16 Years Apart

We Are Going To College!

Ava stacks a bunch of things in her backpack, everything for a three day vacation has been set, she pulls some hair away from her face and just as she was about to settle with her phone, she hears a knock on the door,

”Remember we don knock here Ellie, ” she turns to her phone before the door creeks open, the eight year old pokes her head rheought the space, her teddy bear in her hand and a strange gadget attached to her ears.

Upon seeing her big sister her lips stretch into a flimsy smile, she lets herself in and slowly closes the door behind her. Ava looks from her phone to her little sister as she takes small steps towards her, ”you
e up so early, ” Ellie finally reaches her sister and Ava pulls her up to sit on her lap with her,

”is everything alright? ” She checks the gadget to make sure it was on.

”Yes…um…..where is mom? ” She drops the toy beside Ava,

”she promised that we would go out today, ” she picks up a bit in her speech. Ava nods her heads she had to break it to her softly,

”Yes, mom went out for a while but she would be back before noon, ” she plays with her golden hair, she always admired blondes, they felt angelic for some reason and Ellie was the replica of an angel lost on earth.

She shifts uncomfortably, Ava knew she wasn happy as her lips trembled to a neutral position from the once happy one,

”She won be gone for long, she went to make some money so she can take us out, ” she whispers the last part as if it were a secret and this makes Ellie light up again,

”But…..when….. would she be back? ” The gadget blinks a little and she adjusts it, she plays with Avas fingers, ”and…..I want something too… ” She thinks for a while and Ava waits patiently for her to say whats on her mind, she had already started braiding her locks which she enjoyed doing in her spare time.

You can laugh now.

”I want….. ” She points to her left arm, and then to Ava, ”of you….mom and dummy head. ” The last word got her laughing and Ellie couldn help but smile; she had learned so much from her big sister. She wipes the tears away from her eyes,

”Well, you can have them now…..they
e painful to get and Im not so sure of what mom would say, ” she places a chaste kiss on her lips and orders an Uber. Ellie didn seem to happy with the answer but she watched Ava like a hawk,

”Are you….. going somewhere? ” She points to the window and Ava didn like the sadness in her eyes, ”dummy head won leave me alone…..can I follow you? ” She holds onto her shirt, she didn want to be alone with Levi.

But Ava couldn bring her over to Carols house; apparently that wasn part of the deal her mom struck with Carols mom, and Ellie couldn go out on her own.

She was still getting used to society and interacting with people, and from all the incessant noise Levi had been making about his date, she guessed he was probably getting ready for it since today was the day.

Her lips pursed and Ellie waited for her to answer, constantly picking at the gadget in her ear, ”sure, you can come along!! But you have to get ready, ” she points to the pyjamas. Ellie beams and rushes to get ready, Ava couldn help but smile; she was such a darling.

Time passes and they
e in the Uber, Ava is on her phone while Ellie stared at everything the car drove past, it was all so fascinating to her. Her Amber orbs held a spark to them as curiosity burned deep within her, everything she didn know she wanted to ask but she was exactly chatty either.

She points to a salon before touching her hair and Ava nods in response, she wanted to go there but that would have to be later. The Uber drops them and she tips him.

Ellie had been to Carols a few times and she went straight to the door to knock. She turns back to her sister to see the driver flirting with her and trying to collect her number.

She wondered why they bothered when she knew she would just say no eventually,And as Ellie predicted Ava turned the man down politely, her eyes met big green ones, both kids jumped back at the surprise before coming close to each other again.

”Oh its you Ellie, I didn recognize you until now. ” His cheerful aura made her withdraw into her shell, but he was cute. She ramaoged her head for the right words to say, her fingers were already precipitating,

”You….scared me….. but its…been a while. ” She makes a complete sentence and the boy laughs sheepishly, he leads her in by the hand and pays little attention to Ava who was engrossed in her phone,

”Don go. Aren you going to welcome me in Kai??! ” She screams at the child as he dragged her sister in, she shakes her head in disappointment, ”Carol!! Carol!! Im here to torture you!! Submit to the goddess!! ” She announces her arrival as she slammed the door shut, opening her arms wide to receive imaginary praise from all her subjects.

”Oh no, the goddess has come to make out lives miserable, who shall be our savior now? ” Carol feigns hopelessness caustically before erupting in laughter, ”you spend one vacation without me and you
e covered in tattoos, you know you have an obsession with them. ” She sways her head to one side.

”This isn an obsession, it is art!! ” She uses her botched french accent before flopping on the couch, ”so I believe you get the gist right? ”

”Mom sold you for her peace and Im $200 richer, ” she flashes the fresh ten dollar bills before using it to slap her face, ”so you better behave or Ill pass you on to the neighbors dog. ” Carol warns.

”You can do that, and besides Ive wrestled the dog and won, none can defeat the great goddess!! ” Ava belows her evil laugh but Carol is too interested in the babysitting money she got to watch her best friend and makes sure she doesn burn the whole neighborhood.

They hear giggles and Ava couldn help but coo,

”You brought Ellie? How sweet, someone is getting soft. ” Carol teases.

”She didn want to be alone with dummy head, ” Ava aims for her besties boobs, ”you using a push up bra or something? ” She tries to grab them until Carol swat her hand away, ”what? They look bigger now, ”

”Yeah they are, increased a bit, ” she flaunts her beauty. A stunning noirette with brown orbs, about 56 and curves on every side, beauty and brains but lacking the brawl. Ava bites her lips a little,

”Let me taste em then, ” she pokes fun and lust at her bestie but Carol pushes her away,

”Im your baby sitter not your hookup, behave or you get whats coming!! ” She warns seeming to have an ace up her sleeve,

”And what can you do?? ” Her laughter echoes throughout the walls of the house, ”show me some tits mama!! ” Avan jumps on her until she is sprayed by a bottle of water, she blocks the water with her hands but it doesn stop her from getting wet.

