The following day after receiving the report of the discovery of a new continent. 

I boarded a train pulled by an old-fashioned steam engine and came to the port city of Yokosuka. 

Incidentally, this will be my first outing since becoming Eryutheia.
Well, it’s fun, isn’t it? traveling by train. 

I never thought I would see the country I made in the game from the train window.
Somehow, it’s a refreshing feeling. 

The destination of this trip, Yokosuka― it is the home of our Imperial Navy. 

It is a rather stylish place with red brick buildings that look good in the naval town. 

It is a city that has almost no direct or indirect relationship with Yokosuka in real Japan, but I named it for the very simple reason that “if it is a naval base near the capital, then it must be named Yokosuka, right?” 

And I’ll tell you why I came to this city… that’s right, a fleet to investigate the new continent is waiting for my arrival at the port of Yokosuka. 

After arriving at Yokosuka Station by train, the next step is to change to a prewar-style black luxury car and proceed through the city of Yokosuka to reach the harbor… 

“Ooh, it’s the Führer! To the Victory of the Imperial Navy, long live the Führer!” 

“As expected of the Führer, you are looking beautiful as ever… It’s the honor of our empire” 

“But you can’t see the Führer’s thighs if she is riding in the car.
It’s a shame” 

“Ah, she waved at me! Mom, the Führer waved to me!” 

What a surprise, the people, overflowing along the road, crowding the streets. 

All the citizens of Yokosuka are out there to welcome us, waving placards and the ‘flag of sun’― the national flag of our empire.

It’s really like welcoming the Emperor who came to the city before the war. 

 ……As I thought, there is a thigh fetish among the public. 

If you look closely, you can see that the placards that the people hold up also say, “Long live the Führer’s thighs!” It says something like that. 

It seems that there are only perverts in this country. 

Certainly, the clothes that Ayame-san dresses me in, have absolute territory in any case.
That’s not because I’m proud of my thighs. 

*sigh* If this was going to happen, I shouldn’t have chosen “Perversion” as a national trait. 

Even though it was an excellent trait within Rasbata, with no disadvantages of any sort, just a normal increase in technological skills… 

Yup, that’s right, the chief pervert Ayame-san. 

When I glanced at Ayame-san, who was sitting next to me in the car, as if to ask her a question, she smiled meaningfully at me. 

Aah, don’t stroke my thighs silently… I’m weak on there… 

I can’t… It’ll be shown on my face… even though everyone is watching… ngh! 

“Eryu-san’s thighs are nice after all.
I can’t get enough of stroking them” 

“Uuu… Why the thighs? my thighs are so thin, don’t you guys like them a bit more plump?” 

“No no, that’s not true.
It’s also nice to see thighs that are thin and still have a young girls’ freshness… oh, we’ve arrived” 

Ayame-san who suddenly went into heat continued to stroke me for several dozen minutes. 

Have we finally arrived? 

It was a close call, I was tickled when Ayame-san stroked my thigh, but I was afraid that the citizens would be suspicious of me if I made a facial expression… 

I desperately endured it, but then Ayame-san became even more excited and started stroking violently. 

It was really difficult. 

Is there anything that can be done about this adjutant NPC’s perverted nature? there’s nothing I can do about it. 

The people of this country love my thighs. 

I’m starting to somewhat grasp the situation. 

This perverted nature of the people, probably because the national traits have been combined in a bad way, is the reason it’s become such a terrible situation. 

The five national traits of our Yamato Empire are ” Fanatical Patriotism,” “Leader Worship,” “Perversion,” “Technological Supremacy,” and “Elitism” 

To put it simply, it is an arrangement of national traits that raises national unity and happiness through “Fanatical Patriotism” and “Leader Worship,” while also improving technological capabilities through “Perversion” and “Technological Supremacy”. 

Of these two, “Leader Worship” and “Perversion” have probably merged in the worst way resulting in the strange national trait of “Leader-worshipping Perverts” in our country. 

I don’t know why the place of worship is my thighs, but, well, Eryutheia doesn’t have breasts or buttocks to worship, so it must have been my thighs instead. 

Well, it will be fine for a while.
Once we get out of the car and are seen by the public, I don’t think she will do anything weird. 

Ayame-san is a person who is aware of the situation. 

Now, let’s switch gears and get our minds straight. 

This is the composition of this New Continent Survey Team… 

Izumo-class armored cruisers.
“Izumo” and “Iwate”. 

Kamikaze-class destroyers “Kamikaze”, “Asakaze”, “Harukaze”, and “Matsukaze”. 

There are six combat ships.
The armored cruisers have almost the same performance as those at the time of the Russo-Japanese War, and the destroyers have about the same performance as those around the time of World War I. 

Compared to the fleet of the 21st century, when missiles were in their heyday, this fleet is a little less impressive, but it is still a fleet with a type of ship that can be called the capital fleet.
It will serve as a sufficient escort. 

And, these combat ships will be protecting some 20 transport ships that transport the 1st Marine Division and the Engineering Corps, as well as my own personal ship “Fugaku”. 

