How are you all spending the time when the online game service ends?

Are you spending your time alone and quietly waiting for the final moment?

Or perhaps you’d like to explore a place of memories? 

Or maybe chatting and sharing your memories with your friends?

I think each person has different ways of welcoming the end of a game.
Perhaps, there are some people who have retired for a while, only to find that the service has ended.

And, in my case… well, it’s a big war.

Until that moment when the service ends, it’s all about a single-minded battle that spares no time to sleep.

My favorite online strategy simulation game, Last Battalion Online, will end its service today.

This game is in which a player becomes the master of a country, and develops a country while developing a civilization, such as a magical civilization or scientific civilization, and each civilization is able to conduct internal affairs, wars, and various other activities.

It’s a game that struck a chord with me, a strategy game lover, I have been playing this game every day for three years since the service started, from the time I entered high school until now when I have graduated.

Before I knew it, I had become one of the oldest players.

It’s nostalgic, I spent all my part-time job money during summer to pay for this game, and I never spent a single day doing anything other than playing this game.

The game is finally over.

I am sure that no one is sad about it, including me.


“Ughh! damn it, the 1st Fleet is down! the enemy landing force… alright, the 3rd fleet has begun the intercept!”

I’m so busy that I don’t have time to grieve.

It was about a month ago that the game’s service would be terminated announced by the management.

We, the players, were confused by the sudden news, but we decided that it was inevitable that the game would come to an end, so we planned to hold a festival for the last time.

That is the Great War, the final war in which all nations will continue to fight until they all burn up.

In “Last Battalion Online” countless player nations will engage in friendly competition, internal politics, diplomacy, and war.
Rasbata for short.

Normally, it would be rare for each nation to go all out in an all-out war.

Because if you do that, you will only lose whether you win or lose.

If you lose, you would suffer a crushing blow that would make it impossible to recover, and even if you win, you will be attacked by a third country when you are exhausted.
Fishing for a win is a fundamental part of the strategy game.

Therefore, unless there is an overwhelming difference in national power to the extent that a war cannot even be fought in the first place unless an all-out battle is necessary, a war in which an all-out battle is fought is not something to be considered.

But this time was different.

Since the service will end anyway, I’d like to try a great war that melts away all the national power we’ve built up, with no thought of what happens afterward! 

The server where I was on… the so-called “Chaos Server” where only the superpowers created by the oldest and most dangerous player survived, such talk was raised and preparations for the final war were made.

The Final War Committee, an obviously insane organization was formed.
Oh, by the way, I’m a permanent member of this committee.

You see, I was famous among other players for being called “Bricas1 of the Rasbata”, “Assault Landing Bricas”, and “Death Merchant” from other players.

I was even given second names by other players.
Well, when it was discovered that I had failed the university entrance exam, I was nicknamed “Art college dropout,” “Führer,” and other terrible nicknames.

Heck, unlike some bearded ones, I didn’t fail to get into art college you know? I just failed to get into my first choice of university.

 ……That’s why, for the last week until the end of the service, the great war continued without stopping.
It was a battle royale where all nations were enemies, no alliances, no bullshit.

And at present time.

“That was dangerous, they were about to land… but the enemy’s main fleet was successfully destroyed! the next country is…“

I have been playing the game for the past week without sleeping.
I’m beginning to lose my concentration and my senses, but I can’t stop yet!

because… I’ve gotten around pretty well so far!

While all countries are fighting a war so fierce that they have completely lost their human resources (if they run out of human resources, they won’t be able to recr

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