was the unemployed woman rolling on the bed in his room, reading a comic book.

“Why are you doing this in my room?”

“I can’t spill cookie crumbs on my bed.”

“Get out.
Go away.”

He noticed the empty chip bags left on his floor.
His bed must be coated in crumbs.

Ban Yu-won sighed and tried to kick his sister, but she rolled away.
Of course, he did it, knowing she would dodge.
She was a national fencer preparing for the Olympics, after all.

But she jumped up and said:

“Hey, Ban Yu-woni.”

“Don’t talk like that.”

“No, I am not joking.
You suddenly changed.”

Ban Yu-mi’s eyes flashed.
Ban Yu-won stared at her as if to ask if only now she noticed.

“Can’t you see the gorgeous clothes I’m wearing? Your brother has matured.
You’re not on my level anymore.”


Ban Yu-mi, raising her hand like a sword, attacked.
At that moment, Ban Yu-won moved half a step to the side and dodged her attack, then raised his hand to poke her.
But she reacted quickly and turned around so he couldn’t hit her, and instead, she noticed his right hand approaching from the side and swung to block it.

“No…what is it? What is this?”

All her attacks were blocked, and while she managed to dodge his attacks, she couldn’t hide her shock.
Ban Yu-mi, dumbfounded, fell back onto the bed.



“Actually, I always thought you weren’t from our family, you know?”

“You’re dead.”

Ban Yu-won continued as he grabbed his sister’s hand

“But it turns out that I had a similar talent.”

“No, can this be explained by talent? I’ve been swinging my sword for years!”

Ban Yu-mi was born as a monster with an empty head, unsuitable for the Ban family, who lived by their brains.
She had been good at everything physical since she was young, but with the barbaric desire to beat people with weapons, she chose to become a fencer.
She had returned with three gold medals and one silver medal in the team event from the last Olympics.

So, Ban Yun-won had thought since childhood that she was definitely not from his family lineage, but when he entered the dungeon, he found that he had a similar talent for fighting, and it just took his life at risk to discover it.

‘And now Swordsmanship 3 has been added to that.’

However, as he knew, he couldn’t surpass an Olympic athlete at this level.
There was still a long way to go to overcome monsters like Light and proudly claim ownership of the Tower of Babel.

“Ban Yu-won! So, what happened?!”

“Shut up! Let’s have a family meeting.”

Ban Yu-won declared, pushing his older sister away as she yelled.

“Haah, you’re looking down on me just because you’ve blocked me once.”


“Hmm, you’re dead if it’s not a big deal.”

While Ban Yu-won’s one-sided explanation disconcerted her, Ban Yu-mi meekly followed.
It seemed her brother had gone through something, and he would tell them at the family meeting.

Ban Yu-won shouted at her as she left the room.

“Sister, call grandpa too.”


“Call him.”

“Gosh, whatever, I’ll call him, so you take care of it.
The men in the Ban family are so exhausting….”

Ban Yu-mi shook her head and went out to collect the family.
Ban Yu-won watched her go and sighed.
Without a second thought, he started cleaning the mess she had left.

[Are you sure you want to usurp the concept of the Bag from the bag of finished chips?]

“…Look at this.”

A smile crept onto his lips.
Apparently, they needed to talk about a budget during their family meeting.


* * *


As Light, left alone after Ban Yu-won’s departure, was still in shock.
Eventually, realizing the state he was in, he decided to take a shower.
He threw away all he wore except the cross-shaped necklace against his chest.

“I guess I can take it off now…no, no.
I will have to get used to it.”

Light decided to take a shower with the necklace on.
During the shower, what naturally came to his mind was the face of Ban Yu-won, his new roommate.

“I knew I had to get a single room.
Haah, what do to…?”

Fortunately, he didn’t seem like a bad person.
Moreover, he was sorry to think this, but he seemed much weaker than himself, so he could subdue him quickly no matter what happened.
However, the artifact with him was quite surprising.
It wasn’t a swing at full power, but it could still block his Holy Sword.

He could tell because he was the owner of a great artifact, but that ghostly sword wasn’t your usual stuff.

‘It’s not all about collecting artifacts.
Dealing with them also requires absurd talent.
What’s more, it’s a connection type, maybe he…it must be a talent that the faculty is paying attention to.
A complete talent, not half like me.’

Ban Yu-won’s talent had already bloomed and would develop further in the future.
It was different from his own.


He ground his teeth as if to deny the thought.
His fists pounded against the shower wall.

‘If I get soft, I will be swallowed up.
I can’t break.
Because somehow, I managed to get into the academy.
No matter what…I’ll surely climb to the top, and I will gain the strength to protect my own world.’

Ace Light gathered his resolve and washed his body thoroughly.
Then he realized something.

‘When I talked to him earlier, I didn’t recognize it because it was so natural…but that man, I think he was speaking the Union language.’

The languages ​​of everyone who set foot in the Union Academy were integrated into one language called the Union Language.
Teachers, students, and of course, the books in the academy were unified.
This power was applied over many areas so every individual could use it.
However, strictly speaking, this could be seen as a simultaneous interpretation.

Even if you speak in your native language, it was translated naturally into the Union language.
If you heard the Union language, you could recognize it as your native tongue.
The same went for reading text.
Therefore, everyone communicated in the Union language.
However, there were some unavoidable drawbacks to this.

That was, the movement of the mouth and the pronunciation didn’t match.
It was only natural since they would be speaking in their own tongue, and it would come out of their mouth changed to the Union language.
For people with great senses like Ace Light, it could bother them quite.

But why did the man’s mouth and pronunciation match perfectly…? It was bothering him, given he also said that he learned about the different dimensions only today.

‘Is his mother tongue similar to the Union language…?’

That was the most convincing conclusion Light could come up with.
There was no way he could’ve learned it as soon as he heard about the Union Language.
But, above all, this wasn’t as important as the artifact he possessed.

Ace Light shrugged, dried himself, and grabbed his sword.

Two days left until admission.
To be recognized in this academy filled with high-level dimensional residents, even that short period couldn’t be wasted.

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