“Fugaku” is a ship that acts like the President’s Air Force One in modern times. 

It is said to be a ship used by the Führer, Eryutheia, to travel on official business. 

Its standing displacement is about 5,000 tons, and it is armed with six single 15cm cannons as main guns and a few other small arms. 

The exterior of the ship is quite ordinary, except for a few guns and the cherry blossom crest on the bow, which is the emblem of the Führer. 

It would be easier to understand if we say that the ship is like a cruiser in a fancy outfit. 

Yes, it’s a really nice lineup.
It is so splendid that one might doubt that such a fleet is needed to survey a new continent. 

Even though it’s a step inferior to a battleship, It’s a capital ship, that’s length more of that armored cruiser, you know? 

The Destroyer’s Kamikaze is a state-of-the-art 1,400-ton class destroyer capable of navigating the open ocean to a certain extent. 

It may be said that they are escorting me, the Führer, but I would say that the navy has enough motivation to conduct research missions that put the fate of the country at stake. 

And then, the Army. 

The 1st Marine Division was the center of the project, and the Engineer Regiment was pulled in from nearby divisions.
The newly named New Continental Army is quickly packed into a transport ship and is standing by. 

Even if the Marine Division was originally on standby, isn’t it exceptionally fast to be ready to leave port in just one day? 

As expected of the Imperial Army. 

Thanks to the harassment and assault landings that occurred in rapid succession during the game, they are probably used to landing operations. 

If there is an opening, we will land an assault, this is the motto of our Yamato Empire. 

Moreover, this isn’t the only force at play. 

『We’ve been waiting for you, my Führer』 

On my way to the wharf to board the ship. 

In response to Me, 600 maids lined up in the plaza in front of the wharf and offered their guns in unison.
All of them are equipped with bolt-action rifles. 

Should I say, combat maid? 

behind the orderly maids, there are 14 small tanks. 

A light tank, I suppose.
It resembles a World War I Renault tank.
And that’s pretty much it. 

They are the “Führer’s Guard” under the jurisdiction of my adjutant, Ayame-san.
They are the people who protect me. 

Since I― Eryutheia, the Führer is a girl, it is only natural that her bodyguards are women. 

There are many people in the Führer’s residence, and they usually work as maids as they appear.
We pass each other quite often when walking down hallways and such. 

I get quite nervous whenever I pass by them because they are all so beautiful. 

Phew, it’s a sad fate for a virgin boy who can’t deal with beautiful women― eh, isn’t Ayame-san also a beauty? 

She’s certainly beautiful, and she’s my kind of girl, but… she’s what you call an unfortunate beauty.
I’ve gotten used to that one. 

There are 600 bodyguard members to be dispatched this time, which is exactly one battalion.
In addition, I see that you have added a light tank company to the formation. 

By the way, why are these girls wearing maid uniforms even at this time… well, Ayame-san said, “You like maids, don’t you?” 

No, I mean, I don’t mind maids, but… I like it so much that I had to dress the Adjutant NPC Ayame-san in a maid outfit.  

We are going to a new continent, and it will surely be a difficult survey, right? Isn’t a maid’s uniform different from a field uniform for such occasions? It’s not practical at all, right? 

Well, they are all cute, so I don’t mind. 

 ……Yes, these are the entire forces of this survey team. 

It is simply too much, to be honest. 

I mean, no matter how you look at it, a division of 15,000 men was unnecessary in a seemingly uninhabited continent.
Out of a habit of playing games, I ended up ordering a division to be sent. 

You see, within Rasbata, a division was the minimum unit for troop operations. 

“Your Excellency, we have been waiting for you.
Captain of Fugaku, Yozakura” 

“Ah, nice to meet you!” 

As we climbed the ramp and boarded Führer’s personal ship “Fugaku,” we were greeted by a beautiful captain with long black hair. 

The captain of the ship is also a woman, partly because I am on board the ship.
It is rare to see a female military officer. 

She also has big boobs… those jiggly boobs! 

What about me on the other hand? I glance down at my chest. 


No further explanation would be necessary.
I don’t know, somehow I feel like I’m losing. 

On top of that, the captain said “Fufu, don’t worry about it, Your Excellency is cute enough.
See, especially your thighs” and smiled at me. 

I wonder why I didn’t make Erytheia’s boobs bigger when I made the character. 

At that time, I was young and thought small breasts were good. 

It’s not a good decision. 


General Weaponry Introduction 

“Izumo-class Armored Cruiser” Edition 


Izumo-class Armored Cruiser 

Displacement: 9,800 tons


45-caliber (20.3cm) Twin cannons

14 x 40-caliber (15cm) Quick-firing guns

12 x 40-caliber (8cm) Quick-firing guns

Armor Thickness:

Waterline belt 180mm

Deck 102 mm

Gun Turret 200mm

Conning Tower 356 mm

Speed: 21 knots.

Power: 15,000 horsepower.

Cruising range: 7000 nautical miles at 10 knots.

Crew: 650

The main armored cruiser of the Yamato Empire.
It looks much the same as the historical Izumo-class armored cruiser. 

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