”You will be treated like a dog if you misbehave, ” Carols words make Ava growl like one before moving to the end of the couch to sit and sulk, Carol cackles at her expense, ”Im buy you a smoothie if you behave, ” she sings as she waves the was of cash in front of her bestie.

”I can buy myself a smoothie thank you very much, ” she turns away, she didn want to bribed; she was a patriot of her nation,

”Ill show you some tits, ” she places another bribe as she browses for what to spend her money on. Ava turns to her with a carnal expression, ”stop looking at me that way!! ” She laughs before spraying some water at Ava, ”pervert. ” She goes back to her phone and Ava is already playfully crawling to her thigh to place kisses on them, ”eww!! Stop!! ” She sprays more water.

Ava laughs at her playfulness before shaking off the water on Carol, ”lets go out, just us two, Ellie seems to be safe with Kai, ” she turns back to see the kids playing Nintendo, ”we can go shopping, my treat, ” she flashes her platinum card and Carol couldn help but smile.

”Thats why I love you so much, ” she begins touching Ava, trying to seduce her to overspend, but Ava grabs the bottle and sprays her with water before dumping the whole content on her, ”AVA KENNISTON!! ”

And its a race around the house.

The girls are in another Uber making tiktok videos, theyve been with each other since the start of middle schools and they had become more than friends; they were sisters.

Ava had had their name imprinted in between her breasts and Carol wore it as a necklace everyday; Carva.

”So did you get any news from FlyHigh college? They haven sent me anything yet. ” Caroline searches her mail but nothing yet,

”Nothing on my side either, ” she swipes away at her phone at the numerous tattoo ideas that Pinterest had to offer.

”What if we didn get accepted? ” Typical Carol begins to panic a little, that was her dream college and she had to be accepted.

”Probability of that happening is 0.1, ” Ava remarks but it takes Carol sometime to understand, ”its still 0, of course we would get accepted, we beat their marks do they have to let us in. ” She chides, Ava was a babe of zero stress.

FlyHigh college was Carols dream college but for Ava, she didn really mind where she went as long as Carol was with her. She was thinking of ditching college and taking her business full force but when Carol mentioned the college and saw all the glitters in her eyes, she was forced to use her brain once again, to pass another examination.

She was a genius no doubt but she prefers to use her intelligence to get people in her bed, but in the end she decided to take up statistics since she was very much into maths and Caroline took up psychology. Ava had to be there to protect Carol from college jerks and Carol had to be there to prevent Ava from burning the college down.

It was a private college and also very prestigious but the girls had applied for scholarship and beat the marks, they were expecting admission letters now and Carol was freaking out because it was coming a bit later than usual.

”Relax babe, you
e overreacting, ” Ava slips some shades on as she exited the Uber, the sun was blasting. Carol took her exit and wore some shades too, Ava tips the Uber man and they didn wait for him to flirt with them; they rushed straight into the boutique to buy some clothes and jewelry of course.

”Well Im going to need something to calm me down, ” Carol had her eyes on an expensive line of shoes, she flashes a seductive grin at her sister, suddenly slipping her had round her waist,

”You have a spending limit Carol!! If you make me bankrupt I swear I will never forgive you, ” Ava finalised but she was still more than happy, because she always knew how to raise the spending limit. A few kisses here and there with puppy eyes always did the trick.

They tried numerous dresses on, and Carol was picking a lot of things, Ava just wanted some new kicks and probably some sandals for Ellie, but she did see a dress that would make her little sister look like a princess. It had quite the tag on it but she shoved it in the cart either way.

When she was done picking about three shoes, a dress, and four tank tops that were on sale, Carol came back with half the shop in her arms. Ava looked at her expectantly, her hands on her hips,

”And who is paying for all of that?? ” She points to the mountain of things Carol had picked. The noirette puckers cutely and does her best to avoid eye contact,

”Im going to drop a few back, I just want to try them on. ” She plays with her hair Ava shakes her head and moves to the dressing room while Carol happily follows behind her.

They try numerous dresses and Ava couldn help but stare at Carol, she was a delicious 19 year old but Ava knew better; she wouldn touch her sister even if it were going to Save her life.

She pulls off the tank top to meet her decorated body, Carol takes a quick glance as she roughened her hair, she was so boyish it was cute, and her cups were enticing. But Carol knew why she had so many designs, they were to hide all the scars she got from childhood.

Growing up wasn easy for Ava and Madeline, there was constant abuse and markings and by the time it was over there were too many scars to even begin to count. So they decided to get tattoos to hide it. Her eyes water a bit before pecking her sister, Ava is surprised but she knows this tactic,

”Im not increasing your limit so forget it. ” She laughs it off but Carol didn want that, she just wanted a hug, ”Caroline….you
e impossible, its all in the past so stop being so emo on me. ”

”I love you so much, ” she squeezes harder on her ribs and Ava couldn help but laugh,

”Same here shorty. ” She embraces back. So in the end Carol spent six times what Ava spent and it was an excruciatingly painful moment for Ava as the bill was swiped out of her card. It was so hard being a rich friend to Carol.

”Thank you so much darling!! ” She showed Ava with kisses as she skipped to the exit of he boutique, ”we should do— ”

And all the luggage is on the floor with Carol and a stranger clumsily placed on each other.

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