Liang Liang had been dead for hundreds of years and hadn’t been reincarnated. 

In his previous life, he was also the son of a wealthy family.
The paper money burned by his parents was enough for him to squander in the underworld for hundreds of years.
Therefore, he chose not to be reincarnated and suffer, but to stay in his luxurious large coffin.

The coffin was spacious, filled with various gold, silver, and jade objects that almost buried his bones.
The appearance of the tomb and the tombstone were also extravagantly built.
Skilled craftsmen from all over the place were hired at the time to carve the best quality blue stones piece by piece.

However, over time, the tombstone had been lost.
When people came up the mountain to the mountaintop cemetery to pay respects to their ancestors, no one knew that there was a grave beneath their feet.

Liang Liang stayed inside this grave, sitting on the coffin every day.
When he got tired, he would lie down, and when he got tired of lying down, he would sit up.
When he was bored, he would go to the mountaintop cemetery to chat with others.

“You’ve been here for hundreds of years, and you must have spent all your money by now,” a little brat from the cemetery asked him, “Are you going to be reincarnated?”

“Let’s talk about it later,” Liang Liang grabbed a handful of melon seeds brought by the brat’s parents and cracked them open.
“And what about you? Why haven’t you been reincarnated?”

“I’m worried about my parents,” the little brat hugged the bowl of melon seeds.
“Let’s talk about it later.”

“Alright, let’s talk about it later.”

The two ghosts continued cracking melon seeds.

The ghosts who stayed behind here all had their reasons to stay.


But Liang Liang was different from other ghosts; food had a fatal attraction to him.
His parents had also been dead for hundreds of years, and no one was burning paper money for him anymore.

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