetypes, it is the first time in five hundred lifetimes that a new artifact was created during evaluation…student Ban Yu-won? Where are you looking?”

However, even in front of such a weird and beautiful alien, and despite coming here to make the important request to return himself to Earth, Ban Yu-won’s gaze was fixed outside the window.
Professor Yu Mina, noticing this, smirked.

“Is this your first time seeing our academy? Huhu, I’m glad you like it.
How do you feel about going to Union Academy?”


“Well, you must be surprised since you were suddenly drawn into the practical evaluation.
Did you say Earth? How low is their dimensional rank that you don’t even know the existence of the Union Academy…ahem! I can answer any questions you have.
How the entrance examination of Union Academy will be conducted, and how the students develop their aptitudes….”


Ban Yu-won asked, looking through the window as if possessed.
He looked over the academy buildings to the huge tower on the hill beyond them.
It was a tower so high that it seemed to pierce the sky.

“What is the name of that tower?”

“So, it is true that you do not know the Union Academy.
To think you don’t even know of the Tower of Babel….”

It was the Tower of Babel.

Seeing Ban Yu-won scoff, the professor kindly continued to explain.

“The origin of all the mysteries and dangers of the world, the dungeon of dungeons.
That Tower of Babel is the reason why our Union Academy was built.
Helping students reach the top of the tower by nurturing the most talented.
That is our Union Academy’s wish and the last hope shared by all dimensions…student Ban Yu-won? Why are you laughing?”

It’s just…I’ve changed my mind a bit.”

His building was here.

Ban Yu-won decided to enter Union Academy at that moment.

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